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  1. Having been born at the start of the 90’s, I was introduced to football in the mid 90’s when life was so much simpler my choice of team quite literally came down to the fact that blue was my favourite colour. I narrowed it down to Everton or Chelsea and went for Chelsea because I had a cousin who supported them. As much as I’ve loved the Abramovich era of the club, I have really fond memories of pre-Abramovich Chelsea and I feel sorry for the newer generation of Chelsea fans that never got to appreciate Gianfranco Zola in full flow. The Premier League at the time of Zola, Bergkamp,
  2. Still catching up with this but just wanted to hop forward to say good work! Opening post was brilliant and I've enjoyed the first few pages of the thread as well
  3. Love that @Jimbokav1971, cheers for such an in-depth intro! Should keep me busy for at least a week maybe lockdown isn't going to be too bad afterall!
  4. Morning all! Long-time FM Stories member here, decided that after 10 years of visiting the same place I'd cross the street and have a look at what you guys have got over here. I'm going to give a couple of threads a read through, anybody with any recommendations?
  5. Hey Sherm! I've just returned from working in the US so I'm also in the boat of looking for temporary work, sitting at home is slowly draining me at least we're having decent weather I guess! With FM16 being the last edition I'd purchased, I was trying to wait out for FM21 but boredom got the better of me and I am now the proud owner of a copy of FM20. I normally do a Chelsea save and an unemployed rags-to-riches style save, but for the first time ever I've started a save as manager of Manchester United! For me, United are at a real crossroads at the moment, it's set up as a really
  6. A legend of these halls and a huge part of what was (for me) a golden age of FMS. All the best, Gav - love ya!
  7. Hey everybody! Good to see some familiar faces still mixing it in here along with some new ones. Anybody remember when a certain Joe Lolley used to frequent this place? Whenever I see/hear of him playing for Nottingham Forest, FMS always comes to mind!
  8. Always fun to see a Chelsea story on the board also good to see José Gaya is tearing it up for you - always been a good signing in my games as well! Nice story so far, here’s hoping to see the title back at the bridge!
  9. Hey guys, hope you're all well My temporary return is down to the fact that today I met one of FMS' finest and probably my oldest FMS pal - gavrenwick! I know pictures are not our friends around here but I thought I'd grace you all with a photo of today's magical moment: By the way, Gav is the tiger in the glasses.
  10. I don't think it's because of the constant changing of manager, I don't think the constant changing of manager has harmed it. For that reason, I would say that I disagree with the statement that the constant changing of manager doesn't work. I don't think that matters as much if you have a good back room team running the club and a core of good players, which are both things that I think Chelsea have been very lucky to have (Marina Granovskaia is just about the most vital cog in the Chelsea machine and has rightly earned a reputation as the most powerful woman in the sport). Although we qual
  11. Sorry Salks but that was enough to bring me back from the proverbial FMS graveyard!! That statement could not possibly be further from the truth; you're right about Chelsea constantly changing managers, however Chelsea are the most successful English team of the last decade and have won more major trophies than any other English club. That's not my opinion as a fan of the club and I'm not saying it in an arrogant way, I'm pointing it out because it's a fact (call me Rafa). Managerial stability is only craved for much the same reason that Chelsea are disliked across the country - because the
  12. Hey guys! So I have been playing FM for many years and I am generally pretty successful within my games, however this year is different. I am glad the game seems to have gotten harder, however I'm going to post a few examples of something I just can't get my head around - why do I have SO many shots and SO few goals while the other team manages 2 shots on target and scores both to win the game? All of the below are from a relatively short space of time apart and you can see what I mean by looking at the match stats. Below are my tactics and instructions. If anybody can spot an obvious
  13. So guys I'm going to make a few predictions with regards to the transfer window: - Pogba will sign for Chelsea - De Gea to Real will be announced in January!
  14. Well done everybody and Mark in particular - you've definitely earned it mate!
  15. Perfect, thank you for the feedback guys, I'll take it on board and we'll sort that out for the next episode. With regards to the length I was a little worried that it was too long (I know the golden rule for YouTube videos is 5 minutes max) so I'm more than happy to make it longer as I did have to cut out a fair bit to hit the 20 minute mark! Overall I'm relatively happy with the podcast debut, thanks again for the feedback guys. WLKRAS I'll keep your availability in mind for later this month and Ben I'll contact you shortly and see if we can pencil in some time to do a recording.
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