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  1. Suspect Vieira may have looked this good pre-patch but still, what a prospect. Seems that a a few at Porto have had boosts, biggest beneficiary seemingly manager's son and 'Portuguese Messi' Francisco Conceicao:
  2. Not sure about Offord but don't remember Crewe teammate Ryan Wintle looking this good pre-patch:
  3. Pablo Torre from Racing Santander looks incredible for his age, 2 footed as well. Has a £5m release fee on my save but with Santander is Spain's 3rd tier, may be available for less: Also like the look of Gragera - from Gijon in Spain's second tier: ....and this kid has been rated for a couple of years now but was he this good before?! Obviously, will be hard to sign but looks incredible for his age. Few from Dinamo seem to have been given little boosts - Lovro Majer now has a little more industry to go with his technical skills:
  4. Anyone else noticed a (hugely annoying) 'instant reply' issue since the update? My team scoring now just seems to be an invitation for the opposition to equalise with their next attack. Driving me mad.
  5. Few for those in the lower leagues: Really excited with this one - those 19s for determination and flair are hard-coded: Very much a 'luxury' player but someone whose dead-ball ability and passing could really set him apart at a certain level - scored a hat-trick of free-kicks IRL not so long ago: Another whose athleticism will cap his ceiling but a very solid technician: Bit more well-rounded and like Kallsberg, perhaps having the potential to be more than a lower league star.
  6. Few more worthy of mention... Start with the 2 extremes in goalkeeper; Aslan is a giant with excellent ball-playing skills but a little weak mentally (though brave a lion, obvs): And at the other end of the spectrum, Ronning is dominant and a fine traditional 'keeper but a bit lacking with the ball at his feet: Teammate Okumu looks a decent defender too: And a couple of wildcards, Iranian winger Ghaedi has excellent flair, dribbling and balance but perhaps isn't the most reliable when possession is lost... Similar, if more extreme, story for lon
  7. My 2 saves so far have been with Bologna and Brighton; had Orsolini for the former and Marcus Edwards for the latter. Both were outstanding in the IW(a) role; sold Orsolini for £60m to PSG following a 25 goal season in Serie A but of the 2, definitely prefer Edwards. He's outstanding - scores, creates and holds his own goal of the season contest. No praise is too high and a steal at £12m.
  8. Hi all, Seems that we've entered an age in which players are being offered first team opportunities whilst still incredibly young; appreciate that child protection laws then prevent these players from appearing in-game but is anyone aware of an add-on that can be downloaded to add these players to the DB? In particular, i'm referring to players like Mallorca's Luka Romero, who scored for the first team at the weekend; Dortmund's Youssoufa Moukoko, who recently became the Bundesliga's youngest debutant as well as players like Lechia Gdansk's Kacper Urbanski and Chertanovo Moscow's Ser
  9. Spoiler alert but not seen a player in a 'smaller' league with a fixed PA as high as this kid for years. Real classy defender and a must-buy for any club who can afford him, IMO.
  10. Very interesting prospect - attributes aren't random (SS from March first season) and available at low cost from what seems to be an academy side in Morocco. Checked on Youtube and he does indeed seem a fine prospect IRL:
  11. Haha - yeah, i'm not suggesting making him ludicrously good, just a bit of an increase to reflect the huge strides he's made over the past couple of international breaks - nothing seems to phase him at all. Didn't realise that he had random mental attributes - makes sense as like you say, he's still inexperienced. Great to hear he could be line for an upgrade in the patch - like I say, think he deserves it! Thanks! oh and Ugarte looks class - well worth keeping an eye out for him
  12. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Great to see he has high potential; richly deserved. Personally, think that anyone starting for a national team that are flying high in COMNEBOL qualifiers and playing well is operating at a level above 115CA; think it's telling that he doesn't make the national team selections at the start of the game whereas IRL, he's surely now an automatic starter for years to come. In terms of attributes, I think most could do with an uplift - appreciate that he's only 18 at game's start so that would put him in 'wonderkid' territory but is that not exactly what
  13. Think he probably has decent potential (perhaps -8?) but think that the current ability and attributes for Moises Caicedo of IDV in Ecuador need a boost. The kid is starting and starring for his country aged only 19; looks to be hugely complete and arguably the best young midfielder in South America, which he certainly isn't in-game.
  14. Yeah, I have - no response as yet and amazed that nobody else has mentioned it, tbh. Tackling is massively overpowered and dribbling massively underpowered, IMO - possibly balanced to an extent by passing being a little too accurate - i'm seeing strikers with 100% pass accuracy in games - surely that should never happen? Lack of dribbling to open teams up makes games like Burnley at home an absolute bore-draw guarantee - any side that plays 2 DMs and a cautious/defensive mentality are incredibly difficult to break down regardless of their quality.
  15. Is anyone else noticing that dribbling is lacking in the ME, especially through the middle of the pitch? My creative midfielders, all pretty good technically, are averaging around 0.2 dribbles per game and even my wide players are only just above 1.0 whilst my striker (Neal Maupay, a decent if not spectacular technician) hasn't completed a dribble all season. Linked to this, 25 players in the Premier League have 100% tackle success rate. Finding that passing, movement, decision making is so much smoother and better than in FM20 but this lack of flair seems to make it easy for negative teams to
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