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  1. Thanks for the reply Darth Rob. I thought it wasn't possible. Any ideas when the update is out?
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to update all players contract and all loans by one year in the editor? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanking the community in advance.
  3. This looks really interesting! I've tried to create something like that for a long time but failed miserably every time. Looking forward to trying your file. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Thanks for your quick answer krlenjushka but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I followed your instructions but when I start a game managing Barcelona (A team), I cannot get players registered with the newly created club, only the U19's.
  5. Hi there, Is it possible with the editor to recreate the real relationship that Spanish and Portuguese A and B teams have? As you know, FC Barcelona, for example, have the A team playing in la Liga BBVA (1st tier) and the B team playing in Liga Adelante (2nd tier). FC Barcelona sometimes 'borrows' players from its B team to play cup matches and 'less important' league matches. I was wondering if this can be recreated in the editor. I have tried to add a B team to FC Barcelona but that didn't work as in-game there is no option to 'move' players from the B squad to the A squad. I've downloaded a xml file from fmsite (a spanish site) but it's riddled with bugs, I was wondering if anybody could show how to recreate FC Barcelona, please? Thanking the community in advance
  6. Yes GuitarMan, I'm using an edited database (I think it might be a db with the Hero Indian Super League created). How would I go about 'repairing' it, any ideas, please?
  7. Hi there, Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong section but when the game launches (after choosing countries and leagues) I get the following message: Warning: Fixture rules is using same squad selection value as a different fixture rules. Any help to correct this error would be greatly appreciated. Thanking the community in advance.
  8. An excellent idea! I would really like to have some sort of guide regarding the advanced editor.
  9. I have created a simple competition in the editor (it's an annual match between the league winners of Morocco and Gibraltar). In the editor, everything seems okay but when I load a game it gives me the following error: 'Gib-Maroc Cup requires a minimum of 2 teams, found 0' I would really appreciate if somebody could help me to correct this, please. Thank you in advance
  10. Ditto, would love this file if possible please, kingrobbo. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. Any chance you could point the download link to the 'srki' club world champions cup, please?
  12. Hi there, First of all, apologies as I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm sorry I haven't been able to find info on this. Can someone please post me to a guide on how to create a new competition, I'm trying to create a Mediterranean Cup which would involve teams from 3 different confederations, please? Could someone also please let me know how to reactivate an extinct cup (eg The Copa Interamericana), do you just untick 'is extinct' in the editor? Thanking the community in advance.
  13. Thank you claassen. Could you please give a download link for the edited french database made by volunteers in France, please?
  14. Cheers kingrobbo.
  15. In the editor, under Database, navigate to 'People' and click on it. Now on the screen on the right, in the pull down menu in 'Add' you can now create a new player. Hope this helps.