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  1. Can we no longer import Shortlists, or is this an option that's moved somewhere else? Edit: Ok, found it.
  2. Is it still the case that you have to manually add up the goalkeeper's goals each season, as there's no way to show it on his career summary page? They changed that maybe 10 years ago and it really annoyed me.
  3. @sn00gle - so long as I don't get sacked, I'll let you know! So, there's a 4 month winter break in Russia...? Not a great surprise, I suppose. I'm sat 15th, one place above the relegation zone. Played 27 games, 23 goals scored, 20 conceded, 32 points (2 points above the dropzone). If we can get some strikers in the youth intake, we'll be unstoppable. I feel like I'm treading water waiting for my first youth intake!
  4. Right, I'm in. I've toyed with this sort of challenge for a while and have finally taken the plunge... I have unfinished business in Russia from maybe 4 years ago in a network game with, I think, Spartak Moscow. Of the newly promoted clubs, I chose... Luch Energia Vladivostok Why? Because of their location, more or less the most remote major city in Russia. Vladivostok is further east than the majority of China, all of North Korea and South Korea. It's only just short of being as far west as Adelaide! Nobody will fancy coming to us if we ever manage to make it into Europe. Whilst I type
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