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  1. ParanoidBuddha


    I fully agree. He really deserves support
  2. And Pjaca went there with the option to buy for 20Mio €
  3. ParanoidBuddha


    Which version do you have? With last one (even the one bef I think) they are bigger
  4. The problem for Alisson and many serie A players has been the non update in febraury that's why that big changement between fm18 and 19
  5. ParanoidBuddha


    For some players in the panel ''Attribute analysis'' I can't see the traits: I think this happen only with those that have many. For example Dybala, Milinkovic Savic and Hazard in my team
  6. ParanoidBuddha

    4312 Enganche

    Did you try just enganche or others too? I am not able to make players in that position perform well This is the player I have behind my 2 strikers. He's not the best but this season he's getting just an AV R of 6.86 :/
  7. Do you start a new career or just look for another team in that one?
  8. Again, compare just his ratings.. I understand what you say but after all those matches everything gets more or less balanced. Can't be a casuality that just in important matches he got lower ratings than usual Note that isn't like that for everyone, then it isn't a leak in the algorithm For example Chiellini has a +4 in important matches and -1 in consistency
  9. The point is not to compare players, compare his avg one with the ratings got from him in those matches.
  10. ParanoidBuddha

    4312 Enganche

    Did you win something with this formation? The 4312 is my fav formation in real life but in FM play without wingers or lateral players is really unfavourable. I am trying it with Juventus and getting way worse results than with the 4231 or 433 used the previous season.
  11. ParanoidBuddha

    [Italy] Data Issues

    I already reported this here
  12. Yes. Those videos doesn't prove anything, in 90 mins you can always find few things well done. On whoscored he has 6.94 avg this season. Ok, probably you say that for you doesn't mean anything but just compare that value with the ones got for important matches: Juve - Inter 6.47 Tott - Inter 6.89 Inter - Tott 6.67 Barça - Inter 6.45 Lazio - Inter last season 6.4 The only match he got a better value than avg has been in Inter-Barça. Imo a ''big games player'' should perform as usual or better in most of those matches, not worse. Example Mandzukic, avg 7.36 Juve - Inter 7.76 Milan - Juve 7.74 Juve - Napoli 8.93 Real - Juve last season 8.6 PS: check his consistency value.
  13. Well, he played against Juve, Barça and Tottenham and to me doesn't seem he performed particulary well
  14. Imo at least atm he's not a ''big game player''