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  1. I have a massive scout network and big budget. How long should it take a scout to scout a country? If he has full knowledge of it? I set my scout assignments one season and they were all in the country for the whole season. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Hi @Joey Numbaz,thanks for your help. Would you put a limit on the time you send a scout to country for then? I tried it and the scout was there the whole season. He had full knowledge of the country too. I’m thinking of going with your set up of the pic you provided where you have some scouting regions and some on specific countries. But not if it takes them over a season to scout 1 country.
  3. Do you have assignments for each country or do regions? Or both? Will it take too long for a scout to scout each country individually?
  4. What is the best way to deal with scout assignments? Struggling with wether to do this myself or just delegate it but I just don’t know which one is better?
  5. Really good thread. I’ve been looking through to find some advice on how thorough the countries are scouted if I delegate the assignments to someone? Would it take too long if I were to do the assignments myself to make sure most countries were covered? What’s your advice please?
  6. What have people found the best way to beat these teams? High line all out attack or sit deep and try and draw them out?
  7. Just wondering if you delegate scouting assignment responsibilities then how thorough is the scouting? Will most countries be covered?
  8. After recommendations for front pairing in a 442? I’m after one striker that can link the play that can also be a goal threat and one that runs in behind and is a goal scorer. I have Kane, Esposito and Martinez to choose from if that helps. Thanks.
  9. I’m managing leicester. 3rd season. Finished 6th in first then 2nd. So a better squad now then the start of the game. Thank you.
  10. Thank you. Could I get. Recommendation for a 4231 tactic please?
  11. I’ve been reading the tactics forums for a while now in the hope of finding a tactic that works for me. I’ve recently found this page and looked through some of knaps tactics and I’m just curious about something. I’ve posted a tactic similar to knaps before for some help and got told it was a tactical overload. Are these not tactical overloads? I’m not meaning to sound rude and want to give one of these a go but was just wondering this before I tried.
  12. On transfer list on my save for £35mil. I also have Tonali, Tielemens, Kana and Choudhary. Would he be worth it and get in front of my first 2 choices of Tonali and Tielemens?
  13. Could I have the tactics sent over too please?
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