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  1. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    If you dont already know fmelc has stopped due to me getting a new job and being too busy to continue with it now, thanks to all the reliable members we had and if I can sort things out then maybe back for fm13, shame as had lots of fun and many mail me in the past few days so if you dont get a reply im not ignorant . Will keep in contact and will still practice on fm from time to time
  2. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    So its been a while since the last time i reported so heres a bumper report to let you all know how the mighty Worcester have been getting on. As normal its been a very slow start to now the 7th season with us losing a few of the opening games and finding ourselves as low as 15th to start with but with the players starting to gel once more the wins were coming thick and fast and despite an early League Cup exit things have started to go our way of late. In the previous season we ended highly in 7th position just missing out on the playoffs so anything better than that is good this time round and with the 7 month long injury of Mooney happening I do wonder where we could of ended up if he hadnt picked up such serious injuries. Still with a few players now in the squad starting to shine it was time to bring a few experienced players into the mix...heres our Transfers so far As you can see we can now afford to splash out a little on the odd player and despite Plaza coming from a poor as **** Rochdale team by his stats and only being 18 years old you wouldnt of thought so. Unfourtunately due to Routledge playing **** and needing to cut the wage budget he has since been released from the club already. So with the finances slowly creeping into the red im really hoping this could be our season just for money saving purposes if nothing else....the good things is mooney and Kacanklic were both offered new deals which come last season I didnt think was going to happen.....Worcester live on. Now onto our results so far this season as you will see its been up and down but now we are in full swing and showing everyone what were about, most notibaly an away win against Sadiq which very rarely happens....too be fair it was his assistant but hes usually better. Our luck seems to have changed but with us now beating the better sides and losing against the not so good sides it makes this season even more unpredictable then ever and now with Lee flying the nest and getting offered a job with reading it just leaves me and Sadiq to battle it out now.....still nice to have comapny. So the aims for the moment is too keep the momentum going, get wages down and hopefully get some money from the FA cup when we get entered into it as its our only hope....either that or flog some of the ****** players that are no longer needed. If all that happens then the next report we may be closing in on the title....not going to get too carried away its only a dream for now. Here is the latest league one table to leave you all with
  3. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Emailed everyone about an extra session let me know asap if want one , also a report to follow when i know who ive signed for the season ahead....another one in league one hopefully we can improve on our 7th place finish.....we will see
  4. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    So its been a little while since the last report mainly due to problems with the site etc etc and lots of drinking to be done , so where are we now and whats happened???? Well after the 5th season coming to a close we managed to finish in a respectable 9th position at the end. Currently we are on course for the playoffs in the 6th season however we are only halfway through nearly at the moment wont want a repeat of last season. It was all going too well last season with us winning game after game then we hit a slump right at the end where despite the team morale being very good we was failing to convert our chances and even kick a ball on the pitch, As usual some players needed to be offloaded to improve us for the season ahead and a few new faces were brought in, but despite usually changing the squad fully I decided to only replace half of them and keep with the same goalkeeper as I had faith in him despite him being Irish. Irish seeemed the way forward with mooney already playing for us and our keeper so i decided to bring 2 Irish centre backs in aswell, the best performer so far out the newcomers has to be Joe McKee but injuries have halted his progress as of late. So we ended last session thrashing Walsall in the JPT 6-1 then thrashing Exeter 6-0 away in the 1st round of the FA Cup however we crashed out early in the league cup. Our league form was good as we went on an 8 game unbeaten run despite a shakey start but has dipped since with us currently lying 3rd in the table 3 points behind 2nd which is not where we want to be right now. In the JPT we face Sadiq's Guiseley again will it be a repeat of last season or the opposite??? i dont mind really its just good to play another player as we are all on our tod in League one. We need to pick our form up and if we do next sunday session things will start to look cemented and we will know where we are heading. A more detailed report to come with our transfers, results etc but for now thats a roundup of the mighty Worcester City.
  5. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Good reports guys need to sort mine out, so you all know our old website is back now http://fmelclan.x10.mx/joomla/ i will be making changes so this dont happen again...season data will be put on and news from now will be game updates aswell as site...good luck tonights session
  6. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Hi guys just to let you all know our new website is http://fmelc.x10.mx/wp/ there is also a link in our skype chat anyway...its currently being worked on so not all data is on yet and although it says you can register and the apply to join form is there and appears to work the mailing part is not working at the moment so dont use them , could be due to free hosting. Catch you all Sunday session remember no Wednesday session this week however can arrange a Tuesday or Thursday session instead if all can make it. Cheers Lee
  7. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Just to let all members know in advance we wont have a session on wednesday 18th July due to it being my girlfriends birthday however an extra session can be arranged if all members are happy to do so, also working on getting new site up soon.....report on end of season 5 to follow soon , catch you all Sunday. Still looking for an 8th member to join us just private message me on here for now if interested....must be reliable and commited no time wasters cheers Lee.
  8. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Alrite guys may need to log on to Skype tonight for the session as sites down.....says resource limit hit which is a load of bull so hoping up soon , catch u all shortly will give you details andy when ur on
  9. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    So after last time we were still in contention for a promotion spot come the end of the season if we was to keep our form up and despite a loss at the start and grabbing a few too many draws for my liking we kept pressing teams and a few victories came aswell to pretty much keep us in the same spot we ended in. With one final to look forward to and the possibilities of an FA Cup 4th round if we beat Oxford the players were tired but making great progress once again. My only concern at the moment is that we are not as prolific as we have been but then again the teams in this division are of much better quality than of the previous seasons.....and no mol. Still our new strikers were playing well and although they may not score too many they are setting goals up for many others....especially Mooney who has been a rock since signing him and is valued at a whopping 550k......not bad for a Worcester side who 4 seasons ago were in the Conference North and staying in it for the season after. I surely wouldnt of expected 3 promotions in a row though but no time to look back the only way is forward now and if next season we are playing Championship football then Worcester will be for sure on the Football map. As you will see we really havent lost many games but as mentioned the draws are a little worrying and hopefully we will address them with lots and lots more wins. A great win against top of the table Swindon and with the next game being Tranmere I really thought we were going to end last nights session top but after dominating the first half not giving Tranmere a sniff of goal the 2nd half was shocking as we switched off, 2 goal man Needham came off injured and Mooney decided it would be fun to get sent off right on 90 minutes. Without the likes of mooney for so many games and still without a right back until our new one comes in January due to injuries its going to be a tough next couple of games but if the last 3 seasons are anything to go by my team have the potential to go up providing Grant stays happy with his contract this time round. The only other game we played worth mentioning was the one against Sadiqs Guiseley which was a tight affair however we beat our demons and won against Sadiqs team for the first time in the clan.....hopefully the start of many times. Heres how the table stands so far: There you have it Worcester are still a team to be reckoned with and im still happy....for now until next report goodbye!!!
  10. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    As from Sunday guys we will have our 7th member Andrew Banny joining us and taking Bury Town in the conf north be sure to welcome him all , Still looking for an 8th member only apply through our clan website or private message me on here. Cheers Lee see you all then
  11. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    So whats happened since last season? well were up another league now in the heights of League One and it looks like were once again standing our ground and performing very well.....so far as we sit a nice 3rd in the table with the Championship in our site....for now. With wins coming against many clubs with triple our ****** stadium capacity and a few sellouts I was more than happy with how things have gone. There has been a few losses and a couple more draws than we have been used to the last couple of seasons but overall with just a few changes to the squad they have paid off. No cup runs as of yet for this season as we already crashed out of the League Cup this time to a very strong Blackburn side. However despite scraping through twice on penalties in the JPT we are still in it and with our first player vs player game in ages to come against Sadiqs high flying league two Guiseley club. Transfer wise although we managed to sign experienced Cassano he has yet to prove his worth to the team as our new right winger Hazley and the strength of the new defenders continue to impress game after game. Since the last 2 games though with the arrival of a new striker who looks very promising im hoping will sort our lack of goals out as since selling Mol for 500k we have not been finishing as many of our chances....its good that hes now doing crap at his new club....shame. So heres our fixtures so far how the results have gone: Despite a bad loss against Morecombe we have since gone on a good run of form and im hoping the wins continue to flow in tonight....still theres no easy games in any league but with another title in sight surely not again???? I was hoping for a mid table finish at the best and really thought we would struggle this season but it hasnt been the case...now I just want to win everything!!!!!! (not in a bigheaded way though lol). Here is the current league table as it stands as I still wait for other player managers to join me...... Hopefully Moussa Younes is a new Mol and can push us into 1st with our first game against Forest tonight and maybe just maybe I can claim my first ever victory against Sadiqs Guiseley when we meet in the cup. For now its another happy report its been some time since we have been playing very bad but im sure all this sucess cant continue forever. Over and out Lee 'the I eat like a whale' Owens
  12. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    So another season ended and Lee Owens brings Worcester city more sucess despite being the favourites to go straight back down at the start of the season.....like thats mattered before. We ended in 3rd despite being in 1st from the 9th game of the season right until the end.....the reason for our decline?????? Mol With mol hitting form and looking like he would finish the leagues top scorer come the end it was that time where he was to become greedy and request a new contract which we just couldnt afford and with Mol being loved by all the Worcester players (in more ways than one) it meant the whole teams morale would drop and we would start playing like a non league outfit. Luckily we had our goal difference on our side and as you will see from our results posted below we managed 1 win inbetween our horrible run which was just enough....its just a shame it happened late and there wasnt alot that could be done about it, even tried arranging friendlies against minor clubs and with winning that our morale got worse....strange eh???. So here is the end of season table for League Two....... A 3rd consecutive promotion as you can see but I think it will end here as if my club doesnt give me the funds i need for next season could well see a couple of our best players mainly Mol and Grant doing a disappearing act and moving to more well established clubs to better their careers. So very happy with the outcome and if we can stay in League one in the coming season that will be just enough....any more is even better. The run up to the end of the season was so shocking its not worth reporting on but heres how the results went..... With our high scoring and some fixtures against some of the worser sides in the division the title really was ours for the taking but this slip up cost us dearly, we failed to enter double digits in goals over the last 9 or so games and if our keeper wasnt on top form in a couple of the games we may of missed out and ended in the playoffs......and with the morale the team had we wouldnt of won them thats for sure. For now we can relax and with only one player joining us but many more wanting to its the wage budget that will make or break us next season..... Good luck to Sadiq in the playoffs tonight and Graham also in the playoffs and the FA trophy final hoping it ends well for u both. Over and out Lee, catch you all tonights session usual times.
  13. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Just to let all know James Clements is now out the clan due to him getting a promotion and his working shifts changing, so therefore we are looking for 2 members still to join us....please apply through our website or send me a message, not in this thread cheers. Catch you all shortly
  14. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Is been another interesting season and its getting closer to the end. With my Worcester side currently in 1st and have been since the 9th game of the season could I do the impossible and get a 3d consecutive promotion??? Lots of players have been overperforming but most noticably Mol has been finding the back of the net yet again!!!!!! currently leading the scorers with 31 goals. The player the legend himself >>>> A few more have been brought in to boost the squad and with some young talent coming through the ranks it may be what saves us. Too many players are expecting to be paid millions and we just cant afford it but with another promotion will it give us the funds we need???? I bloody well hope so. Away from the league we have knocked a few teams out the cups which i didnt expect to and we reached the semis of the Johnstones paints trophy.....just couldnt go that one step further. Many many wins and good performances have put us where we are and here is our results from last week and including last nights session.....were currently on a 17 game unbeaten run....go Worcester woop!!!! 18 points clear in the auto promotion places at the moment also things are looking peachy and as were 29 games in by the end of this weeks session we may be able to believe just that little bit more. Heres the current League Two table as it stands. So with a session tonight im hoping for much of the same as what weve done all season and keep the winning up, there was a few game slump where we drew a few last night but we did pick up and with a proper rest inbetween games now and very little injuries if we do end up going up it will be a full team effort!!!!! good job boys keep the good work up. Until the next report thats it, lets hope were starting our victory parade early next time.
  15. FMELClan Official report thread 2012

    Site be updated tonight after session will stay up longer , hope ya all had good weekend catch ya later game will be up a little earlier than usual. Feeling much better now I dunno if mol on drugs would be allowed here either hehe.