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  1. Great job! Thanks for your effort every year!
  2. Some further things I noticed: Ajax has 38500 season ticket holders in FM, but in reality those should be around 42000: https://www.parool.nl/sport/seizoenkaarten-ajax-voor-volgend-seizoen-al-uitverkocht~bd55293b/ Ajax has basic data analysis facilities, but I think they are doing quite a lot with data analysis. I'm not sure what the criteria are and how this is measured so this might not be an actual issue. Info: https://www.computable.nl/artikel/expertverslag/business-analytics/6800109/4573232/storytelling-bij-ajax-uitgelegd.html https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2019/02/14/data-analyse-van-ajax-kan-zwabberduik-niet-voorkomen-a3654061 Ajax pays 5 million euro's in rent for the Johan Cruijff ArenA in FM, but it should actually be 10 million. Unfortunately, the rent seems partly based on the number of games played in a season as well as seasonal achievements: https://www.vi.nl/pro/overig/vis-stadion-staalkaart-welke-eredivisie-clubs-zijn-er-baas-in-eigen-huis
  3. This might have some of the information you are looking for: https://www.vi.nl/pro/overig/een-diepe-duik-in-de-jaarcijfers-van-ajax-feyenoord-en-psv However, it is a VI Pro article so it's possible you aren't able to read it. If so, I have to possibility of "gifting" the article to you via email, so please let me know if you'd want this. It's also not in English unfortunately... EDIT: Ajax's annual report can be found here: https://www.ajax.nl/club-1/cijfers-en-verslagen.htm Feyenoord: https://www.feyenoord.nl/nieuws/nieuwsoverzicht/bescheiden-bedrijfsresultaat-feyenoord-over-boekjaar-2018-2019---041019 PSV: https://www.psv.nl/psv/de-club/organisatie/psv-jaarverslag.htm All in Dutch unfortunately.
  4. Summary: In the tactics screen, under the "Player" tab, the role ability column does not reflect the actual role ability for the players that can play in a certain position at first. Description of Issue: When in the player instructions tab in the tactics screen, you can click a position after setting up a tactic to adjust player instructions. This also gives you an overview with assistent managers reports about how your players would fit this position with these instructions. However, the assistent manager's reports do not match the information on the player's screen. In the screenshot below, Hakim Ziyech gets half a gold star for the Attacking Midfielder (Right) position with the Inverted Winger role. However, clicking Hakim Ziyech's name, will show the player overview with the Attacking Midfielder (Right) position with the Inverted Winger role as the most natural position and role for him. With a current ability of 3,5 gold stars, it does not match the information in the player instructions tab. However, if I go back to the player instructions tab and select the Attacking Midfielder (Right) position again, it now shows the correct estimated current ability for that position and role: Hakim Ziyech is used as an example here. It also happens for other positions. Steps to Reproduce: Open the tactics screen and the player instruction tab Click on one of the positions Check the "Players in this position using these instructions" widget Click one of the player's names to bring up the player overview screen Return to the tactics screen and player instruction tab and click on the same position as in step 2 again.
  5. FM11: 524 hours FM12: 834 hours FM13: 754 hours FM14: 893 hours FM15: 593 hours FM16: 474 hours FM17: 426 hours FM18: 327 hours FM19: 76 hours FM11 until FM15 were during my time at university, so I had quite some free time as you can see Afterwards when I started a full time job the hours gradually declined with FM19 as an all time low. To be fair: I've bought a new gaming PC a year ago, while I had quite a crappy machine before, so I'm also still playing tons of other games that came out in the last couple of years that my machine couldn't handle before. However, I've enjoyed each and every one of them!
  6. Just activated the Voidu FM Steam code I received and in Steam it showed up as Football Manager 2019 Pre-Purchase - Digital Edition (EU) so I guess it's not region locked or something!
  7. Nice career you've got going on. Best of luck in the top flight!
  8. Great career! Really enjoyed reading this. I hope you had a great holiday and I can't wait to see where you are going next.
  9. Koennn

    Quick Throws

    In current FM, you can give the set piece instruction to take quick throw-ins. However, this seems to be mostly related to the team mate passing option that is selected and does not necessarily reduce the time it takes to gather ball and prepare for a throw. In some situations, I would love my players to immediately grab the ball and bring it back into play, as you often see happening in real life when the opposition's defence is in disarray, when a team desperately needs a goal because they are tied/behind, or during a counter. If these situations occur in FM, it often takes fifteen seconds for a player to move to the sideline and receive the ball. In these fifteen seconds, the opposition is already organised again and the flow and speed of an attack or counter are gone. Could this be implemented in future versions?
  10. Since the patch I've noticed (or at least I think I do) that goalkeepers come out more often to claim a ball that drifts in the area during set pieces. In previous years it always bugged me that a goalkeeper would not come off his line to grab a ball while in real life you see goalkeepers try to get to the ball pretty often. Good job.
  11. Shame you drew Atletico Madrid in the first knockout round. You really did well in the Champions League. Keep up the good work!
  12. Really nice story! Definitely going to follow this thread. Congrats on beating your big brother. I hope you will keep improving!
  13. If you don't want to start unemployed and you want to be sure you get the club you want in 2020 or so, you can also create an unemployed manager, holiday until the time you want to take over a club and retire the manager. If you create a new manager at that point you can start at whichever club you want.
  14. Just had a very tough run in the FA Cup where I drew Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal in consecutive rounds in the FA Cup. I won all of them (albeit in a replay against City). I just really wanted to beat these teams so I've fielded my strongest eleven, but it has cost me dearly, since I've ended up with a lot of injuries now with a Champions League semi final against Real Madrid coming up. This got me wondering. What are your toughest runs in a cup competition and did you choose to abandon the cups in favour of the league or a more important cup?
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