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  1. I somehow missed both Football Manager and International Football Manager on the Spectrum. Football management games I remember playing back all those years ago are: Football Director, good but I seem to remember it crashed whenever you hit space or break. A combination board game and computer game. I can't remember what it was called, but looking online it could be Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. Tracksuit Manager but I don't remember much about it The Double. I loved this game and wrote to the company that made it with a load of suggestions for the sequel if there was one. They never replied and I don't think there was ever a sequel. I also remember playing Premier Manager, but looking online it was never released on the spectrum, so this must have been later on on a different computer. Plus a load of little rubbish ones which I don't remember.
  2. One thing worth remembering is that the 80% v 100% figures are not the whole story. There are a load of other things to consider to get realistic injuries and while I hope that they change their minds and implement 100% injury rates they also need to think about issues including the following: Does the definition of injured in the game match the definition of injured in the stats? For example, https://www.premierinjuries.com/injury-table.php use potential return dates. Is this the same in FM, or do they count as uninjured as soon as they're back in full training, even if their fitness isn't high enough to start a game and they need time in reserves? I don't know the stats source FM use but unless the definition matches exactly they may need to adjust the rate. Has FM got a realistic match injury to training injury ratio. I've felt in the past that there were too many in game injuries and too few training injuries. If this is the case then even though overall injuries could be too low, injuries to first choice players could be too high. This would make injury rates seem higher than they are. For in game injuries are they distributed realistically amongst positions? I'm sure that wingers get injured more than centre backs both in the game and in real life, but how closely do they match real life? If you keep getting injuries to players in the same position then this will frustrate players. Are injury lengths realistic? You frequently hear about players missing a real life game due to a knock in training during the week, or being ill, and then being back for the next match. This happens in the game but only rarely. I'd like to see more short injuries in the game. All the above is based on my subjective and probably wrong opinion. SI have collected the stats and I haven't so they are much more likely to have it right than me. I'm just pointing out that total number of injuries is just a small part of the story.
  3. The main thing I want is for no tactic, in particular the preset tactics, to be significantly better across the board than others. Picking a tactic should be about it being sensible, suitable for your squad, and suitable for the opposition. One of the reasons I didn't buy FM19 after playing the demo is that when playing as Palace building a sensible 4-5-1 counter attacking style as my main tactic I finished in 16th. When I played again with 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress changing nothing and not touching the tactics during the game I finished in 6th place, still in all cups, and being above Man City. I tried again and again massively overachieved.
  4. On starting a new demo game, I click on training, then rest and the game crashes. After the first time I tried again and the same thing happened. Then I cleared preferences and cache, verified files in steam, updated my GPU driver, restarted my PC and tried again. Same thing. My crash dump is attached to this message. My latest save is uploaded to the cloud as Palace.fm FM 2019 Demo v19.1.1.1159559 (2018.11.03 09.41.12).dmp
  5. Also look at your tactics. If you are telling them to put lots of tackles in you'll get more cards.
  6. I once read many versions ago (but I suspect it's still true) that playing out of position gives a penalty to Positioning and Decisions. Positioning is primarily a defensive attribute and I think Decisions is mainly used for choosing a pass. Therefore it would make sense if defenders and playmakers were more affected by being played out of position than attacking players.
  7. Should this include a data update? My demo is reporting the version as 15.3.0 610636 (m.e v1555) but the January transfers aren't there.
  8. Good to have a Palace thread. Don't think there was one last year. A few minor errors to correct 1. In your description of Joel Ward you call him Danny 2. James McArthur not McCarthur 3. Fraizer Campbell not Frazier 4. Zeke Fryers not Friers 5. Jonny Williams not Wiiliams Also, you include Kevin Doyle in the screenshot but don't write a description for him. Other players you might consider including are Adlene Guedioura who is useful cover for both CM and RM and Jerome Thomas who is useful cover at all wide M and AM positions.
  9. That's a very misleading image. All the periods shown are ten minutes long except the last one which is longer. It should have a row for 81-90, then another row for 91+, stating the average amount of time that row covers. Either that or show goals scored per minute, taking into account how big each period actually is. I suspect the 41-50 period is also artificially high as extra time before half time is always counted as 45.
  10. Good work. I've taken a look at the Crystal Palace data and I think there are a few things that need changing. Coach Gerry Francis has left - http://www.cpfc.co.uk/news/article/francis-moves-on-1883783.aspx Andy Johnson is a player-coach not just a player. From the official site "I have also invited him to get involved with coaching our strikers and I am pleased to say he has accepted" from BBC Sport "I have also been given an opportunity to help the youngsters in a coaching capacity, something I am really looking forward to getting involved in." So it looks like he is either a coach or a youth coach. Under the responsibilities tab Tony Pulis and Iain Moody still have responsibilities set. No idea whether this matters.
  11. I suspect it's one of a few things: - Your players have low ratings in the Pressure hidden attribute. - You play a high tempo pressing game and this leads to tired players, especially if you don't rotate much. - Your team talks and press conferences are leading to overconfidence and a drop in form. Then they don't help you get out of it. - Your good form and league position is causing a rise in reputation meaning opponents change their tactics against you.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Turned out to be one of those weird unrealistic situations you often get in the game. What happened was: Player continues refusing to start talks even though he's playing around half my games and has both me and the club as favourites. Contract ends and he leaves. I attempt to sign him and he is happy to talk with me. I negotiate him down from his demands and he signs. I think it was less than a week between him leaving and re-signing. Also, my fans now are reserving judgement on whether he is a good signing until he has played a few games for us (despite watching him all last season).
  13. I had a player (Tom Ince) who I wanted to play as ML but he was only competent there. Through training and playing him there I've managed to get him to natural. A few questions: If I take him off new position training but keep playing him there will he drop to accomplished? If I take him off new position training but he doesn't play for a while (e.g. injured or between seasons) will he drop to accomplished? If I keep him on new position training but he doesn't play for a while will he drop to accomplished? If I keep training and playing here will he get to a point where he is automatically taken off new position training and stays natural permanently?
  14. I've got an 18 year old player whose contract runs out at the end of the season. He doesn't want to negotiate a new contract ("My client isn't currently interested in entering into contract negotiations with your club."). This is probably because a bigger club is interested in him - which is fair enough. However, even if he doesn't want to negotiate, I want to offer him a contract anyway. The rules are U24 players are (I think) that they can't leave on a free if you offer them a contract the same or better than the existing one. So I want to offer a good contract even though he'll reject it. Is there any way of doing this? If not it seems like a massive flaw in the negotiation system as you'll get good players leaving on a free whose fee would go to a tribunal in real life.
  15. If this is a problem then it is a problem with the CA calculations rather than the PPM itself in my opinion.
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