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  1. I'll start unemployed and go for my usual journeyman save.
  2. I had just achieved promotion to League 1 with Notts County via the play-offs when i got a message in my inbox that Spain had offered me the job of manager of the national team! I thought maybe Spain had had a spectacular fall from grace. But no, they had been knocked out in the quarter finals of the European Championships and are still ranked 8th in the World. My nationality is Scottish and i've never shown any interest in international management. In the interest of realism, i'm tempted to decline the offer but it sure is tempting after looking at their squad. Has anyone else experienced a bizarre approach like this?
  3. I don't tend to pre-order. Plus, i'm enjoying my current save so much i'd like to keep going for a while longer.
  4. I'm currently managing Woking in the Vanerama League South. I'm managing them because I've been sacked by everyone else.
  5. Currently in season 2022/23. My 3rd season managing Stockport County. Previous season saw us finish 5th in the Vanarama National League. Following a 1st round playoff exit we're hoping for better this time around.
  6. What are the effects of using control strategy with more direct passing selected?
  7. Is it possible to play with direct passing whilst also having "play out of defence" ticked? Playing with a DLP would the defense just bypass him and hoof it upfield or would they get it to the DLP as quickly as possible?
  8. 12 years in the Premiership with them is a serious achievement! It is really hard to keep your best players The minute you get something going you can guarantee that a contract offer will come in and the player will accept. Even if it's from a team in the same division! Then you have to start building again.
  9. I have just completed my first season with Queen's Park in League 2 in Scotland. Frustrating to say the least! As they are amateur, the moment a player shows any sign of promise he is offered a contract by a pro club and off he goes. The result is a constant restocking of the playing staff, making for a constant lack of familiarity amongst players. I am enjoying the frustration:lol: but can't see any way that this club can progress up the leagues. Does anyone have experience of success with this club?
  10. Started off on the ZX Spectrum with Football Manager and then a management game called United where you had to enter your own player names. You used to be given player boosts if you chose to play dirty or clean! Then onto the Amiga with Premier Manager and Championship Manager. Took a break for a few years after CM4 as it was poor and life started to get in the way. I came back into the fold a couple of years ago with FM 11. Another sad 40 year old playing football management games. I love it!
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