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  1. Ah well, I could almost justify a new MBA to myself - it would cost about £450 to switch - if it would significantly improve my FM experience but it doesn't sound worth it and I don't really want to spend that £450 on a new PC which is specifically and only for FM. I'll maybe invest £15 in a laptop cooling pad instead and settle for the dodgy looking bare-bones 3D experience. To be fair, apart from that, it runs the game OK.
  2. I'm currently using a Macbook Air 13" mid 2012 base spec (CPU is a Core i5-3427U) for my FM16 playing and, while it does work, I have to play with 3D visuals at their lowest settings and just about all the surrounding graphics switched off. And even then during matches the fan kicks in, it sounds like a 747 taking off and the base gets unbelievably hot - like, almost can't touch it hot. So the question is, will upgrading to the latest MBA with the Core i5-5250U CPU both allow a bit of extra graphical detail and stop my PC from not-so-gently toasting my lap or is it not going to make much diff
  3. I've been bumbling along with my Ayr United team for just over a season, going OK and achieving board expectations but by no means spectacular. I stumbled across this guide and applied the theories to my team and have now gone on my longest winning streak of my season-and-a-half long career (5 wins and counting). It took me a couple of hours doing some proper analysis of my team to find the strongest combined 11 that worked with the pairs theory and working out the best team instructions to match my overall team strengths and weaknesses but, my god was it worth it! So cheers to llama3 for on
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