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  1. Promotion is a possibility eventually. You just have to hang on for a few seasons before it can happen.
  2. Tough call. You might be better off moving on, unless you are willing to invest a number of seasons in the MEL and eventually get promoted to the Primera Division. FYI, I am in 2028-29 at this point. I started this season by winning the Champions Trophy and have just now been offered the job to coach the Mexican National Team. I haven't managed a national team in this version of the game, so I am going to give it a shot.
  3. Interesting point. So if you buy players cheaply then you are astute, if you get them for free then it gets ignored. That seems to be what you are seeing?
  4. Excellent question. I wondered that, too, as I was going along. My experience was the following. It took quite a while for my reputation to rise due to the low level of the league where my team was playing. If I am remembering correctly, my reputation increased from "Local" to "Regional" after I won the MEL a couple of times. While still in the MEL, I managed to win the Mexican Cup. The second time that I did that my reputation rose to "National". When I had a "National" reputation, one of the other clubs in the MEL offered me a manager position which I turned down. I also got prometed to the
  5. Wow! I have never seen that. I think I have the typical FM experience where I make a big profit on transfers and eventually end up with a transfer acumen that hovers around 18-20.
  6. It hasn't happened yet, but I don't know if the tournament happens every year.
  7. Out of curiosity, I have won the North American Champions League. If I continue to do that will I eventually get invited to the World Club Championship/Club World Cup?
  8. Here is another issue that happened a bit earlier in the season that I think is related. I was in first position in the Clausura but when the upcoming fixtures were shown, my club is listed as being in second position (which I guess we are if you were to add the Apertura and Clausura results together)
  9. Here is a screenshot that I think relates to why the board is a bit harsh about the league position. I just completed the season and as can be seen my home screen is showing the standings of the Apertura and Clausura added together. I submitted an Issue Report for this: C0C6D298-6AFF-4D44-BE16-4EE38376896B
  10. Next time it happens I will submit "Report Issue" on it.
  11. One more thing. I don't know if this is an issue in other leagues, but I have seen it from the start in the MEL and Primera Division. Looks like the equivalent of a coding typo. See below, first option:
  12. Part way through the Clausura season, I am in first and my board is even less happy with my league position than they were in the first half of the season. I submitted the save game for further study: 7F4EB2DB-3361-4459-A244-3623B25FA12C
  13. Thanks Louie! I am certainly enjoying this career in Mexico. To follow up on my last comment, I finished the Apertura season in first and then lost in the semi-finals. My board were not very impressed by that, but my job status is still stable, so we will see how things go in the Clausura and the Mexican Cup.
  14. Hi Louie, One more thing I have noticed in my Mexico career. My team has been promoted to the Primera Division and as you can see below we are doing well. My board's expectations for this season were a mid-table finish. Despite that they are only satisfied with the team's league performance. I know there it takes them some time to form an opinion on the team's play, but this seems a little bit excessive. You can find this save game with reference: 1FD9E7FD-27DA-48ED-98F9-906937C61CAE
  15. Hi Louie, I submitted a save with the report issue feature. I don't know how hard it will be for you to find. Here is the reference: AC37FE69-46F5-437E-B63E-221D66C8F26D
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