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  1. Anyone tried/even wanted to sign anyone from spurs before? In 2026 and they have an outrageous forward (18 for all advanced forward attributes). Have about £500 million in the kitty. Is it acceptable to buy this player for 300 million? lol.
  2. Whilst I respect this thread and the things you’re writing. My first thoughts are 1) some people haven’t got the time to analyse the things being suggested and 2) the comments regarding the ME are infuriating. While it’s being suggested the problem could be the player (which I get it could be). There should’nt be a problem with the ME. If there’s a suggestion it’s not working then it should be fixed?
  3. How are people finding maitland-niles? Starting my 4th season and still think his attributes are the same as when I started the game.
  4. Is the right back coming right across the back line to the left hand side to close the ball down a bug? Leaving his winger completely free in the box to finish the cross.
  5. Recommended by my scouts. Did not hesitate to sign him up.
  6. Anyone know if he’s worth his £121 million release fee clause?
  7. How does a wage contribution work out when paying wages to a player after a transfer? Do they come off your wage budget or a lump sum?
  8. I didn’t have the mark tighter team instruction on and also have hold position ticket for both centre halves.
  9. I didn’t have the mark tighter team instruction on and also have hold position ticket for both centre halves.
  10. I’ve just had a game where both my centre halves have come across to close down a player leaving a massive hole in the middle for two goals to be scored. I have them both set to the lowest closing down you can and didn’t have the player they were closing down set to “close down more”. Is this a decision making thing from the centre half?
  11. After a box to box midfielder. These two stand out. Feel Allan’s stats are better but he is older than kondogbia. Kondogbia is more physical with better long shots but will cost a tad more.
  12. How much did you pay for him and in what season?
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