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  1. Does this have attribute masking on? Cheers.
  2. Is there anyone that could make me a kit of the old Wimbledon?
  3. Started my Salford save yesterday. Havnt signed many, Gary Twigg and Will Hoskins up top. The talked about Redshaw was injured for 4 months pre season, so needed re-inforcments. Played 4 won 4 so far!
  4. I have become Southampton manager 2nd season. 1st must have been bad for them, as they were relegated! Im now about 8 points clear after 13 games. Alot of changes needed with unhappy players, but made some good changes and good profit!
  5. Does anyone have their save they would like to share so others could have a go? Like a tycoon takeover or a giant relegated first season, maybe your greatest team?
  6. Started first season unemployed to see what developed, and nothing so skipped to the end of the season to find Forest have been relegated! So took the job. Have let alot of players contracts run down. Luckily not too many have moaned about wanting to leave. Fingers crossed no one come in for Clough and Cummings as i think they'll boss league 1 Will take some pictures of my dealings later, alot of frees! Surprised that i have over 100k in wage budget left though, but considering the board limit that to 10k per player, may be harder to get the better players. Still decent for league 1 though.
  7. Just started as pool. Dealings so far
  8. Haha no worries! Only when you get a spare min!
  9. Maybe league 2 or below. Really dont mind as you are putting the work in! Maybe Wycombe?
  10. Same as you, prefere a ingame one. Can i request no attibute masking? The Falkirk one has it and it kinda ruins it for me!
  11. Anything lower than championship i guess. But anything would be appreciated!
  12. Lower league in England would be great 👍
  13. Anyone else have a tycoon take over? Was Man city boss first season, come the end of the season get the message that Hull have had atycoon take over so i applied n got the job. Start off with £53 mill and 900k wage budget. Not bad!
  14. I find it more un-realistic that scotland qualify all the time. They are too **** for that!
  15. You can edit reputation in the editor but it dosnt do anything in the game!
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