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  1. sorry to say but I bet you edited those transfers into the swedish team, no way those players with that reputation will play in that league. therefore the results arent just the tactic, its the quality of the players
  2. A feature I have seen in a very old version of FIFA Manager, dont remember when, but it was a long time ago. When putting players on the pitch that dont play that often and then press quick pick they mostly get replaced by assistent managers` best pick. But I want him to only select players for the unlocked positions, so a suggestion for a lock next to a players position will lock him and keep him there untill i unlock the position again. Hope you understand what i mean, if not reply and i will try to draw something in Photoshop or something.
  3. haha this is so familiair hate / love relationship with this game
  4. a team that got lucky in CL group stage :-D FC Utrecht
  5. i just lost 0 - 7 at dortmunt... D line seems way too high for my squad getting crushed in counter
  6. Going to try the TIME 4231... Bought a few good players for this setup so sticking with it this season
  7. Playing FC Utrecht in dutch league. 4231 p107 Champion in 2nd season and now 3rd season im struggling AM does everything, training speeches, no OI
  8. hey knap i have issues scoring... a lot of chances but no clear cut chances and often losing by 1 goal while having 28 chances / 10 on goal. Opponent has just 3 or something... Any tips? Also the striker isn't very productive in my game... is it in yours?
  9. lol, we should test tactics for two years, seconds season is rubbish so far xD. lost 0-5 celtic in CL playoffs, could've been even more 2nd season syndrome still excists! didn't even sold or bought many players, weird stuff edit; Still get FM'ed sometimes xD translated the first two bars for those who dont understand dutch: Shots On target
  10. The giraffin tweak is working wonders. Champion first season with FC Utrecht - no transfers lost just twice
  11. I agree, link 3 works wonders on 19.2 Solid defense, 20 chances for my team just 2 for the other is not unusual. Not many CCC's but still...
  12. The amount of cards is insane tbh. 8 yellows per match is not unusual Everything else is perfect. Switching between narrow and wide once in a while. Champions and national cup winner first year with FC Utrecht in NL, no transfers.
  13. In the editor you load the database, press Rules -> Use Advanced Rules -> Search for the country where the competition is you want to edit -> Open up the competition and select "competition" which pops up after you open the arrow of the competition name -> Scroll down in the window that comes up until you see this: "Index Match Rules", remember that number. Go back to the left part of the editor, Open the COUNTRY -> MATCH RULES -> Press Rule # you just remembered -> Edit the things you want in or out and save it as editor file. Load it in game and you're good to go! Hope this clears up a bit, don't have much time to make new ones so this would help, I hope.
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