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  1. had a world class midfielder from fiji on fm08 iirc, ended up getting a goal a game for the national side from the DM position
  2. The interface is terrible so I don't bother, much preferred the previous analysis screen. This shilling for prozone is very questionable.
  3. To be honest I've had trouble getting my strikers to score regardless of tactic since the last hotfix.
  4. It is almost impossible to score (especially for my strikers), constantly conceding goals from rebounds after corners/throw ins and more or less 100% block rate for my players shots in the AI's box. Numerous tactics and player roles have been tried producing the same effect all with complete fluid familiarity too (so don't bring that up, shills). If anyone has figured out how I can exploit the ME too at least, I'd be interested in knowing.
  5. They need to tweak a lot, strikers can't score at all since the hotfix. Seriously thinking about just abandoning the game, there's been incompetent early releases before but this year is embarassing.
  6. I only have England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy loaded and I find the game can go slow sometimes. I might just load every league to see what happens.
  7. Anyone found a way to defend against the buggy corners or is the game just broken until march again
  8. You go through seasons fast. What's the trophy count at?
  9. It's gotten worse. These aren't even minor injuries either, pretty much every week a player is out for 3-5 weeks at best. Still the SI shills say it's WAD, guess it just means FMRTE is once again a required purchase.
  10. I don't understand why that's even part of the game, honestly. Who would find that fun?
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