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  1. Nuneaton Boto Vijay Seenath (90086517) he has as POB London but he don't have England as nationality, only T&T and El Salvador
  2. Leicester Daniel Amartey (93034815) Missing 2012 Inter Allies
  3. Hi, how I can put boldface letters in all over the skin?
  4. Thaks @duccio , we know that and we'll change for the update.
  5. Hi @andershs I've already noticed that and I reported it a while ago, it will try to resolve for the patch. Thank you for the report.
  6. Excellent. I have read that by not signing with Celaya he return to Tigres (owner of his federal rights) but could not be registered for competitions, he only trained in Tigres. In the same way, if you want to leave him as free agent perfect
  7. I started a save with TNS but i don't play IRN-Bru Cup, barry take my place in the cup in first season.
  8. @luisrha could you add this? Arlex Hurtado (51067855) appears free, but still plays for Tigres (youth) 2017 (O1) Deporitvo Fútbol Paz (Youth) | Free to Tigres
  9. @Giancarlo could you add this? Carlos Mosquera (77060103) POB: Cali History 2017 Deportivo Fútbol Paz (Youth)
  10. Lewis Kaye (74055697) In 3D he's dark skin, but that isn't correct. https://www.tnsfc.co.uk/2017/11/15/tns-tv-chats-lewis-kaye/
  11. A National Tournament, because Argentina is divided into 24 provincial unions which all organise their own provincial club competitions. In National Tournament (with 3 tiers) plays the best team of each provincial union + teams from Uruguay. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nacional_de_Clubes
  12. Excelent work my friend, could you add in a future a Argentina rugby league?
  13. Jeffrey de Lange (37055849) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente Diego Coret (37060555) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente Joel Felix (27109879) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente Lukas Lagerfeldt (93070285) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente Redouan Taha El Idrissi (37071149) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente Jonathan Frimann (27109868) 2017/18 FC Twente Ritchie Zinga (37058822) Missing 2017/18 FC Twente
  14. Could you add this? James Rodriguez (76002390) 2004 Academia Tolimense (Youth) | Desc. fee 2005 Envigado (Youth)
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