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  1. How can I create a working world league structure, please? Is there a guide or tutorial available?
  2. Thank you Uncle_Sam. I've unfortunately never played your files before but will do so this year as they have received great praise in the past. I'll look forward to a loooong save. Cheers
  3. You can use GNU Image Manipulation Program (https://www.gimp.org/) You can open PSD files with this and there are plenty of tutorials on youtube too.
  4. Hi there, Just wondering if there was a 3D kit template and / or tutorial for making them for FM2020, please? michaelmurrayuk created a tutorial for FM2018. Here's the link for it: Does anybody know if there's anything like this available for FM2020, please? Thanking the community in advance. Cheers
  5. @nine_iron. Thanks for the info. I've watched your videos but could you point out the site of your written guides, please? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Timo, Thank you very much for doing Thailand but can you let me know how to download your file, please? Cheers and happy new year.
  7. Hi Timo61, Thank you for your hard work but could you do Thaïlande, please? Cheers
  8. Hi there, Is there a tutorial for creating adboards and banners, preferably for FM20 please? Failing that, is there a pack to download and install for FM20, please? Thanking you in advance
  9. I have never had much luck when I tried merging edito files as it seemed to create issues in the game, I don't do it anymore.
  10. To be fair, I haven't noticed any slow down on either the editor or the game itself on my Imac since installing Catalina. As Wolf_pd said it could be a memory problem that kevgaleuk is experiencing.
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