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  1. Thanks for the help, it was the skin. Just switched back to the basic ones and it works now. Thanks guys.
  2. OK I REALLY don't understand. Hitting F10 brings up the screen below. It's more of 'next opposition' than a fixture list, the same thing happens when I select schedule.
  3. I just started a new FM19 game with Wrexham and for the life of me I can't seem to see a old list list of fixtures coming up. I took a break from FM19 a few months ago, did they update something. There used to be a fixture list broken down by month. Now when I hit the schedule button it just shows my next opposition. Am I having a brain fart here or something?
  4. Started a new game with Nottingham Forest using Stormcaller V14 and it's working wonders. Lots of amazing performances, beat Spurs over two legs in the league cup semis, and top of the league.
  5. Does anyone have any tips on how to convince players/teams to leave and join your club. I normally scout players and it's kinda annoying to see how many clubs arn't interested in selling their players. Are there any dark arts for having players put in transfer requests, forcing clubs to sell etc. Also is there a way to lower a clubs transfer fee demands. For example if they want 10m, is there anyway over time to get that figure down?
  6. Honestly I know it's not the done thing but I use the editor precisely to see what's going on under the hood. I find a lot of FM so intentionally vague without it.
  7. Is anyone else having a issue with developing players wanting new contracts multiple times a season. I have had at least 5 players in one season ask for new contracts, even though they were just given new contracts a few months ago. I've given new contracts to the same players multiple times in a season and they STILL want another. My players are developing and getting better so I assume that has something to do with it (their CA rising and that being linked to their expected contract needs)
  8. FYI this tactic is working very well for me with my 1860 Munich side. They are a average side with a sprinkling of good players, but this tactic is getting goals and results for them.
  9. I noticed the mentality is set to balanced, is this how it should be for all games or do you adapt based on the opposition?
  10. That's a LOT of leagues. Do you guys run all those leagues at once? That's way too much for me lol. Has anyone managed to take a team from the bottom all the way to the premiership?
  11. I'm trying to wrap my head around this, what exactly is a lvl 22 database? Is that 22 levels below the premiership? Does anyone know what teams are involved at the very bottom, i'm curious. I fancy a low level league, maybe a few levels below the conference but 22 levels sounds totally insane. What kind of accuracy in terms of players/structure are we talking here at the lowest level?
  12. Do these tactics work with lesser teams at all? With all due respect here, Liverpool have an amazing side in FM19. I have tried the 442 Volante with lesser teams and just never seem to create more than 1 chance per game. I don't know if it's super reliant on having the exact perfect players or if it's something I do but chance creation seems insanely low.
  13. I agree with that completely. He must be on close to 150k-200k a week, that's a hell of a lot of money to be paying someone who isn't allowed to play due to his own craziness. In saying that I hope we keep him, unless Barca offer Sanchez and a boat load of money we should just accept his faults. The dude is dynamite on the pitch, if we kept him for the next three/four seasons we would almost guarantee to be competing for champions league spot each season.
  14. Nah I think people should stop picking on my beloved Liverpool who can do no wrong in my eyes, and there should be some sort of apology made to Suarez, maybe in the form of a national day of celebration or something
  15. Maybe I am, maybe I need to goto bed after a twelve hour shift. I'd be the first to admit that Liverpool have a few of the rose tinted crowd, but in all the majority seem to be pretty normal football fans. So yeah when I see posts eluding to 'victim mentality, typical deluded Liverpool fans' it does kind of get my back up.
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