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  1. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I noticed that I finish to manually scout/buy always same players because I know them in real life. I decided then to restart a new career (again with Juve) and to buy only players/staff suggested. In this way will be harder because I'll have limited choice but even funnier because I'll discover new players. Let's see
  2. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Well, super unlucky in CL!!
  3. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Ok but I don't think is good that a player as Skriniar (top 3cb in serie A imo) didn't get upgrade and Milan players barely got downgraded even after the disastrous half season. Ok, I didn't know. My bad I don't say he deserves a 20 but not even the 3rd lower value between serie a GK (the starting ones) even if in RL has the highest passing accuracy. I know depends about the avg pass lenght (btw his isn't the shortest one at all), the heading ability of who receive it, the formation (3 or 2 defenders) etc but the same considerating the stats is really too low. Sorry probably I bad explained. Well, he's a defensive full-back then is normal he doesn't shot often but this season when he did he has been almost always dangerous. Btw this was the less important and I reported it only because you told me to not be generic If not I don't like to discuss about Juventus players
  4. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Can you please tell me the name skin?
  5. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Revolution after post here the transfers
  6. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    And it didn't change even if it's objectively one of his best quality. It's not that because a player is short then has a low balance, depends a lot even on body structure. Some others examples: Skriniar PA didn't change after an amazing half season, Under same even if performed super well, Alisson with passing 7 even if has a passing accuracy of 85%, as a researcher reported Kownacki PA hasn't been touched (423 mins 6 goals and 3 assists), De sciglio long shot even if he has been dangerous almost every time this season etc etc I am sorry if I seemed arrogant with my previous messages, wasn't my intention. As I said I really appreciate the work you all do for the italian leagues but I just wish that what we suggest would have taken a little bit more in consideration.
  7. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @saosinfan4 and everyone else Can you please post (under spoiler) the CA and PA that changed for Milan and Inter players?
  8. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    To be less subjective possible I try to never comment about Juventus players. I did once max I think. I reported some changements that had to be made but nothing is changed then I think is useless being specific if all you will hear is an ''it's subjective''.
  9. [ENGLAND] (Official) Tottenham Hotspur Data Issues

    Changed the researcher and he made Alli looks as Alli.
  10. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    In this topic I never write general comment but this time I have to. I am really disappointed about the last database update and I have seen that many others users agree. Now it's too late but next year please try to be accurate with attributes etc as with new games. Thanks...
  11. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I am going to start a career with Juve but will be particular. Basically I'll hide the attributes and I'll buy players just looking scout reports/their career stats. Of course my own players are excluded at least I'll be able to see their progresses etc.
  12. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Him on the last data update:
  13. FM18 hide all attributes?!

    Really thanks for the reply. I found how to do it with others skins but I don't find the files in the default skin I want to use. It's too long to read all those guides just to find the little thing I need.. Please can someone help me? I want to use the default dark skin
  14. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I am a bit disapointed for his attributes because in RL he's much better than that but I am happy to see in the game he performs well