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  1. Hi guys, congratulations on the new release and BETA. I have had a little chance to look around and found something that may need reporting. As is my case, my nationality is English, but my place of birth should be Duyun, Guizhou, China. So far I dont think you can choose a nationality but different place of birth outside of that country. last year this was no problem. Apologies if I have made a mistake and it is in fact possible.
  2. Lol Chinook, I start a save with lots of leagues and keep looking around (sometimes at lots of teams or indepth) and quit before starting or join one team or a lot of them to have a look around. I dont have to load the leagues again just the save game or because my computer is really fast i load leagues start a save and then next time I play i quit it and restart. It sounds crazy i know. I am a hotel manager and I am never indecisive like this in any other activity. its driving me crazy because I want to sink my teeth in to a long save in my spare time to relax. I think i will start in Italy either as Genoa (revive the title winning days), Lecce (Nice badge, lowest division and big stadium), Trapani (I want to try 5 man defence, and defensive tactics), Pescara (seria A, cute badge, turn them in to giants). I want to try Italy because I have always loved Italian football and grew up with it (Del Piero being my favourite player). Although Germany, Spain, England all have much better koney which does put me off.
  3. Sorry for the thread resurrection. I just wanted to thank everyone for the replies I havent started a save yet, but my next one I am determined to stick with it. I really want a long career with my own regens, stories and goings on lol. Thanks again guys
  4. Hi, I have played ever FM/CM since 00/01 and love the series. Even if I dont get a lot of time I still love to play the game when I can. I do have one problem though. I have never ever been able to settle with a club. I choose a team and then within a few games (to be honest even before playing a match) I change my mind. I start with a big club and regret not building up a small one. I want to play in an exotic league, then end of restarting because I want to sign the worlds best players. I really dont know what i should do. I have had my best ever save doing 5 seasons as Penarol in Uruguay which I love in FM13 and 3 seasons and Juventus in 01/02. I am not like this in any other game or so indecisive. Its just every time I start a save I think of something that I think will be bettter. I want to start as Guizhou Zhicheung in China as they are from a city that is very close to me. I want to start as Penarol again because I really love the Uruguayan league and would recommend it to everybody. I want to start Genoa and make them a totle winning team again and the biggest in Italy. I want a career save where I win every continents champions league and move around. I have so many fun ideas for saves and really want a 20+ year career or more save. What are your tips or recommendations guys? I'm itching for a long save but just cant help restarting :S
  5. Lions XII are a Singaporean team who play in the Malaysian super league. Their stadium is in Singapore, and they are only allowed to buy Singaporean players. They are the biggest Singaporean team I believe which means the whole Singapore league is kind of like a feeder league for you. I discovered them whilst playing as Malaysian team ATM. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LionsXII There is also a team called Young Lions FC (no relation to the above) who do play in the Singaporean league and are very special. They were setup and ran by the Singaporean FA and are only allowed to sign under 23 players. The team contains most of the the Singaporean u-23 squad. The club was created to give young talent experience in the league. The club can also sign u-23s from other countries but expect the players to convert to Singaporean nationality in the future. Unfortunately FM does not mimic this in game and they sign players over the age of 23. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Lions_FC
  6. Tottenham fan checking in. I work at the Premier inn 100 yards from the stadium and meet ALOT of united fans whenever there isva match. I agree completely with what you said. It seem very very few fans like Rooney at all and the no.1 complaint (after van gaal) is Tha Rooney should be sold/benched. Lots of the fans seem to really hate him lol.
  7. Sounds like maybe you can get some cheap players if that continues! :O
  8. Nation: England, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico or China Division: Top European Competition: Maybe Media Prediction: Top Board Expectation(s): lowest Transfer Budget: Enough to let me rebuild or find decent youth Wage Budget: Finances: Other: Im considering a few clubs to start a long career save at. I want to do a lot of seasons at my starter club and then move around after 10-20 seasons. I'm thinking of starting with a pretty dominant club who i can make in to world beaters, bring through the youth that i can buy and win the continental competitions. My Choices are Barca or Real Madrid - Great teams already and I can make them in to absolute superclubs and maybe expand or get a new 100,000 seater stadium would be cool. Tottenham - the team i support because they have a great team and good budget and are moving to New White Hart Lane. Penarol - Uruguayan team who are favourites to win the league. Its a great challenge to win the Copa Libertadores and bring youth through from uruguay and south america. Also a new stadium. America (MEX) - Will dominate Mexican football and are really rich with the legendary Azteca Stadium and big sponsor income. Guizhou Renhe - Sentimental team. They have a good budget, i can make them try to overcome the spending power of Guangzhou and hope I can make the Chinese national team better. What do you think lads?
  9. What team are you Griffin? I guess the Brendan Rodgers one is the crazy thing haha. Is he liked staff or something?
  10. Hey Guys, I'm wondering how far people have got in the Beta. I've seen three seasons already and hope to do my first season over this weekend. Has anyone seen any crazy things happen, large transfer fee or stadium expansions?
  11. A shortlist for staff. I would like to be able to have a list of staff that I am interested in signing. For example I am interested in signing Paul Whisper as a fitness coach but would like to check other coaches first I would have to remember or write down each one by name other wise I have no record. If I tried to sign a member of staff and it fails the only place I can go to is staff search and remember their name or scroll down my list of news/messages until I find them again. A shortlist would make things a lot easier. A staff compare facility for comparing a two members of staffs stats would be geart too in choosing which person to sign. Other wise I have to keep switching between them (which you have to keep finding them on search. Where as a shortlist would have them right next to each other.) to compare their stats, age etc
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