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  1. I've been a member of this forum for 15 years and don't usually say much...but read alot. I wish people would take the time to think before they post a rant. It's undeniable that the game has advanced so much in the twenty years I've been playing...( load up a previous version and see for yourself). Is the ME perfect no are there frustrations yes ..but it is always improving sometimes not as quickly as we would all like. If you cant get the answers on the forums there are so many good content creators about these days...check out Bustthenett ..the best in many peoples opinion ...plenty of advice and help to be found Cheers
  2. For Everton ( my opinions) Youth Anthony Gordon : on verge of 1st team IRL regardless of PA or CA his attributes dont reflect ability Lewis Gibson : more a Centre half than a full back again looks a liitle undervalued Ellis Simms: looks like no change from fm 19 needs higher PA range Senior Richarlison : injury prone ...not sure where this comes from. Composure,jumping and finishing look the same as fm 19. player traits runs with ball down left ? Andre Gomes: shoots from distance very occasionally irl...does attempt long range passes though Calvert Lewin : Hugs line Bernard: work rate is a major part of his game I believe should be higher Don't know or care about other clubs only focus on mine Thanks for reading Cheers
  3. Hi My suggestion for a new features is the introduction of Transfer/Expectation Meeting to be conducted at the Start of season in January and at the End of the season. WHY DO WE NEED THIS ? The rationale behind this comes from watching how Marcel Brands and Marco Silva at Everton are structuring there transfer activity and strategy and how that translates into which players they buy and why they are buying them. At present in the game the D.O.F and Chief Scout roles don't reflect how clubs operate. Plus there is no effective assessment of how well you are performing in the transfer market or how your strategy/tactics and players are performing in your system. I feel more and more owners going forward will not simply gave the manager an open cheque book without a clear form of measurement of performance regardless of whether you use a D.O.F or not. HOW TO DO IT When taking over at a new club for the first time the following could happen after assessing your squad. * Agree preferred formation with D.O.F or Owner ( if the club has agreed to hire you ie start of a new save they should be prepared to back you and your system) * Suggest to D.O.F that the squad needs players for certain roles and which players aren't suitable or cant be retrained ( depending on reputation and knowledge the D.O.F should already have an extensive shortlist of players who are 100% known to him they shouldn't need scouting) eg Brands has an extensive knowledge of Holland and other countries he already knows which players in his known area/leagues would be worth pursuing to meet the clubs team strategy. ps can we stop D.O.F always offering 40% of next sale in transfer negotiation. * Agree season Expectations with your boss based on the upcoming season. Expectations could vary upon whether club/manager wants high profile signings or hot prospects to develop into first team players or saleable assets. * Inform Chief Scout of requirements for target list and general scouting duties ie discovering new talent * January review to assess season so far and whether the squad needs improving due to injury or performance issues. The club could also decide not to invest as January market is widely expected to be expensive and clubs may not want to deal{ perhaps an increased premium could be placed in the market for January. * At the end of the season your performance is then reviewed on your initial meetings with the boss. The board then decide to sack/keep/extend or state they need improvement in certain areas eg formation struggling away from home * When applying for new jobs part of the interview process could be be based around the above and whether the club is happy for you to introduce your own philosophy or whether they expect a certain style of football for eg at Everton the club has adopted the manager works for the D.O.F and if they need to change the manager the next manager will have to work to the clubs agenda as clubs can't constantly replace players. * Introducing an option to discuss with players/coaches that you are planning to change a role/position or ppms would benefit this greatly I'd imagine this would take some reworking of how club staff are structured and coded. I believe that this would add realism and more accurately reflect what the manager is required to do. I'd also imagine that this would enable more indepth tactical analysis of how players are performing in your system. Hope this is well received Thankyou
  4. Current captain is unhappy over a player sale during preseason. So when asked to select captain for season he cant be selected...so I have to choose another Captain to progress the game, I thought this issue was solved a few versions back....futhermore leads to the question why can't you talk to unhappy players...long standing gripe like the game though Cheers
  5. Are there any issues/known problems with individual focus training. On my save many players state that the individual training they are assigned to in the additional focus "box" is no longer suitable. I appreciate that certain personalities react differently to training but this isn't the issue as problem is widespread. Overall training rating are generally high and workloads aren't a problem....Overall very much enjoying the new training system though well done to all concerned. Thanks
  6. 17 in my last game for my side.........Belotti 165 in 47 games Vietto 87 in 42
  7. Dear S.I. I have to ask is this as good as it will get or can it or will it be improved during the beta process? Nothing personal but its just damn awful...in my opinion Cheers
  8. My first impressions The Good/Excellent Scouting and player searching seems very good add realism Dynamics seems interesting and a good feature Medical centre a good addition The Bad Tactics screen to cluttered The Awful Horrendous pitch colour ....florescent eye numbing GREEN Comprehensive highlights run like key Undecided Match engine too early to say Match day experience seems disjointed and could become tedious Update: 3d graphics are the worst since 3d was introduced how can this get thru testing Stadiums have no sense of realism crowds look worse than ever
  9. no sign of it one injury a year ago for three weeks ...must be random ..shame if he is in your game as I'm looking forward to his development
  10. Jan Bamert (born 9 March 1998) is a Swiss footballer who plays for Grasshopper Club Zürich. Costs £15-20m but rated 4.5 stars for my Everton side. Central Defender with plenty of potential. Has 20 determination and highly professional personality
  11. Gotta keep Stones in my view even though Holgate is rated higher by my coaches... Barkley is a must keep as well. Nice to see plenty of good young talent coming though with Ledson showing promise Galloway retrained as a Inverted Wing Back on the right showing loads of potential....Jags looks finished though in my second season and he's slower than Leon Osman now...well nearly Lewis Cook from Leeds was a star in FM 15 and looking very good again cost me £12.5m though Luis Iberico from Peru signed for £600k sent on loan to get work permit which i got after he recieved his first international cap rated better than Big Rom Anthony Archer regen could be the best I've ever had Cheers
  12. Congrats on a top quality skin my personal favourite. My only issue is that I can't find the " knowledge level " on the scout report which shows percentage of scouting report completed and what areas are still to be scouted ie injury proneness, adaptability etc..perhaps this feature isn't included...otherwise top job
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