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  1. Hey everybody! Good to see some familiar faces still mixing it in here along with some new ones. Anybody remember when a certain Joe Lolley used to frequent this place? Whenever I see/hear of him playing for Nottingham Forest, FMS always comes to mind!
  2. Always fun to see a Chelsea story on the board also good to see José Gaya is tearing it up for you - always been a good signing in my games as well! Nice story so far, here’s hoping to see the title back at the bridge!
  3. Hey guys, hope you're all well My temporary return is down to the fact that today I met one of FMS' finest and probably my oldest FMS pal - gavrenwick! I know pictures are not our friends around here but I thought I'd grace you all with a photo of today's magical moment: By the way, Gav is the tiger in the glasses.
  4. I don't think it's because of the constant changing of manager, I don't think the constant changing of manager has harmed it. For that reason, I would say that I disagree with the statement that the constant changing of manager doesn't work. I don't think that matters as much if you have a good back room team running the club and a core of good players, which are both things that I think Chelsea have been very lucky to have (Marina Granovskaia is just about the most vital cog in the Chelsea machine and has rightly earned a reputation as the most powerful woman in the sport). Although we qualified for the Champions League before Abramovich bought us, I wouldn't be narrow-minded enough to say that things would have been the same even if he hadn't bought the club or even anywhere close. He's as big a legend as anybody to the fans and I still take my hat off to him and think he's done an incredible job with the club. Loads of teams have been bought by rich owners over the past 15 years - Malaga, Monaco, Anzhi, PSG, City - but I would say none of them have done as well as he has, although PSG and City both also have a good set of owners and have obviously also done very well. City's owners stand out for me as particularly brilliant, but hey I'm getting sidetracked. I agree with your points on stability and also on the Mata/Mou reuniting saga. I think he knew that Oscar was not as good a creator as Mata, however Juan does the worst impression of a defensively aware footballer I've ever seen at the top level and if you don't have the ball, I find he offers little to nothing in terms of spacial awareness, pressing, team shape and turning over possession. Oscar on the other hand has this very odd mix of being an extremely good...defensive...attacking midfielder, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Haha thanks pal, I still lurk just so that I can spit my dummy out every once in a while - I'd like to think I've known you (in a strange online-forum-sense) long enough to know that your opinion wasn't any kind of personal attack and I didn't see it as such. Hopefully I haven't come across as too much of a baby, I actually quite enjoy a conversation with someone who's opinion is quite different from mine because it makes it so much more interesting - even if it is a little risky because you risk offending someone! I still remember the time I said to Terk that I didn't quite appreciate the skill required by Formula 1 drivers. The scalding I received that day from Mr. Terk still burns just as hot today.
  5. Sorry Salks but that was enough to bring me back from the proverbial FMS graveyard!! That statement could not possibly be further from the truth; you're right about Chelsea constantly changing managers, however Chelsea are the most successful English team of the last decade and have won more major trophies than any other English club. That's not my opinion as a fan of the club and I'm not saying it in an arrogant way, I'm pointing it out because it's a fact (call me Rafa). Managerial stability is only craved for much the same reason that Chelsea are disliked across the country - because the media say so. Mourinho will be fantastic for United. If I were a United fan, I wouldn't care about that fact that it could go wrong after 3 or 4 years. He will put them back on the map in terms of realistically challenging for honours and football is primarily about winning games and trophies. As much as I love the guy, he certainly has his flaws and United fans will begin to see the drawbacks to his style after 2 years or so. That being said, I find it funny that United's rivals' fans are somehow trying to paint this as a bad move for the club. They've made a good decision and he will prove that over time. On a personal note I now have a begrudging like for Manchester United, which is not something I ever thought would be possible. Having Juan Mata and now Jose Mourinho means that I hope they do well and if I could hand pick a team to finish second behind Chelsea every year, they would probably get the nod!
  6. Hey guys! So I have been playing FM for many years and I am generally pretty successful within my games, however this year is different. I am glad the game seems to have gotten harder, however I'm going to post a few examples of something I just can't get my head around - why do I have SO many shots and SO few goals while the other team manages 2 shots on target and scores both to win the game? All of the below are from a relatively short space of time apart and you can see what I mean by looking at the match stats. Below are my tactics and instructions. If anybody can spot an obvious problem, I'm all ears!
  7. So guys I'm going to make a few predictions with regards to the transfer window: - Pogba will sign for Chelsea - De Gea to Real will be announced in January!
  8. Well done everybody and Mark in particular - you've definitely earned it mate!
  9. Perfect, thank you for the feedback guys, I'll take it on board and we'll sort that out for the next episode. With regards to the length I was a little worried that it was too long (I know the golden rule for YouTube videos is 5 minutes max) so I'm more than happy to make it longer as I did have to cut out a fair bit to hit the 20 minute mark! Overall I'm relatively happy with the podcast debut, thanks again for the feedback guys. WLKRAS I'll keep your availability in mind for later this month and Ben I'll contact you shortly and see if we can pencil in some time to do a recording.
  10. Episode 1: Lonely Beginnings So after gauging the interest, I recorded the first 20 minute episode and uploaded it. In the episode, you will find: - An intro to myself and a short explanation of the podcasts - A bit of personal background info on myself - A light touch on a few pieces of football news - My main subject (Mourinho vs Wenger/Arsenal's performance in the Community Shield) - A few comments on my personal favourite FMSers and my favourite story of all time - Some notes on other people getting involved in the podcasts moving forward Hopefully it doesn't bore you to sleep, but even if it does maybe I'll throw it on iTunes and try and make some money from it as something that aids sleep!
  11. After a two (or three) year absence, I'm making a return as Fab's Magic Hat!
  12. Found this very interesting to watch. Regardless of what people thought of him as a player (I actually liked him a lot to be fair!), Gary Neville is without a doubt the best pundit on TV right now in my opinion! Also the news about Rio Ferdinand's wife was terrible - has anybody seen some of the stuff that people put on social media about it? There were some truly sickening posts from some people. I'm not a fan of the way the Daily Mail presents the news piece though with a headline reading 'Sick John Terry fans troll Rio Ferdinand on Twitter', I think that's unfair of them to try and make that association, however faint it may be. I picked up a few newspapers for the first time in years today though (I steer clear of them normally because I struggle to find any decent ones) and I was shocked to see how far downhill things have gone on that front. I'll highlight the worst of the lot; The Sun - their front page was dedicated to something along the lines of them pleading with their readers to not vote Labour in the election for fear of what 'Red Ed' would do to the country... aren't newspapers supposed to be fairly balanced and informative pieces? I mean I know some lean slightly to the left or right but that was a bit of a surprise!
  13. I believe that CFuller and myself were on a slightly different wavelength to you, Balth! In terms of giving young players a chance, Arsenal have always been very good at that and Chelsea have improved recently; putting Courtois in goal ahead of the legendary Petr Cech, Zouma has been trusted in some of our biggest games at 19/20, Mo Salah got plenty of opportunities at 21, De Bruyne had opportunities before he was sold in the January window - I believe we were focussing more on players that had been a fixture of the clubs youth teams for years and then coming through to take a spot in the first team as Bellerin has done. That speaks volumes to me that even a club such as Arsenal who traditionally blood their youngsters have only been able to bring through one or two prospects in recent years (Bellerin and Coquelin) - it just shows how tremendously difficult it is to do. Also, with all due respect to Arsenal of course, I couldn't see Coquelin beating Matic, Fabregas, Oscar or Ramires out of the side and Mikel would probably still stay as well because he's a fantastic foil and a reliable backup. I also don't think Bellerin would unseat Dave (who I think is the best full back I've ever seen in a Chelsea shirt, including Cashley) or Ivanovic who is probably Mourinho's most important player in the current system we play. I'll repeat, I don't say that to be a troll, they're still players I'd have at Chelsea - definitely Bellerin, at least - and there are players in your team that would break into our first-team, I just think the fact that those two only got in due to injuries says everything about how hard it is for youngsters to come through at a top club, especially if those players just aren't getting injured or there is tremendous depth in their positions.
  14. Ha, what a plank, my excuse is I was typing on my phone whilst at work, hence the term 'youngayers'! I've heard that Maitland-Niles has a decent future, while I've also been hearing good things about Daniel Crowley and Chuba Akpom (I love his name) as well, have you seen anything of those guys? Yeah the reason I asked was just because I'm trying to think of a Champions League team that regularly brings through youngsters and I'm genuinely struggling. I just think the demand at the top level is so high that it's almost impossible for bigger teams to expect any more than one or two players every five years or so! Which turned out to be a good piece of business in my opinion. Signed for £1.5M, used in an exchange for David Luiz who was eventually sold for more than double the price we'd bought him. Benfica effectively developed Matic for us and were compensated well for their work, while we also made a decent profit - why not send youngsters out to develop and carve out a career for themselves without the club paying the price for using a young player who's still developing and doesn't have a well rounded game? All parties won in the Matic situation! Chelsea's method isn't the traditional one, but the proof is in the pudding, it definitely works and helps us with FFP! I can definitely see why certain fans might not like it, but if we're winning and in line with the rules, I'm happy!
  15. It was ironic because Bertrand was part of the first team - he displaced Ashley Cole in his final season and I aways forget that he started in the Champions League Final that we won! I would say he could replace Luis but the only reason we have Luis is because Bertrand wasn't happy as a backup - Luis has simply taken up the role that Bertrand was doing in supporting Dave at left back. It's pretty much guaranteed that once we tuck the title away, there will be starts for the likes of Luis, Cuadrado, Cech (who still has a chance at equalling the leagues clean sheets record!), Zouma, RLC and hopefully others like Ake, Colcutt and maybe even Solanke can get some meaningful minutes. Which club would you say has the best recent record with regards to integrating their youngayers into their first team? A few years ago Arsenal would be the go to team for that but it seems from the outside that they've slowed down recently!
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