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  1. Any tips to get good possession stats with scoring goals. I’m finding I can get good possession but don’t score many and if I play more direct and faster football I can get goals but not good possession.
  2. So as the title suggests I’m wondering why this happens. A defender clears the ball and one of my players goes for it and instead of seeing it out of play they touch it and gives the opposition a throw in. I noticed this happened a lot in last years edition but I just thought it would get fixed for the new game. It’s still happening. Any reason why?
  3. Just wondering what people think Trent Alexander Arnold’s best role would be?
  4. I will now just be playing football manager games from February to February once the final update has been released. Too much hassle stop starting games.
  5. Are the things like key tackles, dribbles etc happening in game but just not showing up on analytical data? Or are they not happening at all?
  6. I’m noticing low stats such as key tackles and dribbles. Does this mean they are not happening within the game or are they just not being registered in the analytical data?
  7. Anyone else had James in their squad and watch all his direct free kicks hitting the wall? Is this because of his ppm hits free kicks with power? Just seems to hit every one into the wall.
  8. Finding this an issue with my centre midfielders also.
  9. Just logged on to find if anyone else is experiencing this exact same problem. It’s the same for both my centre midfielders. Finding it hard to get good ratings for both mine.
  10. Interested how others have found partey? Played him as a box to box mid and no lit the world up.
  11. Believe this is an issue si are aware of. There a few posts on here regarding player ratings.
  12. I completely agree with heat map and analysis use during a game. Something I used often and now can only look during half time.
  13. If I have ‘run at defence’ team instruction and a winger for instance with ‘dribble more’ will this make him dribble even more?
  14. Thanks. I noticed it at half time but couldn’t find it during a game. Guess it makes sense as you couldn’t look at it during a game in real life.
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