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  1. Thing is, those possession statisitcs absolutely do not happen in real life - teams that don't want the ball, tend not to get it. Absolutely huge issue with the ME in both FM19 and FM20 is the ease and margin by which overtly defensive teams win the possession battle. Badly needs rectifying for FM21 if it's to be in any way a better product than what we have now.
  2. Latest update seems to have introduced a couple (more) incredibly promising Uruguayans: Facundo Pellestri - think he was good pre-update but now looks a wonderkid-in-waiting: Manuel Ugarte - outstanding young midfield all-rounder
  3. Think it's more that the football looks like it's from the 1990s. If the aim was to produce an engine that faithfully replicates Martin O'Neil football, they've done an outstanding job; if it was to simulate anything approaching modern, technical football, it's a disaster.
  4. This thread is exposing the forum's tories, isn't it? Defer to authority, stay in your lane, lick boot - better to fail with the boss' vision than succeed with your own, eh? This is definitely a strange sacking and as suggested above, one to be raised as a bug for SI to investigate.
  5. He has indeed had a boost; was good previously but is now *very* good.
  6. Neither am I but surely someone at SI can answer 'have all researchers submitted their attribute data for the first winter update or are some being held back until the 2nd update as the transfer window in their nation remains open?'
  7. Regardless of the date, any ideas what the make-up of the release will be? Will there be attribute changes for some leagues as well as transfer updates?
  8. Couple of post-update talents... Edvard Tagseth - former Liverpool midfielder will need to work on his strength but otherwise looks very promising. Tobias Gulliksen - biggest talent to emerge at Stromsgodset since Odegaard...
  9. Few I've noticed since the data update... Filip Stevanovic - love this kid; insanely developed at 16, 2 footed, cheap, versatile and huge potential. A must. Strahinja Pavlovic - a member of FM's most frustrating club: highly-rated as soon as signed by a bigger club. Valentin Antov - been a while since Bulgaria had much of note in FM but this kid looks to have the potential to become a very well-rounded defender. Becir Omeragic - Another very promising young centre back Marlon Torres - little older but decent pick-up for mid-sized leagues; should have good resale value. Gerald Tavara - technically outstanding but a little lightweight and workshy but seems to have the potential to develop weak areas. Andi Zeqiri - wanted by a host of top clubs at game start, presumably indicative of high potential.
  10. 16 y/o Filip Stevanovic of Partizan Belgrade looks absolutely unreal. Teammate Strahinja Pavlovic too but sadly, he's been signed by Monaco and loaned back. Every chance he's playing at close to his potential but anyone who likes a big centre forward to hold up the ball and bring others into play should seriously consider Dinamo Zagreb's Bruno Petkovic; born to fulfil the 'good touch for a big man' cliché. Elsewhere, teenage CSKA Sofia centre back Valentin Antov looks promising, though maybe not for those who like to play a high line.
  11. Thanks - have corrected the spelling mistake in my initial post. Also worth bearing in mind that Lovric's natural fitness is random so possible to get far luckier than in your screenshot.
  12. For the bargain hunters, like the look of the below: Marko Djira (aggressive, versatile holding mid/inverted left back with good physicals) Kristijan Lovric (physical, goalscoring inside forward) Gerald Tavara (languid South American creator with a wonderful left foot) Gianfranco Chavez (quick if lightweight Peruvian centre back with ball playing potential) Ravil Tagir (16 y/old Kazakh-born Turk playing in his country's second tier. Huge potential as a classy, left-sided centre back)
  13. Absolute great find, that but another to enjoy before the winter patch - he's signed for a Turkish club recently.
  14. Found my defence was a bit leaky with him in the side...
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