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  1. When you say playmaker with mean the WP in the right wing ? Yes, the real playmaker is Gabriel, not Pizzi. Im not sure entirely about J. Félix role. Ive tried Trequartista, F9, DLF-S, and i don't quite seem to like them.
  2. I am trying right know DLP-D with BWM-S. Both wingers with WM-A with instructions to stay inside.
  3. Have you tried using the midfield like: Segundo Volante (s) and Defensive Midfield (d) ?
  4. With that tactic, how can you achieve good possession ? Benfica in some games, home games and away too, gets 500 sometimes 600 passes completed. How can you achieve that ?
  5. Yes, Gabriel does that, but i don't think Samaris should have CM-S, using DLP-S with CM-D maybe ?
  6. It really depends. You can drop "play from defence" or "work ball into box", lowering mentality, using a BWM with defense duty, it really depends on your opponent
  7. Try this link http://www.mediafire.com/file/xquh1252a77mudz/SLB.fmf/file
  8. Theres 1 thing people here don't understand. Rafa can play WP-A while playing as an "IW" kind of. Rafa Traits makes him hugh the line and cut inside, just like he does irl. I will try to upload the tactic, just give me a minute.
  9. I don't think you're right. I have tested many roles, including the fact that sometimes Jonas plays with João Félix, indeed you have to change roles, but Jonas is injured in the beginning of the FM season. First of all, despite João Félix-Seferovic or Joao Felix-Jonas role, there is one thing that you need to understand. As you said, IRL the tactic has flaws, leaves many defensive gaps but in the other way, it creates a lot of goalscoring chances, Benfica won a match 10-0 per example. I can't really replicate André Almeida role IRL and put that in FM terms, its simply impossible, in order to make André Almeida far up in the pitch, as i have shown in the first pictures, i need to use a CWB. I totally agree with you, André Almeida isnt that offensive as Grimaldo is, we all know that, but if you play André Almeida with a FB role you will often see Pizzi being alone. Bruno Lage tactic, one of the things that make Benfica score a lot of goals, was the fact that the Wingers and the Fullbacks create a 2x1 in the wing. I have tested Andre Almeida in WB role, FB role, i even changed Pizzi role, what i often saw, was that in the build-up, André Almeida was close to the CB's. In real life, André Almeida goes up in the pitch, the only difference, is that he is more conservative than Grimaldo, but you can't replicate that "microadjustment" in FM. Or you use CWB and André Almeida can be far up in the pitch, or you use FB and André Almeida doesnt help that much Pizzi in creating a 2x1 in the wing. You didn't remember something very important. Grimaldo player traits are very differente from André Almeida. You can use André Almeida in CWB and with certain PI he stays more conservative. Its a fact that Grimaldo plays much different from André Almeida, but they do occupy the same position in the opposite wing, with some kind of different behaviour, thats a problem that FM engine has. The other thing you said, using Gabriel as a DLP-S and Samaris as a CM-D. I have used many roles, RPM, DLPS, DLP-D along with BWM and even CM-D. The only problem i faced, is that i cant get Gabriel and Samaris, or Florentino and Samaris, to be paired in the midfield, even CM-D with "Hold position" sometimes will enter the box, it isn't that hard to find Gabriel waiting for the ball to shoot from outside the area, and thats not how Gabriel plays IRL. Both midfielders pivot each other, that means that they need to be close in certain situations, in the attack is the same, they don't stay at the entry of the box. In the same way that i can't replicate André Almeida "mentality" IRL, I can't replicate Pizzi and Rafa movements IRL to FM. In the build up, both Pizzi and Rafa stay in a more interior space, with both fullbacks close to them. The only problem with using IW in Rafa, is that his behaviour and movement in FM will not be the same as IRL. I don't want a winger that cuts inside, in the build-up, Rafa DOESN'T hugh the line, Grimaldo does that. As i said before, i can't replicate Rafa style in FM, using him as WP-A he will be in more interior space, like Pizzi, but if i used as an IW, he will not behave the way i want. Same thing as seferovic. I don't really think that Seferovic is an AF, or even a Poacher, Seferovic and João Félix duo they work together, sometimes Seferovic goes for a run behind the defence and 1 or 2 defenders go with him, and this leaves space to João Félix and another players. About the TI's, i am trying many different instructions. First i tested high tempo, and i didn't like that, Benfica build-up is slow, they try to find pass and they are patient, only in the final third they rush a bit. I tried Balanced mentality with high tempo, I tried Control Mentality with normal tempo. I will try using balanced mentality with high tempo again but i will change the roles. I don't think Benfica in some way take big risks, guess i need to still figure it out.
  10. If i shared my tactic it's because I think it's the one that replicates the best how Benfica plays. In any point I said it was flawless, have you seen in this post me saying that this tactic works? You can't talk about elementary football logic when you play FM, there are things that you can't simply replicate from real-life, one of those things it's the microadjustments you do in-game. When I said the WP works better than the IW it's because i TESTED IT, I used many many roles, with different kind of players, If i shared this tactic it's because replicates the best. Want another example ? You talk a lot about the use of WB instead of CWB, you just need 5 minutos of a match to realize that the WB or even the CWB doesn't replicate in real-life what Grimaldo does. Another example ? I don't know if you suggested to use Rafa as an IW, but if you did and if you watched a game, you would realize that Rafa behaviour isn't similar how Rafa plays. I don't get it why you are "offended" of what I said. You said a lot of things, i answered you, saying that don't work, I didn't said in this topic that my tactic works and you are wrong. It's not "everyone see it in different ways", everybody knows that, my main objective is to replicate Bruno Lage tactic, and when I said that X dont work, or X role doesn't work it's because i tested it, you clearly not, if you play a tactic like you suggested, you will see you will miss COMPLETELY the objective of this post, replicate a real-life tactic. The similar versions you talked about, there are not similar at all, you just need to change 1 role to make a tactic VERY DIFFERENT from another. Like i said before, i didn't said that my interpretation is right and yours wrong. If i look at things the way you see, your interpretation is right and mine's wrong. Have you tested my tactic even for 1 game before posting anything here ? I guess no. I think you didn't even tried my tactic in the first place, cause if you did, you didn't said many things like you said. If you don't want to be here, fine, get out of here, but you can't say my interpretation is right and others wrong, because in every post of mine in this topic I refuted any suggestion and i explained why, because i tested it In fact, I didn't asked for your "help" on this thread, you answered this thread because you wanted to, and when you answer a thread with some kind of suggestion, you need to be prepared for someone to refute your suggestions and explaining why, and thats what i did. Your suggestion isn't an absolute truth like mine isn't either, but you are incoherent when you say that my attitude towards you superiority, cause it isnt, Again, in every post of mine I explained how this tactic works and why, unlike you, you suggested using Samaris as a BWM but you didn't even explained why, the BWM role and the CM(D) are very similar but very different in many aspects.
  11. I want precisely that, the Striker creating space for João Félix, and when the ball reaches to the players in the half-space (the wingers), the other players run behind the defence.
  12. Every tactic explained here has issues. Try playing a tactic like others have explained and you will see it won't replicate Benfica real-life playstyle.
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