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  1. Well, being able to play in a role and how good you are playing it are 2 different things. The fact that Chiellini wasn't a top LB doesn't mean he doesn't deserve accomplished
  2. This would be the group: The fact that Ronaldo has a bigger estimated influence means that Kean has more probabilities to get PPM from him than from Mandzukic? I really don't want he acquires Mandzukic's PPMs as ''argue with officials'' for example. Then wbe better to put Ronaldo and 2 youngsters? Is possible that the young player loses his PPM with mentoring?
  3. Like that is there not the risk that Ronaldo influences Kean less? And why ''not ones who'd want Ronaldo's ppms''? I agree though that not many have a good potential, specially in my save that seems to be really unlucky (all youth players seem to have got low potential and the random attributes are all low or unbalanced ). At least Kean seems good though
  4. @Raymond85 li ho letti ma grazie mille comunque! I think I'll take the risk
  5. Would be such a pity if he becomes a Mandzukic kind of player.. not because I don't like the croatian but Kean has completely different charateristics. Then these are the players: And this would be the group: The fact that Ronaldo has a bigger estimated influence means that Kean has more probabilities to get PPM from him than from Mandzukic? I really don't want he acquires the ''argue with officials'' for example. And is possible that the young player loses his PPM?
  6. Guys, I am the biggest noob of this game then I need some suggestions because I want to focus well in my new career and try to get some good result in the longterm (yes, even with Juve I need time. I am not good like you all ). The mentoring... Then, is it useful just to change the player personality or does it have a direct impact on attributes too? I read that even PPM can be transfered like this and there is a problem, I wanted to create a group with Ronaldo/Mandzukic + Kean and that's amazing but I don't want he acquires Mandzukic's PPM! What do you think?
  7. No idea if it's wanted or a ''bug'' but in other teams profile in the ''last starting 11'' I see the votes of last team they faced
  8. Yes, he has even a tattoo with Materazzi number. I didn't suggest before because I believed M.Materazzi wasn't in the database but I was wrong. I suggest everything, after are the researchers that choose their priorities
  9. Yes, it's super hard to buy Chiesa even because he always has the interest of many good teams
  10. I would have done it too but there are things I wanted to change as the Manolas release clause (in reality should be available even in Italy), Godin contract end and small things like these that won't benefit me (Manolas for example immediately renewed and now has a 65Mio € release clause)
  11. Melegoni tifoso di Juve, Atalanta, Bayern, Barça e Real Madrid?
  12. Finally I started a career after the winter update. I decided to use again Juventus but I spent 2 days to manage everything (build my tactics, assign staff responsabilities etc). As usual I have followed/I'll follow some points: - I disabled the first transfer window - I can use the ingame editor just to edit some stuff to keep the game more realistic (exemple: wrong release clauses, contracts dates etc) - My general manager set assignements for the scouting team - I can choose players or staff just between the ones suggested by my scouts/staff and anyways I can't check their CA/PA/hidden attributes By now I just played 2 matches. The only thing to note is that Zaniolo, Meret and Barella have been immediately called up in the NT.
  13. I don't know if it's right report it here but there is a problem with some ''over'' players (Del Prete, Nocchi etc) in the Juventus u23 team. In real life their contracts are with the u23 but in the game they immediately complain that want to leave because I didn't register them with the 1st team. It's nonsense.
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