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  1. I my game (FA Cup Qualifying round ) the score was 2-2 after extra time and I won on Penalties 4-3 . However the pkm save game shows me scoring 6 goals in open play with my target man scoring 5 times whereas in reality he scored 2 times in 120 mins and once from the penalty spot. Can you advise why the pkm file show a 6-2 scoreline in my favour , all goals coming in open play. The file may be corrupted - I cannot view the goals for some reason. DavidR Alfreton v Morpeth.pkm
  2. Just had 8 of my first team players turn invisible during 2nd half of friendly against my 2nd Xi . Began about 15 minutes from time after I had made my last substitution ( included placing a defender out of position at right back )
  3. Excellent skin but I have a major problem with the Tactics screen which renders this skin unplayable. If you click on the left double arrows to change a tactic all information on the tactics screen disappears except for the main title bars and the information cannot be retrieved The screen appears locked with nothing showing. DavidR
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