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  1. Looking at getting at desktop. Will only be playing football manager on it and want the processing speed in game to be as fast as possible. I like to load something like 150k players and probably 25-30 leagues and I play with the 3D match engine so would like that as good as possible as well. I have very little knowledge of computers but my understanding is that I wouldn’t need a top of the range gaming pc because FM isn’t that intensive, so I’m wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of the level of pc I’d need to run fm as quickly as possible, but without over doing it on the spec front with a load of extras I don’t need. Ideally I don’t want to be spending more than £1,000
  2. I have the same issue. Trying to join my online game and my friends has updated to 21.1.2 but mine hasn’t and it won’t let me join due to a different game version. Have restarted steam but it isn’t auto updating like it says it will on the updates tab. Does anyone know how I can manually update my game to 21.1.2?
  3. Having played on slightly in my save (almost at the end of Jan 21) the work permit seems very odd to me. I had an £8m 18 year old from the Turkish league turned down. He has 15 u21 caps and about 40 first team appearances for a top flight Turkish club. I then have had no problem signing a 23 year old Uruguayan from the Argentinian league with about 10 u21 caps and a 20 year old Argentinian from the same league with no caps at all. I assume this was because the Argentinian league is rated higher so they get more points, but I have also had a 20 year old £10m full USA international from the French league turned down so it would be useful to have more transparency on how the points system works, rather than just the red warning when offering a player a contract if they aren’t going to qualify.
  4. When I load the save it says “FM career” but I have started it as an online game and filled in the preferences etc. Is this still a network game (the game isn’t appearing in the list of available games when someone tries to join)
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