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  1. We cannot get performance from the game this way. A problem for 2 months and it has not been solved ..
  2. Here is crash dumps @jimmy wong FM 2020 v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.21 18.33.58).dmp GPU_info v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.21 18.33.58).gpudmp
  3. Here is dxdiag. Game need to be update im not only one getting this error DxDiag.txt
  4. Crashing at the launch. I've already done these. The problem arose after the game and driver update. @Kyle Brown
  5. There is a problem with the update...
  6. I am having the same problems, there is no problem with other games. There was no problem before the update came. Nvdia driver 456.38
  7. In throught dates,sometimes in matches No i don't use any other apps just football manager
  8. Sometimes laggy,sometimes smooth, too many stuck in the interface btw i can play high settings fifa 20,wither 3 DxDiag.txt
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