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  1. I just want to let you know that the tactic works pretty good! I like the football, my team plays exactly how I want them to play. Before I thought that in order to play counter-attacking football with a solid defence a low mentality was a must but with your posts and threads where you gave your opinion I realized I was doing all wrong. Much thanks
  2. Thanks Tell me one last thing. In order to do what is called a "split-press", what do you suggest: Prevent GK Distribution or PI Mark Tighter in both wingers and striker ?
  3. This is my current setup. DLF-A IW-A IF-S MEZZ-S DLP-S HB-D WB-S CD-D CD-D FB-A Positive Short Passes Build from the back High tempo (I think this works but I was wondering if Normal is better) ----------- Distribuite Quickly Counter-attack Regroup (I think in some games this should be removed) -------------- Lower LOE (Again, in some games wher
  4. I will. Another thing, what roles in the midfield do you suggest ? From other posts I noticed a "pattern", a defensive minded midfielder, a holder and then a runner, but since both of my wingers cut inside what kind of midfielder (runner) can I use ? Mezzala ? CM-A ?
  5. Yeah, I know, but it's because of the attributes. The IF has 12 in crossing but 14 in finishing. I have 2 players than can play as wingers on the right side but that means I need to play with one of the best players (the IF) as Winger on the other side, altough he has a trait that says he cuts inside from both flanks, but he doesn't have a good right foot, so, that's a problem. Let's assume that I want to create a tactic where both wingers cut inside, is there a way to balance the midfield with 1 holder and one runner without this midfielder get in the way of the wingers ? The big problem
  6. Hello! I saw many of your threads and based on much of the tactics that you created to help the OP's I got some ideas of what team instructions a CA tactic should have. I understand what you say about the Winger role but I do not have pure wingers, at least good wingers, my best players are IF/IW so yeah... The build from the back TI that I choosed was to reinforce that idea of mine of be willing to let the opposition play but when I have the ball, I want to have good footbal with not much direct passes but not posession based aswell, and I used the higher tempo for that precise
  7. Hello. I created a 4141 tactic for a mid-table team. What I want with this is to play fast, incisive football, I do not want to pass around, I do not want some kind of possession football. I designed this tactic so I can defend properly and be incisive with the ball. My tactic has flaws, I'm most certain there are some tweaks that should be made to become a good tactic, so I'm counting on you to spot the weaknesses in my setup. My team overall is well balanced, has some good players and I think I can do more than just defend and wait for CA, I think besides from the willingness to let
  8. What do you think about this. Changing DLF-S to DLF-A Changing IF-A to IF-S Changing WB-S to WB-A
  9. Hello everyone! So, i'm currently managing a mid-table club in the Portuguese League. I have good players, technically, with good mentals and I want to play defensively solid with incisive with the ball. I created a setup, but I think it's not perfect, I appreciated if anyone could help me make this tactic better overall.
  10. Hello! I choosed the Carrilero because I wanted to have some defensive cover. My left fullback will be a thunder lighting in that flank leaving it exposed. I have thought for a Mezzala yes, but on the right side. Instead of player a AP I really tought about playing a Mezzala, but what I think is that if I play a Mezzala in that kind of midfield I will lose what i want most: defensive stability. Look, my season is going pretty ok, so far no loss, I think my tactic is balanced, I can create goals now, good chances and I have the defensive stability. I think I found the "perfect" setup
  11. This is my new setup ? Looks good ? Still, I don't score that many goals or create many chances altough I have good players in comparison to the other teams
  12. Both of my best wingers are Inside Forwards, so I would expect them to score most of the goals, but I don't want to rely on their long shots to score goals. I want to have a team that his defensively solid and works as a unit. A team that will be incisive. My midfielder in fact are very well rounded. I have one that he is the BBM that he is very good, he can play in almost every midfield role, the others are more attack minded, they can play Mezzala, AP or even CM-A; the other midfielders are good defensive midfielder. The problem is, I don't feel that my team is solid. Becaus
  13. In fact there are some games that I can indeed play good football. What I see is, my games is player by my IF's who can go for a shot or pass and my wingbacks who can play wide and go for a cross. What do you suggest for midfield roles ?
  14. No dolla dolla ahahahah So, this is my "refined" tactic, what do you think now ? https://prnt.sc/snl16d
  15. Yeah, but I don't have strikers who can fit in that style of play. I have only 1 striker and he is not very good, as I said, my main goal threat are my Inside Forwards who have good mentals and technicals. When I created that setup I want to envolve my fullbacks and Wingers since they are good. I think my setup is not unbalanced at all, some of the games I don't win because my players miss constantly ridiculous 1x1 and some chances that they should hit the back of the net, but this is it, low league has this things. Since my wingers are going to go inside I didn't want my midfield to
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