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  1. So are we close to an update?
  2. I've same issue. edit: No issue if I select all japan championships and not only the J league.
  3. I have a crash dump everytime I created a new game, even with fresh installation :'(
  4. Thx to you, I will start my first game on FM2017!
  5. Hi Claassen. I'm trying your Japan League. Great job btw but for rules for Playoffs stages are not good. "From 2015 the J.League system changed to a three-stage system. The season is split into first and second stages, followed by a third and final championship stage. The third stage is composed of three to five teams. The top point accumulator in each stage and the top three point accumulators for the overall season qualify. If both of the stage winners finish in the top three teams for the season, then only three teams qualify for the championship stage. These teams then take part in a championship playoff stage to decide the winner of the league trophy." I'm not sure it's possible in FM2016
  6. I have something The next J-League below doesn't start. Maybe just delete the next one and cancel the end year of this one
  7. Great Job but J-League doesn't work after 2018. No season in 2019.
  8. bobobo

    [FM2015] Japanese League

    Sadly, it's not running with my others updates (england and french lower divisions)
  9. How have you change population number?
  10. Anybody could upload an efficient V6 tactic for away please?
  11. I'm using V6/tactic at home, and it's working great. Thanks dude. But away, i lose a lot of matchs. I've tried to change mentality but it's not efficient. So anyone has a tactic for away?