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  1. Juventus have options on Bentancur, Cristaldo & Cubas from Boca as part of the Tevez deal. 13072015 accordi boca eng.pdf
  2. Yes, I agree with you, his vision of 19 is a bit ridiculous. His passing is very good, and every now and then a brilliant long range ball sticks...but vision 19 is far too much. At most 16 in my opinion... this is just what I've seen in him for the past 5-6 years. His key passes per game are quite low I believe. Regarding Leadership/Carisma, I absolutely agree with 19. He is a cult hero amongst Juventini and the ultras, they look upto him, and he's very much the leader of BBC. Just because he doesn't have the captaincy means nothing, given he's always been in a team with Juventus legends (ADP, Buffon etc.). But 19 is spot on. And no, he is not slower than Barzagli. They are the both the same pace, Barzagli is a bit more nimble, hence why he looks quicker, but other than that, I think it's quite right.
  3. Yes this is correct, amongst others plays like Cubas, offical press release: 13072015 accordi boca eng.pdf
  4. awesome, thanks mate!
  5. You Sir/Madam, are a legend. Many more, if you could please: Piotr Zielinski Donnarumma Oliver Burke Vincent Janssen Manuel Locatelli Kasper Dolberg Mathew Leckie Joshua Kimmich F Kessie Hildeberto Pereira Tammy Abraham Jackson Irvine Thankyou!
  6. Hoping this is the right place to start the thread... Was wondering whether I could get a look at Gabriel Appelt, Pol Lirola, Domenico Berardi, Aaron Mooy, Mass Luongo & Tom Rogic please!
  7. Not certain about WP, never tried to sign him for an English team.
  8. Pejman Nouri people, sign him up. I think his stats have slightly gone down in the patch, but barely. He's good for at least 1 season Pre-patch attributes (I don't have a SS of him post patch) Signed him for Augsburg in my first season. This was his output.
  9. Isaac Success who in all likely hood will replace Ighalo at Watford (when he does decide to move), looks quite decent
  10. Classic, as always,every player in the EPL that has had a decent 1st half has gotten a massive boost, but players in every other league have been completely ignored.
  11. Can you please, please please make the player stats 'info' screen that come up as it were if I clicked on a player. The fact that it's in alphabetic form and not exactly the same as it would be if I clicked on the profile of a player is just driving me nuts. It's just such an unnecessary little change.
  12. Holy crap they look solid
  13. SS please!
  14. This Marcel Heller guy, is seriously impressive IRL.