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  1. https://twitter.com/g00nfm Small updates from whichever savegame I'm playing, with long gaps when I don't have time for/can't be arsed with FM because I suck at it I'm playing Football Manager Touch 2017 and currently managing KuPS in Finland. Lately I have only been posting interesting/weird/funny screenshots, but looking at earlier tweets (which I barely remember) I used to post results from every match. Might do that again at some point.
  2. The possibility of editor files in FMC is my number one hope, and the only reason is to be able to play in leagues not included in the game.
  3. The first management game I played was The Boss on the Commodore 64. My father modified it to include more teams, leagues, features though, it was awesome! On the PC I played Premier Manager 1 and 2 before moving on to Championship Manager.
  4. Loving this. If editor leagues were possible on FM Classic/Touch, I'd be doing this for sure! Out of curiosity - why are there 30 league games in a 30 team division? Do you play one team twice?
  5. "TRUE FM PLAYERS" I've played FMC exclusively since it came out, and the "machine" definitely isn't making things work for me. I still spend time looking for players. I still create my own tactics. I still usually fail big time, but at least I enjoy playing anyway. I have played the series since the first Championship Manager, and like a few others I feel that in the past few years the full version has become too bloated and time consuming for me. FMC solves that perfectly.
  6. Thought I'd read that opposition instructions are in FMT but wasn't sure. Agree it wouldn't make sense, so eagerly awaiting more news on FMT.
  7. Not sure what "re-branding" FMC as FMT will have as consequences, just fingers crossed that there won't be a lot of new stuff added to it that I play FMC to get away from, like team talks, opposition instructions and so on. Obviously can't comment much more until everything is announced, but the create-a-club thing looks cool, especially for FMC players who haven't had the option of using an editor.
  8. Personal opinion here, but I sincerely hope they don't start adding team talks and more team meetings again, even in scaled down versions. The main reason I started playing FMC (after not playing FM11 or 12 at all) was that I could finally be rid of all (well, most of) the tedious player interaction. Adding more of this again would defeat the purpose of FMC for me.
  9. Any league that isn't already in is more than welcome in my opinion. Therefore, my default vote is 'Yes'.
  10. FC Djursland - unfortunately not playable out of the box this time, as they were relegated from the Danish 2. division West last season. Nearest managable teams are Randers FC and AGF, possibly Skovbakken or Brabrand if I had to go into precise distances.
  11. Can only speak for FMC14, but I'm pretty sure they haven't changed it in FMC15 - you can add or remove league at any point in your game.
  12. I just want to be able to use custom league files, so I can play in lower leagues than the Conference N/S in England, and play in countries that aren't available out of the box.
  13. As a 'Commentary Only' user, it's good to hear that the commentary is continuously being worked on. One thing I'd appreciate though, would be if the "a flurry of commentary lines suddenly appear twice as fast as normal = goal or red card" thing, which has plagued the game for years and years, was fixed.
  14. I have no idea - but here's the screenshot: http://gyazo.com/9355fa73e08a113ff611625660c5b8f2
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