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  1. Impossible not love that team!
  2. If in FM21 they will add the Decreto Crescita and implement it correctly () even for the cpu (then making more big transfers etc) will be even nicer to play in Italia!
  3. @quee thank you for the update, I really loved it and such a news! Do you think he will still improve in your save?
  4. No.. Aahahah I wanted to edit Juventus sponsor deal to put the new one (the stadium one has been renewed before the winter update but unfortunately they didn't change it) but I am scared to make a mess. I just decided that I'll start with the standard one and doesn't matter Btw I am really happy to see new people playing with Italian teams and sharing here their experiences. Welcome to everyone
  5. Thank you for sharing, seeing the developement of players for me that I am a data addicted is the best side of the game
  6. Ridicolous how this game alwats destroys serie A teams 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Do you mind to show me their formation? I rarely see serie A team make such huge transfers
  8. And I repeat, I am a noob and I am able to not win anything even with Juventus ahah
  9. Ah, the contruction had to start in may 2021 but it was before the coronavirus.
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