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  1. Agree entirely with the above post and feel that there's a massive disconnect between the way that incredibly savvy users like Rashidi approach FM and how others do. To explain this a little, i'm not at all convinced that there are many users out there who treat each individual game as a code to be deciphered and tailor their approach game-to-game. What's more, I don't think that this should be necessary either; you should not have to be FM's answer to Alan Turing to be successful against most teams; as IRL, most teams are simply not that good (indeed, many are obviously flawed) and lack the discipline/concentration/nous to defend as resolutely and compactly as the AI in FM currently does. I've been playing in the lower leagues and am finding that even teams at this level are hugely proficient in shutting games down. I'm really not taking aim at Rashidi as he inputs a huge amount of time into helping those encountering issues but most simply do not have his analytical brain and (in my case), wouldn't want to approach FM in such a reactive way. Setting up a balanced tactic and ensuring that you have the players with the right spread of attributes to fulfil it should be enough to break down most teams without having to abandon your core philosophy as soon as you have success as the AI responds in becoming so appallingly negative. Players usually have a set way that they want to play their teams to play and are not minded to switch it up and go more direct in order to get around the ludicrously high instances of ultra negative tactics they're encountering; of course, chucking crosses into a target man or shooting on sight could yield results but personally, i'm not going to do that as (in most cases) I shouldn't have to and I hate that style of football. There are examples of teams doing this IRL (Pep's Bayern vs Dortmund, for example) but largely, technical teams will remain patient and trust that the opposition will lose vitality, focus etc and eventually succumb. This doesn't really happen in the current ME, or at least, not often enough - teams are content to offer absolutely nothing in an attacking sense, safely insulated by the engine's lack of forward movement ensuring that they're able to hold-out for a series of stultifying bore-draws. Tweaking your approach is obviously fundamental to success but would we not expect that there are a sizeable cohort of games each season in which the most technically accomplished, balanced sides should win playing their 'natural' game/formation? Has FM really moved away from this or is it just that issues with movement/central play coupled with a very negative AI approach in this ME are offering this impression?
  2. Whilst attributes may not have 'no effect' in-game, from my experience it seems true that creative passing/dribbling happen with significantly lower frequencies than they have on previous iterations of FM. As such, it does appear that the more creative technical attributes carry less weight than they have (ever?) done which is obviously going to cause a level of dissatisfaction. Conversely (and perhaps linked to the above?), it seems that tackle success rates are very high regardless of players' individual attributes whilst the ability to shoot from range/free kicks seems overpowered.
  3. Yeah, i'd love this too. Anybody with the skills to advise, please do!
  4. fidelitywars

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    Yeah, that's fair enough but I just think that of all the striker roles, the PF is the one chosen if you're after something other than goals/assists. For me, it's a role given to a grafter to 'do a job' and if they score 10-12 goals per season, that's a bonus. Largely agree with the breakdown of expectations in your previous post but still uneasy with the PF, even on attack, being an attacking spearhead. Personally, maybe in future it's a role to perhaps be limited only to defend or support duty?
  5. Haven't had huge opportunity to play the 19.2 engine owing to the miseries of moving house but from what i've seen, there are a lot of long range goals going in now. It almost seems that technical midfielders' CA is reflected more in their ability to score goals owing to the engine's difficulties in enabling them to be creative passers. There also seems to be a lot of space around 15-20 yards from goal for on-rushing midfielders to shoot, which I suppose inevitably leads to a lot of goals from this corridor of space. Defences being so deep and narrow whilst forwards' limited movement sees them pretty much stuck to this defensive line seems to be causing this space to appear. Presumably a knock-on of this deep block and poor movement is the complete lack of through ball goals; i've not had a single one (for or against) in 19.2 yet from around a dozen games (though I did score with 2 overhead kicks in my first 2 pre-season games). Does anybody else also think that players seem too keen to cross the ball? I'm seeing huge numbers despite playing inverted full-backs and trying to limit them; it seems that wide players are far more likely to cross than they are to dribble or attempt to link play with any sort of one-two/creative movement. Regardless, it would be remiss not to mention that IMO, ME19.2 is definitely far better than the retail version and moving in the right direction. A little more tweaking, particularly in the areas mentioned above and we could see something hugely enjoyable.
  6. fidelitywars

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    I'm unsure how much of a goal threat the PF should be, TBH. Assume this is a role modelled on players like Okazaki/Yussuf Poulsen sort of players? Not especially technical but mobile, hardworking, aggressive with pretty low goal returns. I'd expect ferocious workrate off the ball but wouldn't really think that they'd be spearheading attacks. This sort of player is more of a supporting striker in a 2 striker system, right? I'd expect them to be positioned deeper. On the ball i'd expect...not that much TBH - wouldn't expect them to link play anything like as well as a complete forward/false 9 or offer the goal-threat of the more typical 'number 9' roles. The role is to be a pest more than anything; talented/rounded strikers should be used in different roles IMO. This is a very specific, pretty limited role for fairly defensive, counter-attacking styles IMO - I wouldn't expect Luis Suarez/Diego Costa types to be employed as PFs despite their aggression/workrate, would expect they're more complete forwards. Maybe i've got it totally wrong but that's my reading of what the role should do?
  7. fidelitywars

    Editor Messege

    Yeah, I get these messages too but the editor still loads the DB without issue. Weirdly, i've lost the scroll-bar on the 'Database Changes' screen so I've only got visibility of a fraction of my changes. I always 'play' with the game/editor on windowed view, if that helps.
  8. Very early first impressions are that it's certainly moving in the right direction; as some have mentioned, there's still a dearth of through balls from the playmaker roles but i've noticed a real improvement in terms of other expressive play - 'flair' players seem to express themselves more; my better technical players are using dribbling more and i've even seen a striker chip the 'keeper when one-on-one. I mean, admittedly, it was my 'keeper that was chipped but still, nice to see!
  9. fidelitywars

    Lack of central through balls

    Hugely disappointing; appreciate all of the feedback that you're providing on these boards - hopefully helps SI's ongoing work in tuning the ME.
  10. fidelitywars

    Lack of central through balls

    Disappointing to hear that this seemingly remains an issue. Not suggesting that this is the solution at all....but have you tried a playmaker role in the midfield band? Is the passing behaviour more creative if the player assigned a playmaking role picks the ball up in a deeper position?
  11. No problem - hope that Kogut is available and fits your needs; at game's start, he's 22 and has 13 or above for aggression, determination, workrate, bravery, finishing, off the ball, composure, teamwork, pace, natural fitness, jumping, stamina & strength. Good to hear that the club's youngsters are developing well. How is Buletsa looking? He's a player I really like IRL; a clever playmaker with good technique but strangely, is yet to make his senior debut for Dynamo despite approaching his 20th birthday. Was linked with Fenerbahce over the summer after his performances for Ukraine's u19s. One i'll be looking to give minutes to whenever possible.
  12. Having read through this thread and this, alongside my pretty keen interest in the region's football, have convinced me to also start a save with Dynamo Kyiv. Always find that imposing certain limitations/stipulations creates a far more immersive and enjoyable FM experience so i'll be aiming to develop the existing players from the club's academy, as well as (hopefully) making use of the game's youth intake. For transfer activity, I will seek to sign either domestic players or those from the former Soviet Union, as the Dynamo sides I remember as a kid did with the likes of Bialkevich/Khatskevich/Shatskikh/Kaladze/Demetradze/Verpakovskis complementing the Shevchenko/Rebrov/Vaschuk/Holovko/Shovkovskyi spine. I will occasionally augment this with the odd player from other eastern European nations, again as Dynamo did with the likes of Ninkovic/Cernat/Leko and continue to do so with Verbic/Kadar/Pivaric. In terms of transfer targets, as mentioned above, the loan capture of Zinchenko would be a huge coup so i'll pursuing that deal, as well as looking at other talented young players fitting my brief such as Giorgi Arabidze, (perhaps ambitiously) Giorgi Chakvetadze, Roberts Veips and once his loan spell is over, Andrey Lunin. Any opportunity for Bayern Munich-style assertions of superiority in upsetting domestic rivals Shakhtar in snaring any of Kovalenko, Danchenko, Ordets or Rakitskiy will also be explored! There's also the question of whether I employ the editor to make Shakhtar's Mykhailo 'Ukrainian Neymar' Mudryk a high potential, long-term target; FM is yet to capture his potential but the 17 year-old recently debuted for the first team (exceptionally rare for a domestic attacking player) and he looks a huge talent. All the club's South Americans will be immediately transfer listed and i'll go about developing the club's talented crop of first team youngsters, with Tsygankov the obvious pearl but Shaparenko and Shepelev also to feature regularly. Having watched the Ukrainian u-19s last summer, i'll also aim to integrate 3 players that impressed me during that tournament - Supryaga, Tsitaishvili and Buletsa. All 3 seem to have decent potential in FM with a few impressive hard-coded attributes but many random ones so i'll be hoping to be fortunate with their spread. In all honesty, Supryaga's high physical attributes harm his all-round game as the tariff on those stats ensures all his random stats are all too low for him to ever really be useful in FM - shame as he's arguably the biggest striking talent to emerge in Ukraine since Shevchenko... Tactically, a possession-based 4-3-3 is pretty much my default style but personally, find that the current ME build militates against this. As such, a hard-pressing, hard-running 4-2-3-1 as outlined here is perhaps a better option, especially as Dynamo's squad seems particularly suited to it. Long-term, a fluid, highly-technical front 3 of Arabidze, Chakvetadze and Tsygankov is the dream but initially, a more orthodox striker (Besedin) will be needed. Anyway, I'll post updates as things develop...
  13. Really enjoyable thread, this. As you're managing in Ukraine and the reading the importance of the pressing forward role to your tactic, thought it may be worth mentioning that Dnipro-1's young attacking midfielder Igor Kogut looks to have the combination of good potential and the attribute spread to be successfully retrained into a decent back-up(/maybe even successor?) to Besedin. Doesn't have the acceleration but otherwise, looks to have a good foundation to be moulded for the role.
  14. fidelitywars

    Lack of dribbles(1v1 situation)

    Screenshot in the above.
  15. fidelitywars

    Lack of dribbles(1v1 situation)

    Doubt that this post will get much attention as it is but there does certainly seem to be a problem with tackle success rate and number of completed dribbles; there is a thread I commented on in the tactics forum showing a screenshot where pretty much their entire team (regardless of position and attributes) had a tackle success rate between 90% and 100%. That's surely massively, massively out of line with reality?