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  1. Folkestone Invicta - Vanarama National League South - Season 2021/22 Summary: Whew... the first season has come to a close. It was quite a difficult season since my squad was pretty horrible. We started off pretty badly, but defensively improved when I exchanged a CM for a DM in October. We looked set for a comfortable mid-table finish, but a tremendous 14 game unbeaten run in the league put us in 7th place and so we even made it to the play-offs! After an incredible lucky extra time win against Dulwich Hamlet in the play off quarter finals, Bromley was far too strong in the semi-fin
  2. Hi everyone, Loved reading all your updates until now and hats off to dafuge who has already completed the challenge! I did this challenge once a long time ago and thought I would participate again this year. Really looking forward to it! I'm a slow player, so please bear with me. I'm going to start the challenge with Folkestone. The squad seems dreadful, but we'll see how it goes. Here's the screenshot from the 25th of June
  3. Yeah you are right. I think the last two transfer center screenshots (2026-2027 and 2027-2028) skewed the numbers in my head since they have no foreign signings at all. But 22/23 is obviously the other way around with only 1 Dutch signing and 5 foreign ones.
  4. I went on holiday for 7 years to see what happened and it seems that mostly Dutch players are signed (if the foreign import number is correct): Unfortunately, I had activated rolling saves so I cannot supply screenshots from every year, but I added the Ajax transfer history per season as attachments to this post as an example. It seems they lean mostly to Dutch players (a bit too much I think). If necessary, I can also supply saves on dates 31-08-2025, 31-08-2026 and 1-09-2027.
  5. Could this be due to the effects Covid has on the scheduling? The KNVB modified the Eredivisie schedule so that Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord and AZ do not play each other until January (approx. the second half of the season), so these fixtures could hopefully be played with fans attending again. This also means that they will play other teams twice before January and will affect other clubs as well. This might have affected your schedule as well.
  6. That's a bit harsh for a typo, don't you think? Though I did actually expect that Jurriën Timber would be rated higher, since he is part of the first team (with number 2 even if that does not really say that much) and even though he did not play that much minutes, Ten Hag said he is a strong rival for Schuurs.
  7. They can release an alpha version to them though, and give us the beta next week
  8. November 9th of course, roughly two weeks before the release, but one day extra so we all keep calm. Though I won't say no to this!
  9. This is already implied in the "Results between teams"-rule, though. Goal difference between the teams is also part of that rule.
  10. Okay, the changes helped a lot so far. I've changed the CM to support duty with Gets Further Forward PI, so that it is slightly less aggressive and attacking than the CM (At). I've also changed the Wing backs (Su) to Full Backs (Su), since I got caught on the wings a couple of times and saw an increase of fouls around the corners of my penalty area, mainly from my backs trying to catch up with opposition wingers launched into space. Biggest testcase was a CL game against Barcelona, which I won 1-0, while slightly dominating possession and creating a couple of great chances (even though I
  11. I see what you are saying. It probably stems from me being too eager to suit the role to the player in that spot (Blind being most comfortable as a DLP and wanting to play Ziyech in midfield instead of on the right wing). I've also reviewed the pairs & combinations pdf here in the Tactics forum and have now come up with this: If I am correct, the AP (Linker in terms of @summatsupeer?) will now stay more in the midfield area and will be more patient when moving the ball around. I was also considering the roaming playmaker, since (romantically speaking) the description sounds like
  12. First of all, thanks as well Experienced Defender. Abovementioned is indeed true. In the Eredivisie when playing my best XI, I am nonetheless able to win matches, purely since my team is often a lot better than the opposition. However, when leveling the playing field by rotating and allowing the younger talents to play, it gets a lot harder for my team to create space. I am indeed limiting space by aggressively pressuring an already defensive opposition. I will try your suggestions for a couple games to see how that works out! Below is what it looks like now. I've introduced a split block
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