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  1. One of my players seems to have become unregistered from my premier league squad following signing a new contract ( I think) He was injured so I didn't notice at first (and don't have a save from before). I can upload my current save if you want. Screen shots attached.
  2. CrashOverride

    Title Race News Article Cant Count

    Ahh I’ll look tomorrow Glenn but not sure I have one from before. Oddly it did the same the year before 2 but I didn’t notice until I saw this one and checked something I tweeted
  3. CrashOverride

    Title Race News Article Cant Count

    It seems this is showing 5 games left when I have 6 to play still. Save uploaded to FTP. Crashoverride_titlerace
  4. Hi David, Sorry didnt get a notification. Its uploaded to FTP as crashoverride_brexit
  5. Well Brexit has hit and it looks like its a hard one. Anyway I can live with that. But I cannot read the work permit rule titles in the news article at all. I have been playing since beta and this is the first time I have seen an article I can't read..
  6. CrashOverride

    "1st booking of the season"

    Yeah I have been seeing this alot too.
  7. I have a somewhat of an odd issue... I have been running with Steam on Windows 10 since release on two different laptops. Recently I upgraded my new laptop to the latest build 1511 of Win10. Now when I launch either from steam or via the desktop shortcut the game hangs with the windows icon spinning until I press ctrl alt del and then go back into the game it starts loading fine. Its workable but rather annoying and I cannot be the only one suffering here?
  8. Yeah both full backs on support and a Ball Winning Midfielder on support and you should be fine. When I playing a Rad my other winger is support as well
  9. Its not year after year. I'm normally out the leuage cup in the 3rd round
  10. Has anyone got about 8 seasons in yet? Im in 2021 now and there are plans afoot for a new stadium! This started about 2 years after the expansion of anfield finished. I'm not complaining but I find it a bit random that so soon after expansion a new build is coming. I have done quite well recently with great success in competions. For those asking about Sterling I have been using him as winger on the left or a radmanteur on the right and he's been outstanding for seasons. One of 4 players left from the original squad along with Sinclair, Henderson and Rossiter now. Oh and Origi too who has been fantastic for seasons now!
  11. CrashOverride

    Stupid Manager Appointments

    2018 Roy Hodgson left England. Step forward Rafa Benitez........
  12. Im a fair few seasons in now and been a on a great run of competitions finding myself with the World Club Championship Winners, League Cup Winners, FA Cup and Champions leauge Semi Finalists meaning lots of EPL fixtures have been moved again and again. I've now realised I have 4 EPL fixtures in the last week of the season and 3 in 5 days. Has anyone else had this issue when progressing in multiple competions? There werent any cup replays eitehr thankfully. I just have to hope my squad stays fit as I'm still fighting for Champions League qualification as it stands. I cant remember any club in real life having such a congested fixture list
  13. Initial impression is Mac performance is much improved on processing particularly on match days, much less beach ball however feels like a game is taking longer to load. Feels like 10-15 longer once the bar is all the way across. But I've never timed it to compare!
  14. CrashOverride

    Jumping Through Hoops

    Really enjoying this still Mikey. Hope you continue on the same lines
  15. CrashOverride

    sounds you remember from computer games

    "Your base is under attack"