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  1. Everton Areas to consider Richarilson: injury prone again whereas he rarely misses games through injuries. Also Jumping and heading are below what you would expect based on recent seasons plus finishing and composure/otb seem low. Also he'll cut inside given the chance Mason Holgate: had a break out season last year seems like has been downgraded Allan: trait of doesnt dive into tackles doesn't make sense for a ball winning mid should be removed as conflicts with his role James Rodriguez: passing of 15 ...suggest 17/18 Calvert-Lewin: International stats not
  2. My feedback I like the match engine many thanks for the improvements...dislike the touchline tablet and the fact that i cant customise 2d screen to show what i would like to see.( please allow this).. The UI has some nice touches but it is messy and not user friendly and frankly a pain to navigate around Cheers
  3. HI thanks for the response looking forward to testing the rig on the game and baldurs 3...will benchmark once new rig is up and running thanks and enjoy fm
  4. Hi gents I have this on order arrives 25th ..How many leagues and players do you reckon it will load cheers CHASSIS Corsair Carbide 4000D Airflow Black Mid Tower MOTHERBOARD Intel Z490 Gaming Edition ATX CPU Intel Core i7 10700K 8 Core 16 Thread (Base-3.8GHz Boost-5.1GHz) CPU COOLER 240mm Liquid Cooler
  5. I've been a member of this forum for 15 years and don't usually say much...but read alot. I wish people would take the time to think before they post a rant. It's undeniable that the game has advanced so much in the twenty years I've been playing...( load up a previous version and see for yourself). Is the ME perfect no are there frustrations yes ..but it is always improving sometimes not as quickly as we would all like. If you cant get the answers on the forums there are so many good content creators about these days...check out Bustthenett ..the best in many peoples opinion ...plenty
  6. Hi My suggestion for a new features is the introduction of Transfer/Expectation Meeting to be conducted at the Start of season in January and at the End of the season. WHY DO WE NEED THIS ? The rationale behind this comes from watching how Marcel Brands and Marco Silva at Everton are structuring there transfer activity and strategy and how that translates into which players they buy and why they are buying them. At present in the game the D.O.F and Chief Scout roles don't reflect how clubs operate. Plus there is no effective assessment of how well you are performing in the tra
  7. Are there any issues/known problems with individual focus training. On my save many players state that the individual training they are assigned to in the additional focus "box" is no longer suitable. I appreciate that certain personalities react differently to training but this isn't the issue as problem is widespread. Overall training rating are generally high and workloads aren't a problem....Overall very much enjoying the new training system though well done to all concerned. Thanks
  8. My first impressions The Good/Excellent Scouting and player searching seems very good add realism Dynamics seems interesting and a good feature Medical centre a good addition The Bad Tactics screen to cluttered The Awful Horrendous pitch colour ....florescent eye numbing GREEN Comprehensive highlights run like key Undecided Match engine too early to say Match day experience seems disjointed and could become tedious Update: 3d graphics are the worst since 3d was introduced how can this get thru testing Stadiums h
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