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  1. When in scout assignments and the scouts priority assignments you can chose to add hidden values to the sheet.
  2. Why dont you ”roam from position” on the IWs? Will roam from position help with the possession game?
  3. Whats you’re experiance of having two CMsu with move into channels? (ex 5-4-1 wb tactic)
  4. Is the over/underlap only for wb running outsider/inside? Or does it work for AML/R on su with attacking wb? Meaning wb Waits for AML/r running.
  5. Request about supporters helping with collecting money (crowdfounding?) when times is hard, Reffrence (in this case the supporters finaly came up with 100 00 euro)
  6. The Numbers is about telling What the defensive shape the team is using.
  7. on youre ”out of possetion”- screen put the pressning slider to the middle. The klick on youre offensive players (for example) and change pressning from ”standard” to ”more”.
  8. No, didt change the pi’s for the cm. I like the f9 role When flanked by IWat. Then the f9 works as a ”offensive thirdman”. Who comes from deep, recieves pass from libero, then pass it back to Cm who then puts a offensive pass to the IWs whos Running in behind. (sorry for bad english).
  9. I play with the same formation. But with, F9, 2 IW and 2 CMs (hold position, more risk, tackle harder more pressing and stay wide). The CMs's like a hybrid of Carrilero and a CM. Since youre post ive tried to play with a Libero. Works nice, good recycles. My TI is: Mentality Positive, Overlaps (right, left) Work ball in to box. Narrow width, dribble less, shorter passing, low crosses, Regroup (and no counter). Distribute to WB, CB, Narrow Defesive Width, DL standard (with offside trap), and higher LOE (have split press on the three offensive player
  10. I use the same tactic (5-2-3). I Use a false 9 to support the midfielders and to get more out of the wingers. The Mezzala i quite offensive an like to go out on the wing, maby you sould try a DLPs (on your Mezzala role) and a CM-d (on your DPL role) It works good for me.
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