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  1. I got similar from scouts also £34.5m, his release clause
  2. When using keyboard shortcut to jump to player search (CTRL+F), the "f" also appears in the search bar. I would add more in-depth description and reproduction steps, but I think it is fairly obvious
  3. Also a DM called Belmont(e) from Argentina looks like hell be top class....can't get a WP though
  4. Jairo from Hamburg cost £3m max for Newcastle save, looks very decent with room to improve as well
  5. As always with the BETA release I'll be going with my team Newcastle, as I am fairly familiar with the players etc that I have to start with, and always enjoy doing things right. Hopefully a quick takeover will happen too!
  6. Been enjoying a save with Frankfurt. Obviously their fantastic form last season was a factor, however taking a side with sporadic flings with success and turning them into a top side sounds like fun. Plus, only 27 BL titles behind Bayern! 3 signings made in the summer transfer window; Éder Álvarez Balanta signs from Basel for £6m. I am sure he will add some solidity to the defensive line. Cristian Pavón joins from Boca for £3m, fills the AMR slot. Final summer signing Exequiel Palacios will almost certainly be in my MC for another 10 seasons. Now my raid on South America is complete, here are the outgoings; Bundesliga Results A shaky start to the season, as new signings got settled in and the rest of the team get used to how I want to play. However we finally got going, Currently 10 games unbeaten, culminating in a superb win over Bayern 1-0. Having flirted with the bottom 6 for the opening 2 months, our turnaround in form saw us jump up into the top 4. We are looking to at least finish in a European spot, so all is looking good. Europa League group stage was fairly straight forward, 6 wins from 6. We will face Sevilla in the first KO round. Plans for winter transfer window depend on sales or if the board offer me some more money due to a good start to the season. Ideally I'll be in the hunt for a DCR to partner Balanta, and all action midfielder, and potentially a new ST or two depending if the current interest in Haller brings a bid.
  7. Has anyone managed Wolfsburg / signed Yunus Malli? He's my best player on paper, but he's just not doing the job on the pitch. I've got Andreas Pereira on loan as cover and he's playing much better. So, just wondering if he's one of these players with the stats that never performs, or I'm doing something wrong!
  8. Jumped into the Bundesliga, first time in a long time! Started a save with Wolfsburg. Offers a good starting squad, decent transfer budget, one or two quality youngsters, and great facilities. Pretty much a perfect starting club for FM players. First signing through the door is Jorge Meré. I feel it was a good price for him, a player who can slot straight into my first team, and has a lot of potential to improve...I have a vision of Meré and Uduokhai as my DC partnership in a season or two! Pelayo Morilla is a player wh could be our star AMC in 3 seasons, so a lot is expected. Pereira and Origi come in on loan, with no realistic transfer targets available, it fills the gaps I have in the team for this season at least. Also both out of contract at parent clubs at end of season, so this is almost an audition for them both. Titas Krapikas is potentially our next number 1, with some goo all round stats now, whih can only improve. Joveljic a no brainer, so no explanation needed. Jonathan Gonzalez for me looks an outstanding ball winner, and if / when we sell Camacho, he'll slot straight into his CM role with little effort, and some room to grow as well. Josha Vagnoman should be my DR for the next 15 seasons so to sign for less than £10m now seems a easy decision, and will give William strong competition this season. Marko Bulat is not one I've heard of before, but his stats at the age of 16 are very, very good, and I can only see him getting better. Potentially in the first team by the age of 19/20. Opened the season with a 2-0 win over Schalke (Ntep, Steffen), followed by a awful 4-1 defeat at Leverkusen (Camacho). We followed that with a solid 1-0 win against Hertha (Ntep). I'm looking for European qualification minimum this season (top 6), along with a good cup run. I think we have a good chance of the top 6 finish, with Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig the only three teams I feel that are ahead of everyone else. Our main competition will be Gladbach, Schalke, Horrenheim and potentially Eintracht Frankfurt. I'm hoping three of the four will drop points due to their European campaigns, which is where we can make up the ground. Hoping that I will slowly start to integrate the younger players into the first team, with Vagnoman (DR), Krapikas (GK), Gonzalez (DM), Itter (DL) and Brekalo (AML) all within a good chance of getting games this term. I'll potentially send one or two out on loan in January, such as Morilla and Krapikas. This (regen) guy could be the future of our CM, a free agent at the start;
  9. Cost me £6m in second season with Bordeaux. Started brightly...will see how he is come December
  10. Jores Okore £650k; Will do a job for most teams I feel Álex Robles £1.6m; Solid already, and lot of room to improve Birger Meling £1.1m; Another player ready for the first team, and space to improve Andreas Samaris £1.8m; Transfer-listed, and just 2 stats under 10, meaning he can fill almost any role in midfield
  11. Good to see this thread up! I made a few signings with Toon on BETA, and managed a decent finish in EL placces, along with FA Cup win. WIll post some screens in here at some point
  12. Picked up a couple of really good priced players on my Newcastle save so far. Pieter Gerkens - Looks to be a fantastic creative midfielder. WIll cost around £10m Josef Martinez - Very good price for a PL quality ST. I paid £7.5m, could possibly get for less. (downward arrows due to an injury)
  13. I have same issue with Theo Hernandez at Real. He's been on loan at my club for 2 and a half seasons. Clearly isn't going to play for Real, but they keep asking well over £100m for him. despite me being his preferred personnel, and Newcastle now in favourite clubs, nothing seems to turn his head. Even a CL semi final and CL Final app isn't enough to unsettle him! I've offered up to £74m and they reject immediately. Unfortunately not willing to pay more, and they've just renewed his contract until 2025
  14. Best signings so far on save, going into season 4; Boschilia Alexandr Golovin Willem Geubbels Paulinho
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