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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Are there the guidelines somewhere?
  2. Let's hope, imo it needs an huge improvement under every point of view.
  3. In the last version of the FM2019 database his height is already 187cm
  4. Last 10 years Spanish teams won 7 CL and 6 EL but the same every year you (general) keep saying the same things about EPL
  5. Football manager's goal is to be a realistic game then I fully agree with @Federico. If you don't like more realism you can change teams reputation, budgets etc by yourself anyways.
  6. Unfortunately is always like that.. most of times Juve in max few seasons gets destroyed with transfers. In general FM transfer AI is still really poor.
  7. Seems that De Ligt will have a release clause that will start the 1st july *2021. Please, discuss about it with the developers to avoid data mistakes as happened for E. Can in FM19.
  8. Demiral vs serie A CB I would say that the jumping reach should be upgraded minimum of 1 (imo even 2). Specially considerating that now has 15 as Skriniar that is below average in that and that imo deserves less even than Romagnoli or Rugani. He deserves at least even an upgrade in pace (really fast in the medium/long distance) and strenght.
  9. Jokes aside, Pirlo was a 20 composure. Do you really think that Van Dijk is at the same level about that?
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