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  1. My Lord, the match day experience is awful. HATE IT. HATE. Why the clutter? What feedback are you guys reading to make it so cluttered and terrible user-unfriendly?? Simplify it.
  2. Rough list so far, many familiar, some new names. Dario Tadic Mido Dario Vizinger Maxi Ullmann Dani Ramirez Luquinhas Valeriane Gvilia Wojciech Golla Dino Stiglec Jesus Jimenez Alasana Manneh Taras Romanczuk Bogdan Tiru Martin Milec Ante Vukusic Mohamed Kadfi Vladimir Weiss Zsolt Kalmar Andrija Balic Marko Divkovic Kristijan Lovric Kristijan Kahlina Jairo de Macedo da Silva Stjepan Loncar Ivan Lepinjica Robert Muric Martin Vukorepa Denis Kolinger Igor Carioca Ante Majstorovic Petar Bockaj Mile Skoric Mihael Zaper Marin Pilj
  3. Have got a list going. But 2 stand outs so far: Martin Vukorepa Dario Tadic
  4. @PortgasDiAceOP Aderinsola Eseola or Marton Eppel
  5. Here's what I found thus far, players good enough for lower 1st division and 2nd division sides. A lot of them are usual suspects from FM19 & those in bold I am particularly interested in signing and using at some stage. Ivan Sanchez Aguayo Mauricio Lemos Derik Osede Joselu Jaime Suarez Jeusas Filip Malbasic James Igbekeme Jorge Pombo Giorgi Papunashvili Rey Manaj Emanuele Giaccherini Davide Diaw Davide Adorni Simone Branca Simy Camillo Ciano Vlad Dragomir Simone Pasa Matteo Ricci Luca Mora Anthony Taugourdeau Francesco Di Mariano Luka Bogdan
  6. Jose Antonio Caro Franz Brorsson (this kid looks real impressive, not sure what his CA/PA is) Steffen Hagen Bubacarr Sanneh Ruben Dias (on loan) Pedro Pinto Babacarr Sarr Pretty minimal choices on the cheap end it seems
  7. Quite easy to find fairly cheap complete forwards in this edition.
  8. Guelor Kanga Richmond Boakye Khama Billiat
  9. Please please please fix the set-piece section. Trying to drag players into such tiny areas is infuriatingly fidgety & annoying.
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