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  1. Haven't played a game without attribute masking in yonks (since FM 07 I believe). Turning it off essentially removes scouting from the game. As regards no transfer budget in first window, it's more a case of how I feel when starting than anything else. But I'd be careful before turning it off, I'd hate to take over a team with, e.g., a shocking lack of left backs that can run faster than a giant sloth.
  2. Any way to edit in a national team having an U-23 team for olympics qualifying?
  3. After much hibernating here on the forums, I've finally come up with an idea for CA/PA. I was thinking today when trying to sleep off a boozy office party about the issue, in that some of the top players have the mold broken and one area of their game gets somewhat nerfed because of the 200 CA/PA cap. And I was thinking what if there were separate CA/PA points for each of the three main areas technical, mental and physical and maybe even for the hidden stats. You could have for example an overall rating of out of 300 CA/PA across the board with the ratings split up 100 each across the board. Also to maybe more easily simulate different types of player strengths you could give a training weighting on each stat so that, for example a player that is fast and a good headerer could get a 75% training weight on the relevant stats so that they grow more quickly and at less attribute point cost and maybe a weighting to agility and dribbling (to pick two attributes at random) of 125% so that those stats are slower to grow. Might be difficult to code for, but it would allow in my opinion for a greater variety of player type.
  4. Gameplay trumps realism every single time. And this is one case where realism in a game is just stupid.
  5. Problem is this can easily turn into the Civ 5 mode of "f**k the punters, we'll just remove core parts of the game (in Civ 5's case whole civilisations) and then sell it on to them later. Free CA$H!!!!!". In fact keeping your integrity is far harder with this model, most games with microtransaction DLC go this exact same route, holding back core characters, maps, &c. and then charging the price of the game all over again just to unlock stuff that is included in the original coding. I thought this was the route they were going when FM12 was made Steam only (as that is one of the two uses for Steam, the other being data collection). Guess to my dismay that I was right. Another year playing FM11, the last game built with integrity for me, then.
  6. Did you loan him previously? If you did then that could be the problem. A player goes to a club one season, and then the next season the only clubs interested have a lower reputation, he is very loath to go, especially if he was playing regularly for the first loan club. It's a bit of a hazard, and something I'd like incorporated into private chats, that you could persuade a reluctant loanee to go out to a club he thinks is too low for him. Edit: If it's in 2012 sorry for bringing it up. I skipped the game, half afraid that SI would go down the endless DLC route with the game.
  7. SI are a company that have morals. I'd rather have my favourite game made by a company that has morals and a lower revenue stream to the extent that I'd pay more for it, than to have it made by a company that ditches its morals for a bit of filthy lucre. But remember it is the CCP banning the game not SI refusing to sell there.
  8. The in real life appeal reason is if the player is of a quality to benefit the game in England. In the game AFAIK it is simply a CA/PA calculation.
  9. Firstly Brazil is a former colony (and then not really legally it was always part of Portugal proper until independance, for a while Sao Paulo was the capital of Portugal) it is now independant. Secondly rules are different for different countries, and can also change over time. The fact that Spain gives nationality after two years (though to represent Spain a player will have to reside there longer under FIFA rules) has no bearing upon how Portugal decides to give nationality. For example you have to reside in San Marino 30 years before gaining Sammarinese nationality, and for a long time in Germany a local town council could vote you a citizen (it's how Hitler got his).
  10. Frankly they know full well that Steam is pants at anti-piracy, always was and probably always will (unless the platform gets Nazi about it, e.g. sticking a worm on every PC in the world and destroying the HD of any with pirated software on it). The fact that it is a pretty good analysis and DLC implementation tool was far more prominent on the minds of those who made the decision is the reason why we're forced to a) install a 3rd party product, or b) ignore the game. While personally I've not had a problem with Steam myself I am severely opposed to being forced to do something (especially when lied about why) like installing extra software on a computer just to play a game. It will never happen for me, and I suspect, even if simply due to the profile of the average FMer, will never happen for a significant minority of SIs paying customers either.
  11. Are you sure that is not just an issue with the player playing in a league outside your allowed scouting range. I've never had a problem with scouting players at loan clubs (though I would like to get proper reports on players I have out on loan, not the "Player X played today. He made a few good tackles and had a shot").
  12. Ever since Lula managed to fix the Brazilian economy, and the clubs realised that because the Real was now a strong and valuable currencey, they could afford to hold off on accepting every transfer that comes in (Brazilian players still leave, but now they are usually a bit older and more experienced and dearer when sold) and could even afford to bring back some still top players into the bargain.
  13. This, there is nothing absolutely wrong with this goal. For example: [video=youtube;VP7-wxb2em4] Is very similar to what you've just shown, player getting onto a ball over the top and running half the pitch, shoddy defence, and turning of a defender before slotting it in the net. Yet you're complaining about Squarez's in the game, while Owen's in real life is rightly judged a masterpiece.
  14. Personally I'd love to see Rooney go for £30m, but then again I'm not a typical (English) Utd fan. But I do realise that he won't go for a lot more than that as the club value him (I don't know how) very highly, as evidenced by the contract negotiations last summer, Rooney: Throws toys out of pram and wails like big baby "Want more! Want More! WANT MORE!!!!!" Utd; "Fine heres our offer (hands over contract of 200k per week)".
  15. Why I do think I am. The fact of the matter is that Steam is not, nor never has been, about preventing piracy. It is about selling PC games digitally, and gathering data from those sales to better sell you more games in the future (the second bit exactly like a Tesco clubcard). Perfectly legitimate model, and nothing wrong with using it if it works, but forcing people down that route is a different matter and bad business practice, especially in an industry as dependant on goodwill as gaming. As regards the first bit, healthy scepticism demands that we disregard any quantatative argument which does not supply us with any backing figures or proof, kind of like we disregard the crack-pot arguements for the existence of the Spagetthi Flying Monster. As to your second point, a) I am always wary of marketing-speak, marketing being an industry who's goal is to sell believable lies, and b) tying in with the last sentence, they are giving me no reason to believe them, and reason to disbelieve them, my view of their truthfulness in this issue is valid until I see some sort of data which at least corroborates their arguement. You know it is this kind of attitude that will drive away your friends and loved ones. So just because you don't like my arguement you dismiss it as being irrelevant (despite it being thought out, and pretty logical {it may be wrong, but with the paucity of information my view is far more likely to be right}), using the fact that I am being truthful in saying that I can't currently afford the game as a fig leaf to dismiss me, despite nothing I have said being affected by my current poverty.
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