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  1. A little offtopic, Didn't know about this. I'm a US sports fans (all) and in terms of football (don't call it soccer :P ) I try to follow MLS but this competition that you wrote NISA, reminds me the future AMerican Football competition , XFL. Just because in US it's easier or people have tendence to, in case that doesn't work create a new independent one. I'm portuguese and in Europe the closest to creation of leagues might be Spain and England that they were thinking in creating a league for catalan and join scotland with england respectivly.
  2. Thanks to both, Uncle_Sam and Dallan. But in terms of NCAA players that doesn't reach the draft. An example, A player with 16/17 years old goes from Wake Forest University to some English team, then when it reachs 18/19 that team want to release him and he want to return to USA. Since he left NCAA to European (or any other club around the world) before entering draft, when he comeback to USA enters the draft or is has a normal player? I'm imagine that, since nowadays football is a commerce, would not be weird to see great young players from universities skiping draft because some MLS team want to stole them. Obviously that this doesn't happen because youth american players aren't good or rated enough to go overseas so earlier (not common at least)
  3. Loved the videos, really awesome. I had a generic idea about MLS, but had some doubts about allocation money and other more tricky stuff but it was really helpful. Curiosity, about SUperdraft what's is an elite youth player? For example, if a young player goes from college to international team with +- 17/18 years old and a MLS team wants to buy, it can? or need to go through the draft? Just thinking about City group, with New York City and Manchester City. What can happens is Manchester City buys the youngs from college and then loan them to New York City
  4. I'm currently playing with NC State in Atlantic Coast (don't know if it happens with others) but when I play a conference game and select my team there are players (u23) that I can't play. There are no restrictions about players but if I put on holiday they play conference games
  5. First of all congrats for the great work. I was trying to create one NCAA league but was complicated. Some notes, - The USL2 is named "4. deild" when choosing the teams -Is it possible to rename the PDL to NCAA ? And instead o having the group number have the conference names? - The teams from NCAA that doesn't win the conference and goes to the Final Tournament are choosed based in reputation? Can be based in the Non Conference games? Because there were teams that wre in last in their conference and also in non-conference games and were choosen to the Final Tournament - And in the 1st year the divisions have weird names like "PDL Heartland Division" The rest you probably aready working on like, transfers for NCAA teams that some are weird that they try to buy players from MLS and USL
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create NCAA competition in FM19. Exploring the editor that hasn't been easy but step by step it goes further but I'm facing some issues 1st - When adding the USA to be a playable league, I don't know what happen but sometimes it shows "Only MLS...." other time show only "NCAA and top leagues" and other times show both options, the last showing both options is the correct. Don't know why not showing at all the NCAA option or showing just it happens 2nd - After manager creation I'm able to choose the team but only the MLS ones, after I put as unemployed I'm able to candidate to the teams from NCAA 3rd - This is more to see if I'm doing it right or wrong. So I created a NCAA league and defined it as main competition, added the conferneces (24) as sub competition and created the stages for NCAA (for now a league with the 24 for champions from each conference) Added the conference, defined the stages and the champion to go to the NCAA but this last part doesn't happen. Also when playing, even if the dates are equal to all the conferences some are annual others are bi-annual. Other thing is that I can't see the champion history winners. Every conference (not all because some are just league) are League + Cup (bracket) how can I define that the cup winner is the conference champion and not the league winner? Basically all the teams are defined as teams in Conference
  7. You need to defined the index of game rules, game discipline and last stage to the one that you create in the stage/competition that you also created
  8. Is there any manual for the editor? Anyone that is compiling what every option does? Because it's hard and some errors are not explicit.
  9. I also have the same issue and I don't have any info in what you prot651 said to remove
  10. Hi, I'm trying to add a new competition to USA but I'm facing an issue when testing the competition "No support found for "more than" team selection rule "u21_homegrown_players_0_21_from_nation_in_11" What kind of error is this? Already tried to add those rule with 0 and selected the competition but still with error
  11. Hi, I've some doubts regarding editor 1. I would like to create a new european competition which the eliminated teams from Europe League goes to the new competition in some qualifying round, do I need to recreate the Europe League? 2. When setup how many teams per ranked country will be in the competition is it possible, and how, to specify that a country will not be in the competition? For example, every top 10 countries except German teams 3. Is it possible, and how, to define that teams that were in 5th position in their league will qualify for the new competition? Or 6th positioned tams in 1-5 ranked leagues. 4. Is it possible, and how, to say that a draw in one specific round (example 3rd qualifying) the teams in pot 1 will be the top teams winners from previous round instead being by ranked of all teams?
  12. The fantasy draft mode in 18 - to add for offline - would be nice to export our manager of save game, with stats and prefered tactic, to add to AI Manager. Also some kind of co-op mode, where we can play with our friend in the same team like manager and assistant coach. Or Carrer mode to play as assistant manager in begin that limitate our task in team and try to grew up until being a manager. But talking about FM 17, some are nice and other (some simple) are the obvious adding features that could be there from the beggining but to don't put everything at the same time, add few every year. Keep up the good work
  13. I'll bump this for a reason. I'm playing Football Manager 2016 already in 2029 season in MLS with DC United. I puted 4 players in the injury list for the 6 game rules. It was in February and they are already fit for a long long tme. I thought I can't re-register the player in the league because of the windows transfer but i'm in July with windows transfer open and they still with the DL6 icon and fir with 100% without any injury. How it works? I didn't received any message to remove them from the link
  14. First of all thanks to both of you One more question about it, is it possible to set relegated teams to go to exactly one-division because of the region instead of being random? And also if I set min promotion places to 0 and Max to 2, if no one in league 3 isn't relegated it will not be promoted? I mean, the Portuguese league is something like this League 1 Legue 2 League 3 League 3.1 League 3.2 League 3.3 League 3.4 League 3.5 League 3.6 League 4 League 4.1 league 4.2 .... and so on For example the team in league 4.1 only goes to the league 3 if someone from league 3.5 is relegated after the playoff I set the league 4.1 to league 3.5 and in league 3 i set a relegated playoff between all those 3.X leagues and in league 4.1 I set promotions to min 0 and max 2 and in league 3 playoff if someone from 3.5 relegated the 4.1 will take is place Thanks a lot guys, but it was easy to me to add the NASL in 2015 than do this
  15. But it was when i changed to the Advanced rules it appeared the alternative years to the leagues If I have this order League 1 League 2 League 3 League 4 - Legue 4.1 League 4.2 In League 4.1 and 4.2 I set the promotion to the League 3? Or to the League 4?
  16. If someone can help me just to check what i'm doing wrong, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35176482/Portugal%20Distritais_4B911F34-B851-401B-B348-4AFDE3300755.fmf Thanks
  17. I changed to advanced rules, A quick question that i don't know why it doesn't work. I added the sub-division and set the order for the nation leagues but when I go to FM i can't play that league. Inactive is unchecked. What's the problem?
  18. Is there any easy way to export own team player's attributes and theirs stats? Optionaly, calendar and league stats. If doesn't exists, is it possible to read the saved game and export informaion (like FMRTe)? Is there any wiki that explain how to do it? I'm a developer and if nothing exists, if it's possible i want to do it to helping me taking my decisions while i'm out of office Thanks
  19. If a league is set to have sub-division, when i go to the sub-division menu to add the leagues it keeps adding Jupiler Pro League. Where can i search for another division? And i need someone to explain me how can i do this, In the case that a 3rd division have north and south, I create a league with sub division and add then create north and south divisions and add it to the 3rd divsion, is it right? Thanks
  20. Hy, i was skipping days with a save with a custom database and after ~5 months had two errors, don't know if it is caused by the save, the db or the game.
  21. Mine two suggestions meets the same suggestion many people have, - New layout, more modern and attractive just like FM - DB editor - Isn't possible to add some property to set initial year? Would be fun if we can import multiple database and each one with different start dates.
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