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  1. Has it been sorted out after the latest update?
  2. Has the latest update solved the issue with pixels and not sharp picture during matches on android tablets?
  3. Has it been fixed after yesterday's minor update? I am afraid to update the game.
  4. It is a compatible device. You should have answered that you will try to fix it. Only this.The situation with FMT version for android tablets and the support that we get is beyond ridiculous since the game was released several years ago. Please sort the game issues out asap.
  5. Unbelievable the way, updates destroy the game. I am so disappointed because my expectations were vey high for the first time in FMT series, since the release.
  6. Bring them back asap please. If someone does not want them, there is the more streamlined FM mobile version
  7. I play on android device. Please bring back contract negotiations like FMT 20 . Otherwise, it is the best FMT version ever.
  8. What is the model of your device?
  9. Report it in FMT android bugs forum? Which device do use to play? Is it in the compatibility list?
  10. I would an answer to all the issues please. The Dugout needs a fix
  11. Thank you. In order to make the unzip do we download an app to our android device or we use our pc and connect it with it?
  12. Probably, we dont have the option to remove it. Could a mod pass this issue to devs please?
  13. I play the game on android tablet. Is there any way to finish earlier a match that I have already started to play. For example I win by 4 goals in halftime. Is there any button to simulate the game till the end ?
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