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  1. Tomas Ángel (son of Juan Pablo Ángel, former Aston Villa)
  2. He's from El Salvador, North America not South, please put this here [North America] Data Issues - Database and Research - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  3. Bolivar and Tachira don't have price set, so it's random. Barcelona have 7 dollars x ticket. In South America the main income of the teams is the sale of match tickets, so it is not strange that they have these amounts of income.
  4. In Colombia, on average, that is the price.
  5. 2022/23 Season Another season ended, we achieved the record of points and were undefeated champions in the Premier. We won the cups but lost the Community. In the transfer market, the priority was Mbappe that we could not manage to sign him last season. It cost a lot, the whole market trading until the last week in which we managed to bring him for 180 + 25 in addons. Then youth signings or of filling to complete a squad but that good. As for the exits, Wijnaldum (Ajax 20M) was the only important, then Minamino (Bournemouth 10M) and Thiago (QPR free) the ot
  6. The truth is that it is strange, a question: when you promoted the agreement was cancelled? Could you put a screen of the accumulated table?
  7. They should be able to play it, there is no rule that says otherwise.
  8. Finish the 2nd season, win everything but lost the FA Cup (2-1 defeat vs. City) The beginning of the 3rd season saw me still finishing the World Club cup , which I won (4-1 vs. Bayern). I didn't change the squad much, but we sold a lot. Keita went to City for 20M plus Gabriel Jesus (good replacement for Haaland). Then I bought several youth players and sold/released many youth players who had no future and players I was not going to consider. I have a large staff, many young people who went up to train in the first team but played most of the games
  9. @majesticeternityamaizing work mate, could you add "Torneo Internacional de las Américas".
  10. How difficult it is to buy youth (U17or less) with the brexit, in my game anyone comes to the team just at 18 years.
  11. Now yes, I finished the winter transfers windows and there were quite a few outings. Some youths were given away to earn minutes, others were ending their contract and I decided to sell them as they were not going to renew. The exit that angered me the most, being a little strange, was that of Stephen McCarthy. The boy arrived free from Keterring, Chelsea offered him a contract just started January and I offered him a professional contract. He accepts my offer on January 7 but on January 9 he goes to Chelsea for no contract (WTF). IN OUT
  12. Just finished winter transfer windows, only sign Fernando Ovelar from Cerro Porteño for 500k up to 1 millon and sold Sheyi Ojo (he plays 12 games in all competitions with 2 goals and 2 assist) to Brighton for 3 millons.
  13. I just finished the second transfer window. As for the arrivals, we weren't looking for much but we were looking for quality. We went to Haaland, Upamecano and Camavinga to rejuvenate those areas and already have players for many years. We brought some young players for U23, Grabara was going to be the second goalkeeper but in the middle of the pre-season he asked to leave and we had to go out and find another one. We decided on Fariñez, who was cheap, young and a good performer. At the end we went for Nuno Mendes after many recommendations from our scouts. We had a good squa
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