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  1. Another scout find, Dejan Drazic - natural across attacking midfield, missing some Vision, however may be of more use on the wings. Quoted £625k
  2. One of my scouts found and recommended this lad from Syria, Kamel Kawaya - Good all-rounder and Driven personality. Has a release fee to foreign clubs of a huge £600
  3. I know the feeling - had a similar issue when I did a save in lower league Spain Found it hard to get back into Pro Vercelli, after our promotion, really struggling to bring in Serie B level players as our reputation hasn't gone up a huge amount.
  4. Yes, got one player that I think could turn out decent, and another I'm 50/50 on. Long way from the first team however.
  5. Just remember how many wonderkids will no longer be available
  6. With 5 game still to go, it means I can ease off...but I want 90+ points! We sealed our promotion by defeating 2nd place Carrarese 5-1, our best performance by a long way this seasons. We're currently spending £38k per week, so we do have a nice increase there for the next division. Also, with the £5k wage cap in Serie B, I've got wages to bring in up to 6 players, before I start getting rid of some of the players currently at the club. £114k is not much, however, I can adjust our transfer budget to well over £1m with the wage budget adjusted. We will still be unable to sign nonEU players from outside of Italy, but I'm looking to bring in some overlooked young Italians from Serie A clubs, where they are probably not going to be given the chance. Plus some loan signings and a bargain or two
  7. Looking like our first intake could be decent as well! Very intrigued by the young Italian GK from Turin
  8. @lblanc I think AI in general seems to have a bit more sense on FM20. Over a couple of saves, they're making sensible transfers that actually make them better, rather than selling big between the big clubs, and making strange acquisitions.
  9. Just over half way through first season wth Pro Vercelli. We've got the best defence in the league, and 3rd most potent attack. Currently edging ahead at the top, with a bit of luck - Monza, Siena and Novara are the favourites for promotion spots, however they're all trailing behind. Really good overall form - we've made ourselves hard to beat, and have only failed to score once. I'm hoping this will lead to promotion... Despite Hinds and Comi leading the way up top, it is our RWB that's been our best player; Iezzi has 5 goals and 5 assists, and defensively solid, he's oushone everyone else. Just one winter signing for us, a loan signing - Hamza Rafia is a really good AMC for this level. We changed tactic to a 5-3-2 after a few games, and we've really been doing well. However, we've had to play Raoul Mal, who is not an AMC. He's performed well, but now that we have a proper AMC, I am confident we can push on for Serie B
  10. He starts with quite a long-term injury iirc, however he looks very good 6 seasons in on my save
  11. Our lovely kits for the new save Wouldn't mind buying these! To make sure we start pushing straight for the play-offs, we had to bring in a few players to bulk up the squad. Luca Baldassin adds some quality to MC, and I'm sure he'll improve. Antonino Gallo is the first of 4 loan signings, and will be our DL for the season. Marco Toscano I really hope will add a creative spark to our team, which is something we are lacking. Kaylen Hinds is a fantastic loan signing for this level, and I am sure that he will be a star. Samuele Ricci is our final loan signing, and will add some depth to midfield. The final four signings are DoF signings, who may or may not progress. A solid pre-season, with plenty of good wins and goals. Plus into the 3rd qualifier for the Coppa Italia.
  12. After struggling to find something that interested me, I've settled for the most successful Italian club not in Serie A.... Founded 128 years ago, F.C Pro Vercelli 1892 are one of Italy's oldest and also most successful clubs. With 7 Italian titles to their name, they were very much the "elite" of early Italian football. However, the club have not tasted major success since their last title, back in 1921-22, making it almost a century! Located smack-bang in the middle of Italy's two major footballing cities, Milan and Turin, the club is certainly now in the shadow of it's illustrious neighbours. Can I change that bad fortune, and bring an end to a barren century? Time will tell....
  13. Looks like the transfer patch is going to leave us with no wonderkids to sign
  14. Edmond Tapsoba looks cracking for most top-tier teams, with room to imrpove. cost £4m, which is a lot cheaper than most Pedro de la Vega looks a top class wideman in the making. Initial compensation of £1.2m, which could go up to £4m (clauses) is a steal.
  15. Delighted to see Cortés is going so well for you! Hasn't quite been that good for me at Kaiserslautern, however I have faith Going well with Parma, looking forward to seeing the return of the days of when I watched Football Italia, with Crespo, Baggio (Dino), Asprilla, Brolin and Buffon!
  16. Just four incoming signings for the upcoming season, with a £58m layout; Brandon Cortés on a free will give us a third quality forward. Jens Dinkelmann is a huge £35m signing, however the signing shores up our DL position for the next 10 seasons at least. Pedro Joao comes in to improve our DC options at £20m. Final signing is Jeronimo Cacciabue, who will improve our midfield options at £3m. Outgoing of £58m means we have a net spend of £0! Borna Sosa had not really got going for us, so a £6m offer from Mainz was an easy option. Tiago Banega had never quite forced his way into the first team, so we sell to Saint-Etienne. Andreas Dimosthenous didn't look ready to get into the first team, so he's gone for a fantastic fee, with a 40% sell on fee. Yannick Chevalier-Perrot started wonderfully, but a long term injury saw him drop to third choice, so the £18.5m from Napoli was enough to see him leave. Our final major outgoing was that of Fabrice Hartmann, who despite being a really good squad player, was never going to be first choice, so the £15m profit on a free transfer was too good to turn down. Our CL group is Lyon, FC Kobenhavn and Shakhtar Donetsk. Tricky, but I reckon we have a good chance of progressing.
  17. Season is over, and we are champions of Germany! We finished 5 points clear, with a poor last 5 games or so cutting our lead from 12 points. Sergio Santa Cruz has turned into our talismanic ST, 28 goals, 9 assists in 43 games. It'll be a long summer for us, with Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea very interested indeed. He claims Player of the Year, Player's Player of the Year, Players' Newcomer of the Year, top scorer in the 1.BL, along with a place in the team of the year. It's heartbreak for Eyibil, who was dropped from Euro 2024 squad in place of a 34 year old Toni Kroos, despite being arguably the best German MC this season (11goals, 12 assists). Fruchtl, Lukas Mai and Fabrice Hartmann also missed the cut. Next Season... Our 6th season at Kaiserslautern could be one of change. Certain players will leave (Lennart Grill, Kevin Kraus), and some still undecided (Tiago Banega, Emerson), along with the big performers now attracting big-money interest (Santa Cruz, Erkan Eyibil, Lucas Orellano, Yannick Chevalier-Perrot). Luckily, the latter players are ones we no longer need to sell, with the club on solid financial footing, thanks to Champions League revenue, previous big sales, along with clever transfers and wage control (highest earner is Eyibil on £62k).
  18. There is certainly potentil to sell him for £30-£50m after a couple of decent seasons, which considering how cheaply he can be picked up makes this a no brainer either way. I reckon he'd do well even at big clubs as rotation or backup. He does have randon attributes, and a random PA, however I looked on a couple of other saves I had running and he is as good as on my Kaiserslautern save.
  19. It looks like we'll get a second crack at winning the Europa League this season. 5-1 win v LASK Linz, then 3-1 v Valencia. Shakhtar or Man United await us in the next round, if we can beat them, I reckon we'll be favourites. Also 10 points clear at the top of the BL - a solitary defeat the only blemish on our season so far. This could be the first since 1998 for the club, with Sergio Santa Cruz leading the way
  20. Skin is TCS 2020. Santa Cruz is a regen I signed from Boca 2 seasons ago for £4.5m -
  21. Brandon Cortés of Boca Juniors is well worth a look. He moved to Orlando City for £2.3m in 2020, before moving to Spurs for £7m. Another Argentinian superstar Sorry, I only have 5th season screenshot of him - he's joining my Kaiserslautern side on a free
  22. Heading into the business end of season 5 with Kaiserslautern. We're currently 9 clear, which seems crazy. Sergio Santa Cruz has taken the mantle as our main ST, with 18 goals in 29 apps so far. Still, our best player is the one who's been at the club since those dull 2.BL days. Erkan Eyibil continues to astound with 8 goals and 7 assists so far this season. Although to be fair, everyone in the squad has done a cracking job thus far. We had a nightmare CL group, with Manchester City, Sevilla and Marseille. We managed to finish 3rd, meaning we get another crack at the Europa League, where we face LASK Linz. 3 players moved out in January, as some really good offers coming in - Wittek is a long-serving player, but a £9m offer from China for a player who I was looking to upgrade on anyway. Nkunku has been in and out of the side this season, so an offer which bags us £10m profit. Darío Sarmiento had not ever settled into our side, so when Arsenal came in with that money, I couldn't refuse. The rest are youngsters off on loans. Towards the end of August, we did sell Almamy Touréto Milan (£14.75m), and replaced with Emerson from Barcelona B (£7m). Gastón Politano looks a decent youngster, who will at least make me a profit, same goes for Richie Knight. Ludger Schade has enough potential to be our DL in a few seasons, however he will require some work. Borna Sosa comes in to replace the outgoing Wittek, an upgrade in my opinion. Stanislav Maksimovic could be a top forward in the seasons to come, but he will require some work. Our final January signing is a replacement for Sarmiento, even an upgrade! Sander Wijsbroek has been on our radar for a season or two, but has never been interested. But, a change of manager and a poor European showing saw him unhappy, with a release clause of £5.5m, and I still don't know why the big clubs haven't already snapped him up. He already looks the part, and there is no question he will at the least make us a very healthy profit in the future. The fact he's got 20 u21 goals in 12 apps says a lot. We also agreed the signing of Brandon Cortés from Spurs on a free, he will join in July, and gives us three top class ST to choose from.
  23. Started a new Toon save recently. Best news so far -
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