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  1. I can’t open your download, but a player doesn’t necessarily have to touch the ball to be involved in play and be offside. The most obvious example would be if player A takes a shot and player B is stood in an offside position blocking the goalkeepers line of sight. In this situation the shot could go in without player B touching the ball and he (player B) would still be correctly called offside. Could this be what happened?
  2. Long story short - I've ripped up my tactics for a new season and gone back to drawing board. Probably 25% turnover in starting 18 (first team plus subs) since last season. The tactic isn't doing what I want it to do. The players aren't making the runs or playing the passes I want to see. To what extent can I put this down to unfamiliarity? At what point do I consider wholesale changes needed? Familiarity bar probs about 55% full. Thanks
  3. Update - it works! Or at least I think it does. I've played three games (screenshots of match stats attached) and in each we looked much better as an attacking unit than we had previously. Crucially we're getting more shots on target and completing more crosses, which I always take as a positive sign of a functioning attacking unit. Ok so we actually lost the first one - but it was one of our hardest games of the season away to Leipzig, and we were arguably unlucky to lose. More importantly we had far fewer long shots, and generally looked much more cohesive - the passing network was so
  4. Thanks for all the tips, much appreciated. Answering some Qs/specific comments: @Snorks the Gegenpress set up was what was the model I initially used but have gradually moved away from it - the fact that there are still some surviving TIs I guess shows that my tactical thinking has't been very joined up. In terms of pressing I tend to press better teams and those that look to play out of the back much more aggressively and higher up the pitch, the more defensive teams I want to hold my shape and generally let them hoof the ball away. I like your suggestion of a PF(A) - Sewell though isn'
  5. Hello I have what I suspect is a not uncommon tactical problem, and despite endless fiddling have frustratingly been unable to self-diagnose and fix the issues sufficiently well to sort it out. I play as Schalke, one of the bigger teams in Germany who go into most matches as favourites playing against teams playing relatively conservatively. I attach a picture of my tactical set up. The idea is that we build up through the middle, with both centre backs reasonable on the ball and technically gifted midfielders. We play a relatively low tempo, and look to hold possession and finally for p
  6. This. I’ve even gone so far as designing an Excel spreadsheet into which I enter each players values for the necessary technical mental and physical attributes and then having a fins column with averages of those attributes to create a ‘Universality score’ - aiming to get my entire team to >14. The CBs’ off the ball and vision let me down slightly at the moment...
  7. I generally don't think there's a problem with injuries, but I was intrigued to note a LLM manager also getting two broken legs, as I got two in my first season in the National League North too. It's not so exceptional as to be anomalous on its own, but I was a little bit surprised as I don't remember ever having got two broken legs in a season before.
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