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  1. Hi SI, Attached you find the PKM of my Champions League match against Club Brugge. In the last goal of the match by Kasper Dolberg (92nd minute) a strange situation happened. Schöne launches a pass behind the defence and Dolberg and Brugge's goalkeeper race to the ball. The keeper then seems to claim it outside the penalty area (commentary indicating that he is indeed in possession), which should be a handball. However, the ball then reappears inside the box while the goalkeeper is still outside the box. Dolberg then runs on and taps the ball in the net. First of all, I think the keeper should not try to claim the ball with his hands in this area of the pitch and second, the ball disappearing and reappearing seems a bug to me. Hope this helps! Club Brugge v Ajax keeper bug.pkm
  2. Fortuna Sittard: Stadium Capacity is correct, but it says 10.300 used in matches. Does this mean that in game the maximum attendance is 10.300? In the home game against Ajax around 12.000 people attended (https://www.fcupdate.nl/voetbaluitslagen/291527/eredivisie-fortuna-sittard-ajax/). Ahmed El Messaoudi is listed as a central defender/defensive midfielder, but this season he is used as a defensive midfielder/central midfielder. While this is possible in game since he is competent at the CM position, I fear that the AI will mostly use him as a defender, even though this does not reflect real life. He played in defense at his earlier clubs though, so I am not sure how to handle this. Season ticket holders are set at 1501. Fortuna sold more than 4000 this season (and this source only states the situation in June, so might be much more): https://www.limburger.nl/cnt/dmf20180614_00064013/fortuna-verkoopt-meeste-seizoenkaarten The chairman in game is Jos Bonsink, but this should be Işıtan Gün. Ajax I noticed Ajax has basic Data Analysis facilities in game, but they do have the Adidas miCoach Performance Center which is like a sports laboratory. Shouldn't this be raised to a higher level? The performance centre seems quite unique (at least in the Netherlands). Off topic: Liked your interview with VI PRO, Reddiablo!
  3. Just activated the Voidu FM Steam code I received and in Steam it showed up as Football Manager 2019 Pre-Purchase - Digital Edition (EU) so I guess it's not region locked or something!
  4. Nice career you've got going on. Best of luck in the top flight!
  5. Great career! Really enjoyed reading this. I hope you had a great holiday and I can't wait to see where you are going next.
  6. Koennn

    Quick Throws

    In current FM, you can give the set piece instruction to take quick throw-ins. However, this seems to be mostly related to the team mate passing option that is selected and does not necessarily reduce the time it takes to gather ball and prepare for a throw. In some situations, I would love my players to immediately grab the ball and bring it back into play, as you often see happening in real life when the opposition's defence is in disarray, when a team desperately needs a goal because they are tied/behind, or during a counter. If these situations occur in FM, it often takes fifteen seconds for a player to move to the sideline and receive the ball. In these fifteen seconds, the opposition is already organised again and the flow and speed of an attack or counter are gone. Could this be implemented in future versions?
  7. Since the patch I've noticed (or at least I think I do) that goalkeepers come out more often to claim a ball that drifts in the area during set pieces. In previous years it always bugged me that a goalkeeper would not come off his line to grab a ball while in real life you see goalkeepers try to get to the ball pretty often. Good job.
  8. Shame you drew Atletico Madrid in the first knockout round. You really did well in the Champions League. Keep up the good work!
  9. Really nice story! Definitely going to follow this thread. Congrats on beating your big brother. I hope you will keep improving!
  10. If you don't want to start unemployed and you want to be sure you get the club you want in 2020 or so, you can also create an unemployed manager, holiday until the time you want to take over a club and retire the manager. If you create a new manager at that point you can start at whichever club you want.
  11. Just had a very tough run in the FA Cup where I drew Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal in consecutive rounds in the FA Cup. I won all of them (albeit in a replay against City). I just really wanted to beat these teams so I've fielded my strongest eleven, but it has cost me dearly, since I've ended up with a lot of injuries now with a Champions League semi final against Real Madrid coming up. This got me wondering. What are your toughest runs in a cup competition and did you choose to abandon the cups in favour of the league or a more important cup?
  12. You are, if you retire the manager you used to holiday through the 15/16 season and create a new manager at that point. You should then be able to pick any job.
  13. Thanks for the explanation guys. As an IT guy, I should've known this
  14. I could understand the space limitation in the number of digits used for currency, but why is the limit 2 billion pounds? It should be able to go up to 10 billion minus 1 pounds (sorry to lazy to write it out), since the number 9 doesn't take up more space than a 0 or 2. Unless some other currency/multiplier is used which does reach the maximum number.
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