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  1. BTW any updates on the new stadium? I saw your balance down to £15,000 so hopefully a new stadium and a 50% sell on you have will help a lot I think.
  2. No need, really enjoyed seeing the updates! Even though I havent started this challenge (Yet) I am watching this thread and everyones progress everyday (probably 4-5 times a day!)
  3. Wow that really sucks! Especially after 24 seasons!! Thats why i want to start as a Liechtenstein team but really need to know the details first before I really get in to it. I have athread here: If anyone can help me, it would be appreciated. Hope Iceland can get fixed somehow and you can continue.
  4. That's brilliant, thank you. I would also like to thank yourself, all researchers and all involved for the Chinese leagues and information. I think you have done a fantastic job once again this season!
  5. Hi, If anyone could provide help on laying as Liechtenstein teams i would really appreciate it! Currently I am playing a world journeyman save but think it would be really cool to play as a Liechtenstein team (they play in the Swiss league and have their own cup) as either a Youth Challenge (I know it would be nearly impossible) or as a building a nation. I am thinking as a youth challenge to play as a newly promoted team and only use Liechtensteiner youth players or to build a nation and start as unemployed in the Swiss league, start as a Swiss club and eventually play as FC Vaduz (
  6. TEAM RIVALY MISSING I would like to post that the Fierce rivalry between Guizhou Hengfeng and Beijing Renhe should be included. I believe this may have been an oversight as I am sure it was in past versions. REASON: Beijing Renhe was previously called Guizhou Renhe (after Guizhou province in which it was based) and was the major football team in Guizhou. From 2012-2016 it became one of the most highly supported teams in the whole of the country even outside of the top super league, with the fans very passionate. Before this they were located in Shanghai but Guizhou didn
  7. The league prize money is massive for the Bundesleague and even for the second division. The bottom division literally has nothing though. So really important to get promoted for financial reasons. If you check how much the prize money is, it may shock you!
  8. When playing a rival for the same league placing or if I'm facing a team twice in a row I will tackle hard on their best players, use get stuck in and run at defence to try and injure their players or get them sent off LOL. Am I a bad person? 😂
  9. Looking forward with intrigue what effect this will have on your youth players and intake 😁👍
  10. Great thread guys and I have been lurking and reading it everyday! :) What do you think about the Swiss league and trying a newly promoted Lichtenstein team? They have FC Vaduz already. Would it be possible? It would be a mix of youth challenge and a building the nation.
  11. Thats cool. Funny I am a Tottenham Fan too and really enjoy the Chinese league, also Uruguay I have played A LOT. Last year and this one Zhejiang have been promoted first season on every single season I have seen. Good luck with the challenge, China could really be a sleeping giant!
  12. The good point about managing in China is the sponsorship money. If you go to the league and the league menu at the bottom are all club ranked by sponsorship. Some big teams in the Super league will be £200 million plus PER SEASON. It will increase also. For you I bet as you progress your sponsorship income will go up also. I play in China every year now and its such a good league! I am bias as one of my favourite teams are Guizhou Hengfeng. Guizhou hates Renhe (beijing) as they were the big team in Guiyang (Guizhou) and they moved the whole football club to Beijing a few years ago!!
  13. Tottenham are the team I support so have been keeping an eye on them. I thought they may dominate this year..... first season they got 6th and Jose stayed. But Kane scored about 10 goals in 30 games. Son was top scorer. Second season they are just above relegation the same with very very few goals.
  14. Thanks XaW I reread the opening post and it does mention it there too lol. Good luck with the challenge guys. Cant believe how far in seasons some of you are already!
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