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  1. I'm waiting even because there will be even attributes updates!
  2. Exactly If nothing changed last couple of months should be like that
  3. They can't sign players non-EU (then not all strangers) that don't play already in Italy with a professional contract
  4. It's something I would like to know too Even Cancelo and Alex Sandro behave like that
  5. CESSIONE DEFINITIVA DEL CALCIATORE STEFANO STURARO Torino, 6 febbraio 2019 - Juventus Football Club S.p.A. comunica che, a seguito del verificarsi delle prestabilite condizioni contrattuali, è scattato l’obbligo di acquisizione a titolo definitivo da parte del Genoa Cricket & Football Club S.p.A. del diritto alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Stefano Sturaro a fronte di un corrispettivo di € 16,5 milioni pagabile nei prossimi quattro esercizi. Tale operazione genera un effetto economico positivo di circa € 12,9 milioni.
  6. Favilli and Audero's contracts changed.
  7. For real lol He does everything for free even if he would deserve something from each of us for his amazing work
  8. You can check what I said mostly here (from 2:07 to 2:57). Maybe he meant that those are the only ones in direct contact with him? I don't know, I'll check better for sure. Ok, I found another interview and exactly, those 4 are just the ones in direct contact with Paratici but there are many more. For example just in Italy Juventus has around 30 scouts. In other parts of the interview he even says Juve checks all youth national teams in Europe and other things. [The interview is in english]
  9. And Pjaca went there with the option to buy for 20Mio €
  10. Which version do you have? With last one (even the one bef I think) they are bigger
  11. The problem for Alisson and many serie A players has been the non update in febraury that's why that big changement between fm18 and 19
  12. For some players in the panel ''Attribute analysis'' I can't see the traits: I think this happen only with those that have many. For example Dybala, Milinkovic Savic and Hazard in my team
  13. Did you try just enganche or others too? I am not able to make players in that position perform well This is the player I have behind my 2 strikers. He's not the best but this season he's getting just an AV R of 6.86 :/
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