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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing Seems like only 1 person can play at the same time and doesn't apply to all games.
  2. Suspect you are referring to top leagues but anyways I have one complete season: National League South - Liam Nash (Hemel Hempstead Town) - 38 goals Premier League top scorer was Harry Kane 25
  3. Most Premier League clubs are playing Thursday & Saturday this year and I would think similar schedule next season. I don't think should be playing the same team though....that's weird.
  4. I've been playing gegenpress successfully in National League South & what I have seen is the constant pressing of the ball carrier soon leads to a poor pass or a successful tackle. The AI doesn't seem to adapt it's tactic so it keeps giving up possession and often in their own half.
  5. Gegenpress has worked fine for me in National League South - 4 league games left & I am going to finish 2nd (preseason prediction was 7th) and have reached the FA Trophy final. Occasionally there are games where I get caught out at the back with balls over the top or I fail to score but mostly I win games easily.
  6. Got it. But presumably a poor season consistent with the boards vision might be survived, while the same level of results not in the boards vision might well not?
  7. Agree with this. If I'm managing my favorite team I don't want to get fired because I'm playing the wrong style of football. But if I'm doing some kind of long term save I'd be good with finding the right fit club for my style.
  8. My last FM19 save, I was offered the England job and took it. Found it very difficult and time consuming to even pick a squad. In the end I just stopped playing and waited for FM20 beta. I won't do international management again. I feel like to do it properly I should watch multiple matches a week. Just not interested in doing that.
  9. Done. I did lose in the FA Cup 1 round before expectations...but to a National League team after a replay. But surely that wouldn't justify the "continued failure" message?
  10. Summary: Received message titled "Harridge Impresses at Hemel Hempstead" but last paragraph said "Hemel Hempstead have disappointed so far..." Description of Issue: 1st season managing Hemel Hempstead Town. In the league unbeaten for 15 games, then lost at home to Wealdstone 0-2 (we had a man sent off when score was 0-0). Prior to that game we were in 1st but slipped down to 2nd (1 point behind with a game in hand. Expectations for the league were to reach playoffs (2nd - 7th) and pre-season media prediction was 7th. Board rate me overall as a B. I did fail to reach expectations in the FA Cup having lost in the 4th qualifying round to a National League team. Steps to Reproduce: Have not attempted to reproduce - I assume triggered by a drop out of 1st place. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: "Hemel Hempstead.fm"
  11. Nope....Reach playoffs which is 2nd - 7th. Board currently rate me B and are "Pleased" with League performance.
  12. What the..... So far I have won 10, drawn 5 and lost 1....In 2nd place, 1 point behind and a game in hand on the leaders. Pre-season prediction was 9th. Continued failure???
  13. Preferences - Advanced - choose General and Wages option is just below Currency. Or just search Wages in search box.
  14. This might assist: https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/03/how-to-update-your-steam-install-to-64-bit-before-macos-catalina
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