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  1. Always liked Roma, never played a game with them yet though might be my first 2020 save.
  2. This seems like a good deal. https://www.box.co.uk/FX705GM-EW019-ASUS-FX705GM-EW019_2571124.html
  3. Bored of my Spain save now. I shall return with a live save and see if I can improve on the first season double I got in the beta!
  4. So as this is beta and i am finding Man Utd far too easy ( i will be going small german or spanish team on full release) i decided to do something i have never done before because it mostly makes little sense to spend so much... It took me awhile as i was trying to find the lowest amount they would go with...........and it's absolutely insanely extortionate. I will be dropping Sanchez and Mata which will more than take care of the contractual expenditure side of things.........
  5. My experience so far in 19 is that by offering something more realistic, the agent will terminate negotiations.
  6. One thing i think will put me off playing FM19 long term as it stands are wages. Every average joe and their dog wants 150k+ per week, and whilst big clubs can support that...it's a tad unrealistic.
  7. Savic is an absolute beast. Time to sack Mourhino and give me the job
  8. First season I won the Premier League and FA Cup and got eliminated in the qtr final of champions league, I should have progressed having had a 2-0 advantage in the second leg but FM gave me two red cards. In the first season martial, rashford and dolberg struggled as lone strikers scoring 8,6,3 respectively all my goals came from my inside forwards and pogba by the bucket load. During the first season and continuing this season I have set both martial and rashford to be training as advanced forwards which seems to have produced some results. Martial is 9 for 9 so far, Rashford is 2(3) with 3 and dolberg 1(6) with 2. Martial is rated highly in terms of PA. Sadly Rashford is a 3/3.5 star player and dolberg is no where near what he was in Fm 18. If you want instant lone striker success it seems you'd have to go out and buy someone like Belotti or Icardi
  9. 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Vertical Tiki-Taka - Won me the double in the first season
  10. The question is do you let an unruly, unhappy Pogba go to Barcelona for £110M, when you have Milinkovic-savic as a replacement.
  11. I will post screens etc tomorrow when I have more time, but 1st season over and we won the premier league at a canter was top for 90% of the season. Also won the FA Cup for the double, got knocked out the champs league at the quarters by eventual winners Inter. We took a 2-0 into the second leg, got two red cards and lost 3-0 making 2-3 on agg... Obviously the double red card was FMs way of going nuh uh not this season
  12. So again this year Transfer funds can be almost endless allowing you to shape your squad for numerous seasons to come. For me out of personal choice Lindelof of Lukaku are both expendable and my highest profile players to sell. Lukaku couldn't attract sufficient interest so is still with me but only playing rotationally (ie when the beta excessive injuries stack up) From the 2nd season i intend to add Gomes and Chong into the senior team to push their progression as both are highly rated PA wise.
  13. In 19 both seem highly rated.. But 19 should probably see a new thread. In 18 I don't think I ever bothered with either.
  14. Lukaku has a finishing stat of 18. Was the researcher high? And i say this as a Man Utd fan.
  15. Really good read. Inspires me to take up my own career rather than a bunch of random saves.
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