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  1. I just received a 220-ish mb update too, but haven't seen a post regarding the changelist. Hope to see one soon!
  2. Much thanks for your effort. Gonna read this now. Have a great day!
  3. Watched that lowering the line of engagement might help. Some quick videos from here may help.
  4. Thanks for helping us enjoying the game. All the best!
  5. Hi, when you decide to sign a player, do you guys decide it on scout's recommendation (eg. 99, 75 etc) or only on the player's attributes? Thanks!
  6. I think it is because the mentality you chose and the player roles that made you concede too many goals. Your two FB is on auto and atk duty along with Control mentality for your team made both of your FB will often surging forwards in attack and made your defence become fragile. Also, you have too many players on attack duty, which did not help at all in making your teams concede fewer goals.
  7. You are restricted only to sign Basque players. The coaches and staff do not have to be Basque. And, for the scouting, if I am not mistaken, the scouts will automatically scout players who will be able to play for you.
  8. Hi, I suggest you to read this thread made by one of the moderators in this forum. Back to Basics - A Complete Club Strategy The informations provided in that thread is suitable for either people who are new or already play this game for so many years in my opinion. And also, try to read the sticky threads in the Tactics, Training & Strategies too. I learn a lot from the sticky threads. This game is much more enjoyable if you are able to create your own tactics and bring your youth players to become one of the greats. For the football systems, if you want to learn about it, you could look at the Rules section for each competition. I hope this post could be useful to you.
  9. Hi, first of all, I do not know whether this only occurs to me or not, but in this edition, I like to watch games with Prozone camera. However, the visibility of the ball is kind of hard for me to see the ball. Hopefully, in the future edition, this thing will see an improvement. Thank you.
  10. In my opinion, you should try to create your own tactics rather than downloading some tactics since the game is much more enjoyable this way. Then, since you mentioned that you play with some lower-league Spanish clubs, bear in mind that your reputations (Coaching qualifications and Past Playing Experience) also play a part with the teams that you manage. The example is like if Real Madrid is managed by unknown manager that is not well-known, there might be some doubt from the players to the manager.
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