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  1. -106942: award period ''of the season'' + voting ''competition club head coach'' or ''nation club head coach'' even if in real life the votes come from coaches, serie A players, referees, journalists, CT and ex CT coaches. -107395: as above. The awards given to ''Gran galà del calcio'' IMO for ''announcement date'' could be set the beginning of december but the end of the year is ok too since it's never the same day (2dec 2019, 3dec 2018, 27nov 2017, 30jan 2017, 14dec 2015, 15dec 2014..) to be continued..
  2. As @kandersson Juventus this season played often with that formation (that Sarri loves from years). In less than 1 hour:
  3. @Sirraf all problems related to the league should be posted here: Happy holidays to you too
  4. Well I write them the same I have no time to write it all in once then I'll write more than 1 post for both awards and attributes changes. AWARDS -832389: should be removed -832390: should be removed -43204144: should be removed -43204145: should be removed The AIC makes a best 11 and in it then there are 1 best GK, 4 best defender etc but they aren't anymore individual separated awards. to be continued.. PLAYERS -Demiral: I would personally upgrade his PA but I understand if you don't agree with me since he didn't play many matches. That said I think is objective saying that he needs a pace upgrade (imo for both acceleration and speed). I would add him the trait ''dives into tackles''. -Matuidi: Even if it's already low for a midfielder that plays such levels, I would downgrade his first touch that is incredible bad in real life. -Rabiot: I would add the trait ''avoid using weaker foot''. Imo he doesn't even know to have a right foot -Cuadrado: This is hard because even if I know in the past he played on the low side of the pitch, rarely was as rb then we are discovering a completely new player for us. That's why I won't say too much but I think an attribute that deserves a big upgrade is his jumping reach. to be continued..
  5. Can we post some db changes for the winter upgrade or is it too late? I want to post some about serie A awards that should be removed or edited and about some Juventus players even if I am sure that Juventus researcher/s overall will do a good job as usual
  6. Wait the ''winter'' update (DOWNGRADE)
  7. @PAPA Edien what I reported are the CA and not the PA. Before I reply to everything else you said based on examples of saves I have, please do you mind to share yours that maybe is more recent? Maybe in the meanwhile things have been fixed already a bit. Thank you in advance
  8. Sorry but everyone play how prefer. Talking about me, I am a noob (is already a miracle if I win with a top team) and as a Juventus addicted I wouldn't be able to see the cpu making them fall down with ridicolous transfers. That said there are many things that conditionate the difficulty of a save. You can even start with a bad team but if after you don't disable the first transfer window, you download tactics, you don't keep attributes hidden, you read online who are the wonderkids / CA-PA of players and you manually search them instead let your chief scout manage the scouting and choose just between the players they suggest you, you restart the save after a bad game/injury etc etc the game becomes the easiest ever.
  9. Sorry If you want unrealistic players/football world you can edit your save by yourself. 5-6 times more players with such high CA IS too much specially if it happens in a smaller db. It is not an opinion unless you believe in real life there are 17 players u24 at least at Sterling's level (FM CA wise) PS: rereading the message I noticed it can seem a bit ''rude'' but it's not my intention at all
  10. @Ikthop did you filter the real players by age? Because if not, many of them got the 2nd nationality by playing X years in that country. That said it's really a problem specially for those who have strict rules for non-EU players (as serie A for example). Kind of sad since there should be a many players around the world with italian as 2nd nationality..
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