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  1. Hello, I've installed the PC version of this from GamePass, for whatever reason my controller isnt working in game. I can use it in other gamepass games, but not on this one. Any ideas please?
  2. OK - this is how I get it working on my iPad. Delete the whole app (backup your save to Steam first of course!) Install the app, and launch the game, wait for the circles to disappear and hit the main menu. Quit the game, and close it out from RAM using multitasking. Download the tablet skins to your PC. Create a skins folder on your PC which should have all the subfolders for the skins in it (not just the single one you want). Connect your iPad to iTunes on your PC. Go to file sharing and drag and drop the whole skins folder onto the FM Touch 2020 directory. Launch the game, and go into preferences you should now see the skins there.
  3. Not sure whats wrong, but since the latest match engine patch I'm conceding goals every match from 25yards and over. It's a Lower League save so my players aren't the best, but nor are the opposition's players. I bought a new keeper but that hasn't made a difference. Any ideas? I'm using the 4-2-4 wing play formation which has a box to box midfielder and a ball winning midfielder in the middle. Starting to get very frustrating
  4. Yeah I think Charlie Fox is missing from Hampton and Richmond now https://www.hamptonfc.net/teams/110868/player/charlie-fox-2384863
  5. I have all three versions (PC, Phone and Touch on Switch) The PC version wins hands down but I don’t have that much time free to play PC games thesedays. The switch version is decent, a happy medium but I miss the customisation you get with the PC version, graphics, editor to correct names, etc. The mobile version is completely different and lacks the 3D match engine, as well as a number of other things. I think people find it easy as well relative to the other versions.
  6. I do think this needs to cost 20 quid like it does on iOS.
  7. There are quite a lot of good games on Switch you could play.
  8. Just started playing this myself, finding the user interface a little fiddly, but fine to be honest - not sure what more people could expect from a mouse-optimised game driven by controller. Agree with @felley above, some of the "hitboxes" are a bit random, and I keep clicking into screens I don't want to be in. And would love an editor - I cant cope with Zebre. I do find pressing the - key annoying, especially as I use it a lot!
  9. Yeah good point Marc. I noticed on my PC save it’s taking up 500mb on the steam cloud just for one save slot, the overwrite backup and two rolling weekly auto saves. It also takes a good few minutes to upload when I quit the game, imagine Nintendo are a bit more controlling on that front.
  10. Haven’t bought this yet. But no cloud save is a poor missing feature. The folks at Larian managed this with Divinity Original Sin 2, why not ask how they did it? Can’t be that hard.
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