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  1. Yeah yeah, I'll take the plaudits for that one. Absolute bargain basement gun.
  2. Yep, just added stats in post above.
  3. Just about my greatest bargain buy in FM history: Gustavo Bou for 2m from Racing Club in my first season for Las Palmas and almost single handedly guided me to 4th spot in my first season. Played him as a false 9 with short passing and he just demolished the league.
  4. So I'm offcially half way through the season...and somehow I am 9th despite having the equal worst defensive record in the league. Things started out quite poorly, but I had had no worries finding the net. A few tactical tweaks have seen the team win 5 of the last 8. I've gone with a 4-2-3-1 so far. Aytac Sulu had started the first 6 games of the season...where he gave away 5 penalties. The worst performing defender I have ever used, no matter what tactic I used to make sure he didn't dive into tackles...he did. I just had to get rid of him, and sold him off to Al-Gharrafa for 1.2m on 16/12/16. Didn't feel right, but had to be done. Milosevic hasn't been great either, but better. Really need a left back, a center back in the winter window. So far my star man has been Roman Bezjak who has somehow managed to score 14 in 17 (equal highest in league). Vrancic has been brilliant at AMC as advanced playmaker support - chipping in with 10 direct goal scoring contributions in 17 starts. Marcel Heller and Ben Hatira has been solid on the wings, although Obinna has been a disappointment. Really expected from him - hence Heller and Ben Hatira had been starting. Only 3 points from European Qualification, that's the goal.
  5. Right, time to get this thread firing again. Had a save last year and and loads of fun, mainly because it was one hell of a challenge. This year the squad looks better, and has a bit more flair, but is still really quite a terrible team. Have just started a save and disabled transfers in the first window. It's been a fair struggle early on, but results have started picking up of late. Will post picture and updates soon.
  6. Buhle Mkhwanazi Abbubaker Mobara Sibusiso Vilakazi
  7. AMR - I've linked the picture above and including player instructions
  8. Mentioned earlier how the entire Ludogorets team is a goldmine. But finally got around to signing their star player Jonathan Cafu for my Freiburg team for 5.5m in the first season - and he has been an absolute jet. 5.5m is probably slightly pricey, but he's carried my team to a 4th position finish in the first season, which is quite the accomplishment. EDIT: Aaaaand he just gave another 2 assists in our German Cup Final victory against Koln. Beast.
  9. Joao Gois is a brilliant right back for 350k from P.Ferreira. He posses the 'Possesses Long Flat Throw' PPM which has been invaluable for my Freiburg team.
  10. Jack Rodwell - 'hidden gem'? Jack Rodwell - For Inter? Mate, come on. Not to mention his stats are truly quite terrible
  11. Andre Claro is where it's at lads. Bought him for 1.1m first season with Ingolstadt, and played him up top alone in a 4-3-3. This is what he had produced so far:
  12. Andre Claro Moussa Konate Oleg Ivanov Fabian Sambueza Nilton Ferreira Junior Sibusiso Vilakazi Keagan Dolly Abbubaker Mobara Mohammed Al-Shaibani Shir Tzedek Johan Martensson Valentin Pimentel
  13. Dimitris Christofi Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub Marcelo dos Santos Ferreira
  14. Lee Jae-Sung Hwang Ui-Jo Jason Berthomier Ferland Mendy Ali Maaloul