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  1. After recommendations for front pairing in a 442? I’m after one striker that can link the play that can also be a goal threat and one that runs in behind and is a goal scorer. I have Kane, Esposito and Martinez to choose from if that helps. Thanks.
  2. I’m managing leicester. 3rd season. Finished 6th in first then 2nd. So a better squad now then the start of the game. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Could I get. Recommendation for a 4231 tactic please?
  4. I’ve been reading the tactics forums for a while now in the hope of finding a tactic that works for me. I’ve recently found this page and looked through some of knaps tactics and I’m just curious about something. I’ve posted a tactic similar to knaps before for some help and got told it was a tactical overload. Are these not tactical overloads? I’m not meaning to sound rude and want to give one of these a go but was just wondering this before I tried.
  5. On transfer list on my save for £35mil. I also have Tonali, Tielemens, Kana and Choudhary. Would he be worth it and get in front of my first 2 choices of Tonali and Tielemens?
  6. Could I have the tactics sent over too please?
  7. Is there a way to set up getting a team report for next opposition? I have my chief scout setting assignments though. Can this still be done? I get an analysis report but it doesn’t have a team report with it. I think?
  8. I’ve read that the AF needs space in behind and is more suited to a team playing with a lower DL?
  9. Their low ratings usually. Am I just being harsh? Lol
  10. Will this have a part to play with the inconsistency of the AML or AM?
  11. My first issue was to get more out of AML (sancho) and AMC (felix) as they were pretty inconsistent Regarding the right back I just thought he would hold his position behind the winger and provide more crosses from deep? CMs are usually Tonali in DLP and milinkovic-Savic as BBM (he hasn’t got the greatest stats for the attributes you mention) but I do have a regen with very good stats for them.
  12. I agree that I prefer someone staying central and being a Goalscorer. Not sure why it’s not working. Change the shorter passing to standard maybe?
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