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  1. I'm trying to sign a player that has a minimum fee release clause for clubs in continental competition (I am in the Champions League). However when I match the release fee they can reject the offer. Please see attached screenshots.
  2. Ah ok, thanks. Shame although I suppose it's realistic. I'd half given up on him fulfilling his potential after the ACL to be honest...let's see if I can still get some cash for him.
  3. One of my wonderkids has just suffered a ten point drop in his determination. I got a message saying he had been "affected by off field events". His personality type has gone from resilient to spirited. Has anyone had this before? Is it likely to be permanent? He had just come back from a cruciate ligament injury.
  4. Standard "please help with my tactic" thread. I'm playing as Middlesbrough, well established in the Premier League and predicted to finish 11th this year. I've tried to implement a new tactic this year and whilst it's been sort of successful we've hit a rocky patch of form that looking at the number was always coming. This is my set up: I want my team to maintain a high press out of position and look to turn the ball over higher up the pitch - this has been relatively successful - and maintain a high defensive block using the pace and positioning of my CBs to bail me out when bal
  5. I mean - I'm not sure entirely what you're looking for but that tactic seems to be working pretty well? You've only conceded 3 goals in the league... I guess if you're talking about vulnerability from counters having both full backs playing as wing backs with a support duty on a positive mentality means if the ball gets turned over you'll be vulnerable to quick balls out to the wings? Something to bear in mind. But as I say I'm not sure there's a lot to complain about here
  6. Thanks both, asked to recommend a new player but stupidly asked him to recommend a first teamer rather than an emergency backup and he recommended some crock of **** that I still had to pay £7m for. Oh well lesson learned.
  7. I've just signed a new player who had a locked expectation that I'd sign someone to help him settle (annoyingly). My question is who should I sign? Presumably a compatriot? Or do I ask him to recommend a signing?
  8. @frukox that’s helpful thanks. But if they have the relevant traits (presumably likes to bring ball out of defence?) is that behaviour encouraged by playing them as a BPD or would they do that anyway as a CB on a higher mentality? Fully aware the answer to this is quite possibly ‘don’t know try it and see’ but interested to hear experiences of others
  9. Quick question on BPDs - my understanding of the role has always been that they weren’t suitable for a side trying to retain the ball and playing a possession based tactic, because their speciality was to try low percentage direct passes from the back to forwards, bypassing the midfield. However I’ve also heard that they’re essential for such tactics because they’re more considered and constructive in their use of possession than a normal CB....which is right? I can’t see in my saves a huge difference in key passes for BPDs nor in pass completion ratio
  10. I had an attacking corner from which I had accidentally only left one defender back outnumbered by two attackers. The ball broke and was played forward. My right back (the defensive player left) promptly charged up the field well into the oppositions half. It was not the way a football player would ever move. I have a recording but can't upload it due to size limit
  11. Thanks - problem is I've stacked my midfield with hard running aggressive types that can't actually play football terribly well . What do you mean by keep an eye on left WB?
  12. Hello Any help with my tactics appreciated - it's probably a fairly typical query but after a quick search I can't see any directly relevant results. I'm playing in League One with Grimsby, third season. Our squad is technically not the best but full of hardworking, direct, pacy players. We have what I consider a fairly typical gegenpress set up (see screen shot). It's worked very well, with a high proportion of our goals scored from counter attacks and turnovers. However as I feared teams are starting to get wise to our tactics. Especially at home they're coming and playing a
  13. I've always played Football Manager and Championship Manager and have always managed, after experimenting with my tactics and messing around a bit, to find a winning formula. However I've found this incarnation really difficult. I've just been sacked by Newcastle in my fourth season and rightfully so because I was rock bottom in November. I'd continued with my tactic which saw us be the third best team in the league in the second half of last season, but things fell apart incredibly quickly. Now I recognise that part of the issue will have been teams affording me greater respect
  14. Sorry I'm now a long way past that in this save. You can have a save from a couple of years down the line if it's any use.
  15. Look I know there's always tedious people with every version of FM that claim they've spoiled it and they've played the game since 1921 and this is a disgrace to the legacy etc etc and it's beyond tedious. BUT this game is buggy, the interface whilst glossy makes it really hard to get to the underlying data, the real . And I have played every year (well nearly every year, I got clean for a while but it's dragged me back in) since 1993. A lot of this might have been covered on here before, but I can't be bothered to go back and read a few months worth posts. Ok ok stop whining and poi
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