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  1. Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/451318-Wolverhampton-Wanderers-%E2%80%93-In-Afobe-we-trust-!!
  2. Valid point, I changed it , but should ask moderators to do the same for thread name
  3. Tactics: Here comes my favorite part of the game. I am passionate about tactics, i love variations, eccentricity, and flair. I learned a lot from reading over the internet about tactics, and from playing football professionally for almost 10 years. Upgrade my FM tactics knowledge from looking at the thoughts of the sharp minds, Cleon81, and Rashidi. So in regards of all that you simply could not expect from me 4-2-2 or 4-2-3-1 formation. I tend to use odd unexpected formations. I use 3-3-1-2-1 setup pictured below: Why I choose this. Because we have excellent defenders, because I want to attack with fullbacks, and because I don't have many good strikers and Attacking Midfielders. What is my idea there you see the roles I use in the picture, but I use Attacking mentality, high, defensive line and closing down option. I want to press consistently and to use Attack as a defensive option. Afobe as a raumdeuter is a revelation for me So far looks very good. I am looking forward to share my thoughts or ideas, or even learn something from your own experiences. Good luck promoting from Championship !!
  4. Wingers: James Henry - James is best winger we have in the team, very versatile too, he has excellent attributes, except speed. Should be given games, and he will repay you with excellent performances, but should be sold when boosts price, since he is close to his full potential, in the premiership he is rip apart by the faster stronger fullbacks. Jordan Graham - He is looking decent potential according to scouts, but for me he is looking mentally like a 16-year old regen, and have nothing to offer but dribbling and speed. He is 20 years old, so tutoring could be unsuccessful. I reccomend to use him as a need to use option but could be sold at first opportunity. There are only three natural winger in the team, but you could use Nathan Byrne on the right wing or Henry on the left. Jed Wallace, could play on the right, but he so inconsistent that I wouldn't even mention him in any sentence which doesn't contain words sell or sold This is the area which need urgent strengthening. Razak Boukari in the reserves is on the long term injury and could be axed as soon as he recovers, since he will never be the kind of player he was after recovery, and is decent rotation option even if he is not injured. Strikers: Björn Sigurðarson - 24 year old iceladic striker. He looks decent but lacks in composure, bravery, decisions and concentration department. Technically is good, with decent passing, dribbling and first touch. Okay he is not the perfect goalscorer, could be given first team role if you want support striker, but he is not gonna score plenty, especially alone in above stated obvious reasons. Benik Afobe - 22 year old beast. Best goalscorer in the team. Looks impressive in all areas. Even he could be used on the right wing as a raumdeuter (I use him there), if retrained for position. We have long term injured Nouha Dicko, but after injury he should be sold, since his attributes drop plenty and could take a lot of money for him to use for decent prospect. You have glimpse of a prospect in Niall Ennis, 16 year old speedy. But he could be or not to be player for the future, you should decide if you give him love and games, or bring some experience in the front to help Afobe and Bjorn in the future.
  5. At the sides in defence there are plenty of quality too. Full or Wing Backs: Matt Doherty - Although Matt is looking pretty average on the numbers, especially first touch, he could be decent rotation option, or even maybe first teamer, since I managed to get out of him pretty good performances during the season. Nathan Byrne - Everything i wrote above, is valid for Nathan too. Average, but can be decent rotation option, or even if you give him games, and tolerate a little, he could repay you with some outstanding performances. Tommy Rowe - Good backup option for the Golbourne our leading wing back, can play in the midfield too. You could keep him for the first season, if you dont want to spend money, but I would sell him if someone wants him and bring decent prospect for the future. Scott Golbourne - Our best option on the side in defence, good passing,crossing, fast, reliable, consistent, and a fan favorite There is no long term prospects or potential at the club for both sides, i would recommend for you to find some in the future, since you are good enough for promotion in the first season. Central Midfielders: Connor Coady - Connor is one of the three "Twin" players, defensive midfield playmaker, with plenty of potential. Jack Price - Everything I wrote for Coady is same for Jack. They are even the same age, and share most of ppm's. Kevin McDonald - Third "Twin" player little older (27 years old), but with same ppm's can be good player for championship, but backup potential for premiership. I would sell him if i got the opportunity, for good money, since Price and Coady could easily replace him. Jack Saville - He is not getting any games in my team because he got three players much better than him in his position. He is not good enough, and should be sold. David Edwards - He is only attacking midfielder in the team, decent but not beyond that, could be sold and replaced with younger prospect if you prefer to play with AMC. We look very good in CM-DM department, but little sluggish in the AMC. Best bet should be to bring some younger loanee if you want to play with amc and use edwards in the rotation, or play without AMC and sell edwards for some money. Either way you should be targeting some future prospects with heading ability, and strength since you got three good but very much the same players in the team.
  6. This year Wolves looks very decent, for playoffs or even immediate promotion, even if the match predictions says otherwise. Lets see what's we have at our disposal in the first team, reserves and under 18. Goalkeepers: Carl Ikeme - Nigerian looks very good for your number one in the championship, he is low on the composure attribute, but the rest looks very good for Championship keeper, mazbe even premiership backup. Emiliano Martinez - Argentinian is on loan from Arsenal, is very good for Championship, potentially he could be better than Ikeme in a few years. Rest of the goalkeeping reserves is not good enough for even mentioning. My recommendation is since Martinez is a wage budget killer, earning 21k weekly on loan, you should axe him first thing. On a free transfer there is 36 year old Paul Robinson, former Blackburn and Tottenham legend. He could be available around 8k a week which is much better than 21k which Martinez is earning, and is good backup rotation option with Ikeme for the first season. You should look for potential young prospect long time keeper for second season maybe Predrag Rajkovic, Donnarumma or else.. Defenders: Danny Bath - We have in my opinion maybe the best centre back in the league , fan favorite, and very consistent performer. Ethan Ebanks-Landell - He is good prospect, decent performer and with some game time he could progress very much and be potential premiership central defender Kortney House - He is another good prospect, potential premiership player, should be given first team time Dominic Iorfa - Another excellent prospect, could play DC successfully, but is better suited for wing back in my opinion should be retrained to full back or wing back We look excellent packed in Central defensive department, with three excellent prospects, I recommend to give them rotation time, and there should be no investments in this department.
  7. Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (commonly referred to as Wolves) is an English professional football club that represents the city of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. The club was originally known as St. Luke's FC and was founded in 1877 and since 1889 has played at Molineux. They currently compete in the Football League Championship, the second highest tier of English football, having been promoted from League One in 2014 after a solitary season at that level. Historically, Wolves have been highly influential, most notably as being founder members of the Football League, as well as having played an instrumental role in the establishment of the European Cup, later to become the UEFA Champions League. Having won the FA Cup twice before the outbreak of the First World War, they developed into one of England's leading clubs under the management of ex-player Stan Cullis after the Second World War, going on to win the league three times and the FA Cup twice more between 1949 and 1960. It was during this time that the European Cup competition was established, after the English press declared Wolves "Champions of the World" following their victories against numerous top European and World sides in some of British football's first live televised games. Wolves have yet to match the successes of the Stan Cullis era, although, under Bill McGarry, they contested the first-ever UEFA Cup final in 1972 and won the 1974 League Cup, a trophy they lifted again six years later under John Barnwell. However, financial mismanagement in the 1980s led to the club's very existence being under threat as well as three consecutive relegations, before a revival and back-to-back promotions under manager Graham Turner and record goalscorer Steve Bull saw them finish the decade in the Second Division, winning the Football League Trophy along the way. Despite the financial backing of then-owner Sir Jack Hayward during the next decade, they were unable to regain a place in the top flight until 2003, when manager Dave Jones ended their nineteen-year exile but only for a solitary Premier League season. The club returned for a three-year stay at the top level after Mick McCarthy led them back as Football League Championship champions in 2009, but his dismissal in 2012 preceded relegation back to the Championship. The following season saw two further managers dismissed as the club then suffered a second relegation before winning the League One title, and promote to Championship.
  8. Does anyone have anything against me making a Wolverhampton Wanderers thread. I am enjoying a long term save with them, and it looks like they could be the one hidden gem in the championship ?
  9. I gave him some tutoring from "Nessy the Scottish Messi" , some loan time to Doncaster, and after he returns, some cup games, he looks like this at the moment in season 2. Because of his low workrate i think that he could be unwilling to retrain quickly (he always moans about hard training and stuff. But it is an interesting idea which I will try doing.
  10. Thank you very much. I plan to develop the thread even further with few interesting details, but waiting to complete first two seasons.
  11. John Stones is potentially World Class, i play him as a first choice with Jagielka, since I would like to see him develop as soon as he can. He scored in five games 3 goals, from corners, and was solid defensively. Ross Barkley is also excellent prospect, but injured at the start, havent played him yet. My favorite is Jonjoe Kenny, I will try to develop him alongside Coleman, to see if he has it in the tank to be first choice. I am having "gut feeling" about this lad.
  12. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/404973-Everton-FC-%E2%80%93-The-school-of-science-is-on-its-way-back Everton thread is up
  13. Tactical and Strategy corner Everton is very versatile team, and can play formation you like, but I think that 4-2-3-1 suits them best, regardless of that this is my favorite formation Idea behind this formation is that I like Wing backs to provide me with width on the flanks, Barry to drop deeper and protect the back line, McCarthy to be Box to box. Lukaku to be used for his strengths, aerial ability and strength, to support the play, and encourage Mirallas and Etoo to ter down opposition defence with intelligent runs and finishing. Also Pienaar to be the creative force which sits narrower to help the midfield in numbers and creation, and to let the Baines do the crossing and running down the flank. This formation is pretty much the same positionally with two small alterations. DM`s are used in defence to pack the line in front of the goal, and to spear counter attacks. Usually I support this tactics, with direct quick passing, and drop deeper, use the flanks, and Whip crosses shouts. Use formation when pushed back and when opposition is trying to equalize the result or chasing the goal. I like to include one formation with two strikers for just in case, and flexibility. Idea behind diamond is to use it when your wingers are unavailable or suspended injured, or else. I hope that you all have a good save with Everton and Enjoy the game as much as I do.
  14. Attacking Area There are three players who can be used as Strikers. Youngest and strongest among them is Romelu Lukaku. Belgian Prodigy is compared to Big Duncan Ferguson, because of his style and ability. He is strong, good in the air and good finisher with potential to be one of the best in the club. There is also former Chelsea player Samuel Etoo, who is remarkably weaker than last year, but still good enough to be the first choice, good finisher, but lacks pace, and aging. Kevin Mirallas, one of the best players in the club can be also used in this place, should we decide to use pace instead of presence in the attack. My recommendations are to buy one more young striker with quality to rotate with Lukaku, since Etoo is not as good as he used to be, and is not age proof There is not good enough potential in this area, and need strengthening.
  15. Midfield Area Here is another good all-round area filled with ability and potential, maybe the best area of the team Best thing is that you can choose how to play with them, all players are good with decent enough potential to develop further more. Stand out players are McCarthy who can play both deep or in the center of midfield, Barry is little experienced better defensively, stronger, but equally capable to perform holding midfielder duty. Kevin Mirallas, is quick agile winger, or deadly inside forward, good finisher, depends on your style of play. There is also great potential in the club in this area. Ross Barkley, one of ten most promising players in the game, and Ryan Ledson also great central midfielder, or George Green potential Enganche or Advanced Playmaker. My Recommendations are that you sell Darron Gibson, as he is decent, but can be replaced with younger player who will develop to be better than Gibson. Also you should try to consider selling Naismith if you are not planning to play Strikerless, if you are then he could be useful. Leon Osman is a club legend and vice captain. Although he could be sold for peanuts, since you got better players to perform, i prefer to use him as backup and tutor for youngsters to come.