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  1. Have quite a few I use in rotation, more or less... Aramis Havana, Luciano Soprani Uomo, Dior Sauvage, Paul Smith Men, Aramis 900, Drakkar Noir, Cool Water, Dior Fahrenheit (almost gone), Bvlgari Man and a couple of others I can't remember... want to get Dior's Fahrenheit again. As for "aftershave", I occasionally splash on some Johnson's Baby Cologne.
  2. How is the battery? I still have my OnePlus 3, but more than half a year ago the battery became unbearably bad at holding a charge. Wouldn't properly last me 5-6hrs... decided against replacing the battery and just getting another phone. But you're right that other than that, it still works fine.
  3. Happy to be back to using a OnePlus with the 6T. Oxygen OS is still the preferred way to go. Battery life really is a huge upgrade. Would show at least 20-30% more juice remaining than I had with the Honor 10 when I get off work.
  4. A long hallway in a deserted warehouse that used to be a prison.
  5. Having an annoying problem with Chrome. Have adblock plus installed, and when I start up the computer I can go on the internet normally. After a short while it will start to fail to load webpages, and at the bottom it says "Waiting for extension Adblock Plus". This happens with both Adblock and Adblock Plus, and it won't load no matter what site it is. It works normally when I remove the extension but... you know... I'm not too unhappy to be using Firefox at the moment, but, any ideas?
  6. Been using the Honor 10 for a few months. The results from the camera are quite impressive especially at this price, and the user experience is generally a smooth enough one. The phone is a little bit wonky at times, e.g. randomly switching between camera modes has the camera app crashing; and when I switch on Bluetooth, and switch to another app to do something else without waiting for Bluetooth to finish activating itself, the phone will freeze, and I have to do a hard reboot. To be fair I've encountered this Bluetooth thing on one of the old OnePlus phones as well.
  7. Seconded. That's what I have. And if/when it gets too old I hope IKEA will still be making them because I intend to replace it with the same one.
  8. Thanks. I can't find a good new pair of wired earphones to rival what I've been using, let alone bluetooth ones... At least that won't be a concern yet if I do get the 6T.
  9. Anyone used one of those USB C adaptors for headphones? Is there any discernible loss in audio quality? Waiting to see what the OnePlus 6T is going to cost, but doesn't look like it's going to have a headphone jack.
  10. Nice. For such a small difference you would kick yourself for not getting the Pro the moment you confirmed the deal. I don't live in the UK... I don't think we get the Bose headphones here... there's a fast charger for the car though. And I don't see the Twilight colour available anywhere here.
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