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  1. I understand what Teutomatos means about condition, and it will be good if we can have a reply from SI about two important things : I take a pratical case. It's saturday and a match is scheduled for this evening. In my starting 11, 9 players show 100% condition, two have 98%. In past FM12 or FM11, to optimize recovery of those 2 players, we lowered 1 or two notches of the training workload and the consequence is that in the next saturday, those 2 players can start the new game with 100% condition and so all the starting 11 get perfect condition to begin the match. 1st question to SI : By what means can we do the same in FM13 ? If your reply is < please "rest a day" players you need > so a second question arrives : If you rested players in the old FM12 or FM11, after lot of times, the player was unhappy(we saw an increase in the hidden attributes) cause he thought that it was unjustified. Resting a day in the past version was only used when the player was exhausted and before resting him, you needed to talk with him. So question for FM13 : Resting a day too many times in this new version don't send player unhappy ?
  2. casual gaming, that's the road for FM now.....
  3. So sad this new training..."SI broke his own game". As the player condition is the key of the whole FM machine, we can't not anymore "manage" the condition....It's a key for a good match, a good training, it's linked with Natural fitness, recovery speed and so one... So now, we need to find a "balance", a balance who arrange nobody, who don't get enough for some players, and who give too much for other ones. Imagine players coming to lift some weight. You give 220 pounds to lift at every players....How can you train players who can only lift 50 pounds ? and if you choose to give 50 pounds, how can you train player able to lift 220 pounds ???? In FM12, it's not because individual training routine existed, that people imagined that player trained individually, nobody imagined this. It's just the training program who was individual...but the training session on the field are by group. It's the job of the coach to organize training group to match each individual program...
  4. Okay Riz, but if I want to reduce training intensity for just ONE player, is-it possible ???? cause each player have different natural fitness, match excercise and condition..So to have all my team 100% fit for the next match, I need to adjust each player training intensities and no to lower intensity for the whole team..... You surely know that condition is the key of FM...With bad condition, bad performance in match and bad training also....so we need to adjust condition for each player
  5. As the training module has been re-designed to hide such things lot of user didn't understand (but i'm sure that the behind mechanics are always the same), and so individual training are not anymore available, can someone in SI, explain in FM13, how can we manage the player condition recovery between two matches ? In FM11& FM12, with individual training we could manage the overall training with slider to have every player at 100% in condition before match. But now ? how can we do that ? Are the "automatic" coaches take care about that ? can they manage feature of each player ??? without graph, without training arrows, we are blind manager now. So have you some tips to help us ?
  6. sorry Kenco, It was Keyser I talk about not you.......I correct my post.
  7. Keyser & Eugene, are you in Croisade or something ??? Did you have a step-brother in the company ??? or perhaps are you expert in cleaning internet company reputation ???? each "critic", smallest they can be, you speak with the same word in different threads to "defend" the honor of SI. Perhaps, are you in a Jihad time perhaps ? and mainly, you don't read the entire post of the guy to clearly understand what he wants to mean...please, be smarter, it's a forum not a place of worship.
  8. Eugene you read but don't understand : a possible scenario is : one day FM "classic" can stay as a game mode as promise by SI guys but no more improve(or minus improvement)....And all improvements will be target to the FMC version cause they will see that 95% of users will use only this mode. That's the point of this thread....
  9. Thanks, you give me right of my post from 11:37.....what you describe, it's far from a classical FM game. So you can understand why some people are afraid to see FM moving to another type of game in the next few years. It was a chess game in the future it will be draughts.
  10. We are not talking about if it's optional or not, we are talking about SI strategy, how they balanced 'engineer time' between developing new market target and improving the main game, and how is their final goal and in the future, what will be FM... As I said before, create a FMC module doesn't bother me, it's the lack of real improvement in the main game and its interface who trouble me.... If we read this thread, it seems that 90% of people used 10% of the capacities of FM...They have a ferrari but drive like having a Ford.(Vauxhall). So we can imagine than in a few years, FM main game will no more exist or no more improved as 90% of people doesn't care of all improvement made from 15 years.
  11. As Teutomatos explain, that's the point....it's not a question of time, it's a question that people wants to play via FMC because they are boring with most of the aspect of FM who make the best simulation of football management...Remember that coming from 1995, each version was more complete year after year, adding more options and everybody applause, everybody was enthousiasm.... Now 17 year later, we heard, I don't want to play with FM because there is too much to do...I want a simple game, put 11 players on a paper in 4-3-3, buy 5 others players, and click to instant result....Don't it sound like a backward ??? I want the world NOW and QUICKLY, good example of the today's mentality....if you don't have time to play with FM, buy a PSP and play FM on it, but sorry If you have time to sit behind a computer, so you have time to play FM... sorry but that's the true.... Despite of thinking about a better interface to simplify player on FM, SI choose to make another version who is benefit only to their business plan and on the other hand, FM main game is set aside. If FM13 main game will have major improvement in the same time of the creation of FMC, i keep my mouth shut, but this year, we feel that it's not the case.
  12. Thanks Neil to reply in this thread...I understand the meeting you have, but I think FMC is a false reply to the problem you show...I have a boy, 12 years old, I spend at less 1 hour by evening when I come from Job at 7pm to spend with him looking at his schooljob. I have a wife who I take care, make things together, I even watch films on tV, support my football team but I still play FM. I don't play 4 hours by day sure, but it's normal, I'm not a kid anymore...I have to make choice between activities. If you, in SI company, don't play anymore, it's not a question of having time...Surely other parameters that you know yourself and your family, and surely because you have more responsibilities in the company and you don't see anymore FM like a game like a pleasure as you were young, but like a real job. I don't find all words to explain more my think but the argument of having no time to play FM is not good. It's only a question of choice, no time.
  13. @ grep, I hope so that Miles will stay for sure, it was only an example to said that business is business...
  14. It's a "promise", made by Miles...but Miles is not irreplaceable. I heard in my carreer many people who give promise as they are in the company but a few years later, they are no more in the company even boss there were and sorry, at this crisis time, each company are under financial pressure even profit one as the world leitmotiv is "more profit" "more money". I hope to believe the promise of Miles, but what I see this year, this is not to reassure me.
  15. Too late when the main game will stagnate or even disappear under DLCs module after few years under financial pressure.
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