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  1. You know its funny I have never noticed this before. Makes me want to install FM18 again and see if I'm just really blind.
  2. You can make a 4th sub in extra time of some cup competitions
  3. Last Game of the premier league is still broken. 2 3PM kick offs finishing before the 4pm games start. Save was started in Beta if that makes any difference? Save uploaded from just before the matches kick off
  4. Yeah I’ve had this a few times and would love to know if it’s a bug. i can’t imagine in a real game thst a club would be blocked from sending the 4th sub on at start of extra time
  5. Did these players not get homegrown status as part of the Brexit rules? Sure I have seen that before.
  6. Is this not the 2022 wolrd cup in Qatar which will be in Nov and Dec. Probably close to what will actually happen in the premier league too.
  7. @Freddie Sands that’s great! Now how about the long standing one that’s been in for years where you end up with 4 games on the last week of season I also posted.
  8. So not only are the 3pm Kick offs finishing before the 4pm games start.... Chelsea have a game on Wednesday. Nice to see AI give itself a good gap between games when I had 4 in 7 days.
  9. Years we've been suffering this fixture congestion in the premier league if you compete in multiple competitions really this doesn't happen to this degree in real life for any club.... Would really like to see this sorted one year. 6 Fixtures in 2 weeks an 4 on the final week of a season is just absurd
  10. Actually happened to Markus Babbel while at Liverpool https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markus_Babbel
  11. @Freddie Sands just in case you missed the 2nd post. The times is visual only the matches all played at same time
  12. Thanks @Pete Sottrel going to be interesting to see what happens in my existing save as his contract also runs out in 2021 so we will end up with a transfer fee for a player who's contract is up. but then his new club wont have him for long before contract expires. Ah well Ill have a spare keeper for a season!
  13. Did anyone reply to this as I came to say the same thing! I know there were more clauses in the deal about when it became permenant too
  14. Turns out the matches are played at same time still it’s showing wrong on this screen
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