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  1. Lions XII are a Singaporean team who play in the Malaysian super league. Their stadium is in Singapore, and they are only allowed to buy Singaporean players. They are the biggest Singaporean team I believe which means the whole Singapore league is kind of like a feeder league for you. I discovered them whilst playing as Malaysian team ATM. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LionsXII There is also a team called Young Lions FC (no relation to the above) who do play in the Singaporean league and are very special. They were setup and ran by the Singaporean FA and are only allowed to sign under 23 players. The team contains most of the the Singaporean u-23 squad. The club was created to give young talent experience in the league. The club can also sign u-23s from other countries but expect the players to convert to Singaporean nationality in the future. Unfortunately FM does not mimic this in game and they sign players over the age of 23. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Lions_FC
  2. Tottenham fan checking in. I work at the Premier inn 100 yards from the stadium and meet ALOT of united fans whenever there isva match. I agree completely with what you said. It seem very very few fans like Rooney at all and the no.1 complaint (after van gaal) is Tha Rooney should be sold/benched. Lots of the fans seem to really hate him lol.
  3. Sounds like maybe you can get some cheap players if that continues! :O
  4. Nation: England, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico or China Division: Top European Competition: Maybe Media Prediction: Top Board Expectation(s): lowest Transfer Budget: Enough to let me rebuild or find decent youth Wage Budget: Finances: Other: Im considering a few clubs to start a long career save at. I want to do a lot of seasons at my starter club and then move around after 10-20 seasons. I'm thinking of starting with a pretty dominant club who i can make in to world beaters, bring through the youth that i can buy and win the continental competitions. My Choices are Barca or Real Madrid - Great teams already and I can make them in to absolute superclubs and maybe expand or get a new 100,000 seater stadium would be cool. Tottenham - the team i support because they have a great team and good budget and are moving to New White Hart Lane. Penarol - Uruguayan team who are favourites to win the league. Its a great challenge to win the Copa Libertadores and bring youth through from uruguay and south america. Also a new stadium. America (MEX) - Will dominate Mexican football and are really rich with the legendary Azteca Stadium and big sponsor income. Guizhou Renhe - Sentimental team. They have a good budget, i can make them try to overcome the spending power of Guangzhou and hope I can make the Chinese national team better. What do you think lads?
  5. What team are you Griffin? I guess the Brendan Rodgers one is the crazy thing haha. Is he liked staff or something?
  6. Hey Guys, I'm wondering how far people have got in the Beta. I've seen three seasons already and hope to do my first season over this weekend. Has anyone seen any crazy things happen, large transfer fee or stadium expansions?