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  1. Can we no longer import Shortlists, or is this an option that's moved somewhere else? Edit: Ok, found it.
  2. I'd agree with the polecat, this is the best for quite a long time. This is almost as good as the late 2000s versions.
  3. Has nobody else downloaded this? Having decided not to buy FM17 I caved in today and have started a journeyman save landing at Weston Super Mare. Currently we're 8 games in, 6 wins and 2 draws, I've totally dominated every game despite being roughly the 3rd/4th worst team in the league.
  4. This is a tactic upload/download forum, why are people allowed to post threads without an upload/download link?
  5. 1. Is there a way to stop teams being described as "X Football Club" in the match commentary? It's like having Brendan Rodgers commentate on all of the games. 2. If we're now deducting the cost of releasing players from the transfer budget (weird change, but whatever), can you at least have the option to flex the transfer budget to free up enough funds, rather than have the release automatically fail? The same function exists when there's not enough transfer funds to deal with an incoming transfer, so it seems to be an oversight to not have it there when you're releasing players. It's a real pain to have it fail, then have to go back and manually flex the transfer budget, then release him again.
  6. Is that right? I always thought that even if you retrain a player to be a RB, even if he reaches Natural at that position, he'd eventually degrade once you stopped training him as a RB (even if he spends 20 years playing there).
  7. Yay!!! I specifically searched this thread to see what tactic you're using, glad you've moved away from the striker-filled dark side.
  8. I'm surprised there's only been one other response to this thread. That means there are a heck of a lot of people missing out on a great tactic. My team are playing some lovely stuff. When I buy some proper inside forwards in the summer, I can't imagine how good my side will be.
  9. Good luck! I share your sentiments with FM15 (certainly at the lower levels).
  10. Hello! Funnily enough, I checked back to this thread after seeing the strikerless one in the download section. It does feel weird seeing you playing with strikers...
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