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  1. Yeah. Can't believe he used to play for a Milan side captained by Maldini. Still, could be worse for him. Seems Jermaine Pennant has signed for Tampines Rovers here in Singapore.
  2. Turned so many corners I don't know which way we're facing.
  3. It's incredible. What the hell happened? It was as if someone forgot to flick a switch on the past few weeks, and before the game v Tel-Aviv, the kit guy walked past and went "Hey, why is this not on?" and flicked the switch. Voila. Or maybe it was deliberate. Jose might have went "it's too easy. This is what we do: when the season starts, for exactly ONE MONTH, we shall be ****. THEN we go. Give us all a challenge, somewhat." ps: Oscar is great.
  4. OK now I'm worried about Man Utd. They've managed to get rid of Evans!
  5. Will miss the hot girls thread.
  6. They can order whatever size they want!
  7. They're not all needless. And wouldn't you rather that happens in midfield than nearer our penalty area? Is Romeu to Celta confirmed? How can any such move be already set without Jose seeing the squad in pre-season? Unless, of course, it's Romeu who is insisting on leaving.
  8. Comparisons with Makelele are probably unfair. Other than in height Mikel is half the player Makelele was; but so are almost all "pure DM"s. It's the pace of the game that sometimes passes Mikel by, and it's exacerbated by his own horrible lack of pace. I like that Mikel has good awareness of what's around him when he receives the ball (but not so much of his teammates), he shields the ball well and is tactically disciplined. But the reason he seems tactically fine is because he is tactically simple, and I believe instructions had to be simplified for him. e.g. he is unable to track the run of anyone not just in front of him. Makelele saved our asses many a time by being able to see and track the movement of the extra man running in, your Ljundbergs and Gerrards (yes I know, unfair). He is not a great tackler... well it's more the unwillingness to tackle that frustrates me. I know he "stays on his feet" but most times he merely runs alongside (or behind) the opponent. Look at Romeu and Ramires for great willingness to tackle in midfield. I don't think we need to get rid, and he will have his uses, but I will be happier if we use Romeu and Mikel more equally than if we had Mikel as the regular starter.
  9. Nice... Kevin and Romelu "are ready to be part of the team". "I give you good answer."
  10. While I have not got such a hard on for his reappointment, Mourinho is still Mourinho. Also, well played him, for engineering his way out of Real so Roman didn't have to cough up that 17m or whatever to buy his contract out. And surely, SURELY, this time we will have continuity? We will stick with him (unless he performs his usual 3-year irreparable decay again), and he has found his home with us, yes? Another thing: This Schurrle/De Bruyne thing is now either complete nonsense or was initiated with Mourinho's acknowledgement. I fear it's the latter.
  11. Yes you should have. :) Is it still not available anywhere else?
  12. Neymar to Barca confirmed on some sites. Pity. Wish we could've signed him.
  13. Commentator: Fernando Torres a current holder of the World Cup, European Championships, Champions' League AND Europa League! (So is Mata of course)
  14. That's what we'd want and hopefully it's all been agreed upon together with Courtois, but if not then a lot would depend on whether Courtois himself insists on a place with us. If he pushes things into a "play me or sell me" situation it's going to be upsetting whichever way it goes.
  15. Yes they did. They showed it so I could turn it off and go to bed after 12mins and go "WTF" the next morning. Wait, I forget; are you from Singapore or Malaysia?
  16. Yes... I meant "the new Michel Preud-homme", and Courtois is the closest thing they've got to that.
  17. Surely the coach just wanted to try the others out more? Otherwise, why is Courtois not no.1 for Belgium? Mignolet and that shaver guy aren't exactly Michel Preud-homme reborn.
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