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  1. This file has been verified and saved using 24.3 database. Very few changes with data from the teams and corrections for regional divisions mainly in the Northeastern one. Everything else is the same as the previous version.
  2. Not sure yet, although I'm going to have a week off at the end of the month so I might just find the time to do it.
  3. Not sure what your policy for testing is like but if you need help with testing let me know.
  4. Scheduling issues when validating is the know thing that I haven’t gotten around to fix. The regional divisions should get teams promoted/relegated correctly at the regional level. Once they move up it must decide what to do depending on the number of relegated teams assigned to a regional division. Here is an image of how it decides. I’m doing a Fictional Mexican League at the moment, and I think it will help me get a better understanding on the scheduling part (I´ve also been reviewing how the game manages the schedule for the English Championship). I’ve found a few other things I would like to check more thoroughly like a team that does not have the proper regional divisions assigned to it and other minor things like incorrect stadium names and the like. Also, the Leagues Cup should not be able to get enough teams due to the Champions of Champions cup not being there, but it does get them or at least it hasn’t given me that error while it does give me that error in the Fictional League. So, I’ll look into that as well. I almost forgot, the prize money must change, I’m much more satisfied with the way I’m managing it on the Fictional League so I’ll probably change that here too. Something a bit more like what is done in the English Pyramid. Also, the money for the cups is better at the Fictional League so I guess I’ll just copy it over to this one once I’m done.
  5. Update: All teams now have a city and a Stadium. All Stadiums now have coordinates. Liga MX history updated thanks to NathanaelEKH. I was able to verify but some problems still persist. I have been moving schedules about but have not been able to make it work by verifying all leagues at once. The way I managed to verify the file was by verifying individual leagues when a problem came up. I’ll keep trying to figure out what the problem is. Any suggestions are welcome. Mexico Reimagined by Motobaka.fmf
  6. Thanks, I'm about to finish adding the coordinates for the stadiums. And was planning on adding the history for the titles. I think it has to do with scheduling. Will get to it probably by tomorrow and post an update. Thanks for sharing the file. I was wondering what would happen if I modified titles history. Would it give a cup to the teams that won it? If so I guess I'll have to change the cup history from the teams.
  7. Could you upload your file so that I can take a look?
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out. It's probably got something to do with promotional playoffs and the cups dates.
  9. Thanks for letting me know. Did you change anything with dates?
  10. The first post has been edited with a bit more of an explanation and the file now contains the cups. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.
  11. Still running some tests but in case you want to try it out here is an updated file with cups. I think it works fine, but there might be some issues with the dates. MRM 2 AR1.fmf
  12. Campeón de Campeones was my first choice and it was changed last year somewhere around the way. I'll gladly change it back. Age limits start at the regional levels. Veracurz is in Liga de Expansión Mx.
  13. Yes I'm still just making the skeleton, but will research a little about prize money for the cups and will definitely give them some money.
  14. I’ve been thinking about how to make the cups and detected an error in Escudo MX that has been corrected. So far this is what I think I’ll do. Copa Quetzalcóatl – Includes all MX divisions (First four divisions). Copa Kukulcán – Includes all National and Cardinal divisions (Seven leagues). Copa de la Independencia – Includes all Regional leagues. (22 leagues). Escudo MX - Winner of Copa MX Vs. Winner of Liga MX Copa MX Stage 1 Name of the Stage: Copa Regional Copa Regional del Noroeste Copa Regional del Noreste Copa Regional del Occidente Copa Regional del Oriente Copa Regional del Centronorte Copa Regional del Centrosur Copa Regional del Suroeste Copa Regional del Sureste All teams are assigned to a region. Each region plays knockout rounds until we have a winner. Stage 2 Name of the Stage: Copa Cardinal Copa Cardinal del Occidente – Winner of Copa Regional del Occidente Vs. Winner of Copa Regional del Centronorte. Copa Cardinal del Norte - Winner of Copa Regional del Noroeste Vs. Winner of Copa Regional del Noreste. Copa Cardinal del Sur - Winner of Copa Regional del Suroeste Vs. Winner of Copa Regional del Sureste. Copa Cardinal del Oriente - Winner of Copa Regional del Oriente Vs. Winner of Copa Regional del Centrosur. Stage 3 Name of the Stage: Copa Nacional Copa Nacional del Norte – Winner of Copa Cardinal del Occidente Vs. Winner of Copa Cardinal del Norte. Copa Nacional del Sur – Winner of Copa Cardinal del Oriente Vs. Winner of Copa Cardinal del Sur. Stage 4 Final of Copa MX – Winner of Copa Nacional del Norte Vs. Winner of Copa Nacional del Sur.
  15. I used that option some time ago but discovered @ZahnZee videos at YouTube and the Seconday Divisions thing just made sense. This way you get all of them.
  16. Two slight concerns at the moment. Not too sure if I'm happy with the amount of money but I think I really like the money being given to the team after each match for win or tie. What I did was to get a percentage of points made by the looser of Premier and Championship from 2015 onwards. Then according to Wikipedia looser of Premier makes 2.2M. So I divided 2.2M by the average points from the loosing team to get the amount that should be paid for a point. That is the money given for a tie and a win is that times 3. Same process for Championship but taking into account that first place should win less than last team at Premier. Since we know how much money the first place at Premier makes and that there is a difference of +4 more teams at Championship we can calculate how much a team at the bottom of the Championship should be making so we divide that by the average points. With that info in hand we can then scale it down according to the reputation assigned by the game to the Premier League and Liga Mx. The second concern is that at the moment teams from lower divisions have squad restrictions for the amount of players over 21. There are no loans restrictions. And I thought I had a restriction for foreign players but I might have forgotten to put in place. I might just allow them to have foreign players as they almost certainly can't afford them but can be loaned from bigger teams.
  17. Thanks, made some changes to the file to further reflect the promotional playoffs. Haven't checked in game. I'm trying to figure some lower leagues stuff at the moment but will eventually get to it. I'm curios to see how the Ask competition neutral exclude home thing goes.
  18. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. And thanks for the help. I've been thinking a lot about this. I used to have a Copa Mx that covered everyone. Then a Quetzalcoatl Cup for everyone in the first four divisions and a Kukulcan Cup for the rest of the divisions. Also Regional cups. Every team is given an extinct secondary division that corresponds to their region. That allows for an easier way to make Regional Cups. My intention for this file was to make the winner of each Regional Cup then go to their respctive Cardinal Cup like quarter finals. Then the winner moved to either a National North or National South Cup (semifinals) and the final be the Copa Mx. The Regional format for Copa Mx is still compatible with Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan cups. So maybe have both. As of today I haven't decided, so any suggestion is welcomed.
  19. Yes, that seems to be the format. I´m basically just coping the rules from the English league. I’m thinking of making the one from the second division the national stadium and for the lower divisions using the Ask Competition Neutral Exclude Home and see how that works. Including American stadiums might also be fun.
  20. Just figured out that the promotional playoffs for the English Leagues are two legged and will be making the change to that rather than the one legged thing going on in this file.
  21. Thanks for the help! I have already made the change so it should be working properly. Also, Liga Regional del Occidente C had not registered the name changes and it appeared to be blank on the save. I managed to make it reflect the changes so it should be ok now.
  22. Don´t know what happened, thanks for the catch. I remember doing a maximum of over 21 from division 5 and under, but don’t know why I ended up adding 33 as max age thing. Anyway. Updated the post without that restriction.
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