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  1. Looks hugely interesting; will certainly give this a go. Any chance somebody who's been using this set-up could post their assist types, please? Are people seeing through-balls/passing move goals or is there still a reliance on crossing?
  2. Minor in the scheme of things but anybody else noticing that the ‘recommended current ability’ field in the pre-game editor no longer calculates correctly; it just seems to mirror whatever is set for current ability or strangely, just set a value of current ability -1.
  3. And a few hot prospects: Guiagon especially looks a find; stats are not random and he's still playing in his native Ivory Coast. Hlozek looks unreal for a 15 year-old too (IRL he's starting games for Sparta at 16).
  4. Few who seem to have been awarded decent boosts in the winter update:
  5. Yeah, feel exactly like this. Previously, have always enjoyed FM, even if there are always a few ME aspects that frustrated a little, they never broke the immersion to anything like the extent the current engine does.
  6. Had the chance to play a little more today and have to agree with those mentioning the lack of goals; it's a major problem in my save. Long shots and set pieces remain the only real source of goals; the engine seems to almost entirely lack the tools to allow for any creativity/through balls and on the rare occasions that chances are created (in my games, a CCC occurs roughly once every 3 games), finishing from inside the area is atrocious. The only players who ever seem to perform 'well' in terms of average ratings are full-backs, set-piece takers and central midfielders if they've scored from 25 yards. It just seems a joyless, stultifying, repetitive experience with nothing to recommend it, unfortunately. I did think that the ME update from a week or so ago offered a little more in terms of general play, albeit with little of that directly resulting in goals but feels like another backwards step now. At least there's a DB update to look forward to soon.
  7. Or he’s taking corners... On a serious note, there’s no more obvious indictment of the ME than seeing the most potent attacking weapon the database can handle posting such dismal numbers. If the engine can’t allow a player with such an extreme combination of technical and mental gifts to flourish, the entire purpose of the game is lost.
  8. Small sample size (couple of in-game months) but this is my experience thus far. I’m seeing far fewer attempts hit the target and accordingly, far fewer goals.
  9. First impressions are that general play seems a little more creative but shooting accuracy and goalscoring have dropped by around half. Variety of goals remains a massive issue; still massively, massively skewed towards set pieces and long shots. Early days but a little concerned that the improvement, although noticeable, is pretty minimal.
  10. Great! Would be a nice bonus if possible. Thanks for the prompt response!
  11. Will any public beta release include winter database updates or is the purpose of the beta purely for testing coding updates? Thanks!
  12. @akkm - this is the finest summary of the game's current position i've read on these forums. Here's to hoping that SI can reduce these issues before the FM20 cycle...
  13. Brilliantly articulated; completely agree with this. Results have never been the issue; it's about a style and an interest in producing football that you'd expect the technically-gifted players in my team to be capable of. Instead, FM19 is an exercise in repetition - facing opponents often entirely uninterested in any form of progressive play and waiting for penalties/set-pieces/long shots to win you the game. It's the same game every time owing to a lack of interplay/dribbling/creativity/through-balls and that's just intensely, numbingly boring and offers no enjoyment whatsoever. The most frustrating aspect of all of this is that when facing teams who do offer a little adventure (a vanishingly small sample size), it does appear possible to play nice football and score impressive goals but this only ever appears to happen when counter-attacking; players just don't seem interested in even trying to play through a set defence (an issue massively exacerbated by poor forward movement).
  14. Agree entirely with the above post and feel that there's a massive disconnect between the way that incredibly savvy users like Rashidi approach FM and how others do. To explain this a little, i'm not at all convinced that there are many users out there who treat each individual game as a code to be deciphered and tailor their approach game-to-game. What's more, I don't think that this should be necessary either; you should not have to be FM's answer to Alan Turing to be successful against most teams; as IRL, most teams are simply not that good (indeed, many are obviously flawed) and lack the discipline/concentration/nous to defend as resolutely and compactly as the AI in FM currently does. I've been playing in the lower leagues and am finding that even teams at this level are hugely proficient in shutting games down. I'm really not taking aim at Rashidi as he inputs a huge amount of time into helping those encountering issues but most simply do not have his analytical brain and (in my case), wouldn't want to approach FM in such a reactive way. Setting up a balanced tactic and ensuring that you have the players with the right spread of attributes to fulfil it should be enough to break down most teams without having to abandon your core philosophy as soon as you have success as the AI responds in becoming so appallingly negative. Players usually have a set way that they want to play their teams to play and are not minded to switch it up and go more direct in order to get around the ludicrously high instances of ultra negative tactics they're encountering; of course, chucking crosses into a target man or shooting on sight could yield results but personally, i'm not going to do that as (in most cases) I shouldn't have to and I hate that style of football. There are examples of teams doing this IRL (Pep's Bayern vs Dortmund, for example) but largely, technical teams will remain patient and trust that the opposition will lose vitality, focus etc and eventually succumb. This doesn't really happen in the current ME, or at least, not often enough - teams are content to offer absolutely nothing in an attacking sense, safely insulated by the engine's lack of forward movement ensuring that they're able to hold-out for a series of stultifying bore-draws. Tweaking your approach is obviously fundamental to success but would we not expect that there are a sizeable cohort of games each season in which the most technically accomplished, balanced sides should win playing their 'natural' game/formation? Has FM really moved away from this or is it just that issues with movement/central play coupled with a very negative AI approach in this ME are offering this impression?
  15. Exactly how I feel. Pretty much just waiting hopefully for the next public beta update now; have played CM/FM since CM3 and this is the first version i've completely downed tools with. I find that my teams win but by means entirely opposed to those by which i've set them to up to do so and as such, it all just seems so hollow and joyless. Real shame as everything outside of the ME is astonishing good. Weird one - I don't regret buying it but as it is currently, can't play it.
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