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  1. Well, I managed to win the league cup and europa league and finished 3rd so back in champions league. Got beat in semi of FA cup but all in I'm very chuffed with the season. I note that whereas we were paying 25million debt per month, it is now down to about 3 million which is far more manageable. I had a huge turnover and managed to get my key targets which surprised me. I got 80 million transfer budget and paying a lot in instalments I managed to get: Kounde (was already arranged), Dani Olmo, Jadon Sancho, Livakovic and Max Aarons. I sold Aurier, Sanchez, Sissoko, Hart and Foyth and
  2. Thanks for the tips. I'm doing better and Kane is scoring now!!! Played 29 games in league, sitting 3rd and 4 points of top spot Liverpool. I don't expect to win league but was aiming for top 4. In quarter finals of Europa League and doing well, aiming to win that. In final of League Cup but thats v Man city, and in semis of FA cup but that is v man utd who are doing well. Will look at Livakovic. Was also thinking of Edwards for AMR. I got rid of Dele Alli as he never really fit into my tactic and wanted money and him off the wage bill. I'm no spurs fan so don't hold any sentiment
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll give it a go. Who do you suggest for GK. I was thinking maybe Onana but he's got a global ban. What are the transfer budgets like for season 2?
  4. Not sure if this'll work as not sue how to post screenshots. I've altered it slightly, to DLP Attack and Bale on support. We beat Sheffield Utd and Kane scored, but it was a penalty. I've not changed any other instruction other than asked Kane to shoot more often
  5. Hi, anyone else playing as Spurs? I'm struggling a bit and getting too many draws. Harry Kane gets ok match ratings but just doesn't score for me. Only signing I've made is Pau Torres as there is not too much money and I thought the defence needed strengthening. My team is: GK - Lloris - sweeper keeper support RB - Doherty - wing back support RCB - Aderweireld - BPD defend LCB - Torres - CD defend LB - Requilon - wing back support DCM - Dier - Ball winning midfielder defend MCR - Hojbjerg - B2B support MCL - Ndombele - advanced playmaker supp
  6. You think it's correct that an employee of SI talks to someone in this way? Personally I wouldn't be allowed to speak to one of my customers this way so think it's poor. Also, thank you for not answering about Martinelli or how we can get a new Arsenal researcher, thank you so much for that. You are coming across as very arrogant and think thats a disgrace. We must all bow down to your superior knowledge. I previously asked where attributes and CA/PA should be discussed where it would be taken seriously but was not informed where it should be discussed where the researchers would
  7. Sorry, how is Mustafi's PA irrelevant? I get that it was set a while back and will not reach it in this game, but are you telling me that Mustafi at one point looked like he would be a better player than what Saka looks like he will ever be? I'm sorry but I just do not believe you are rating Arsenal players fairly as is shown by the numerous people that have complained already. I also don't think we should have to have to use the Editor for things like this, especially when the researcher is employed by SI. I simply do not think you are being fair and am very surprised that you don't think
  8. Respectively I've got to disagree. On one hand we are told that Chelsea youngsters are set and won't be changed cause the chelsea researcher has seen them more than anyone, but now we're getting told that the St. Etienne researcher has only saw a handful of games. Or are you admitting that there is a big league bias, where someone in the French league (apart from PSG) is never going to be the same once they move to the EPL? To be honest, I'm not too bothered with Partey, I'm more interested in how Saliba's PA compares with Fofana's, especially Saliba was rated the higher of the two. It
  9. I'm not wanting to have a go at you as you seem very reasonable, but you mention a dozen or so games, Fofana has played 7 games. Partey for example (as people have mentioned him) has played 5 (although one as a sub). I'm just thinking that there seems to be some inconsistences
  10. If this isn't the place to discuss players data/attributes, where then is the place, or can one be created? I'm not going to suggest new attributes but there definitely seems inconsistency. The Leicester researcher admitted that Fofana has been changed as they've saw him play in PL. Why can't the same be done for other players?
  11. Thanks very much, also - "It's been lowered to 2 for having the audacity to defy the cosmos and score a double against the mighty Bairns!!" - surely he should have all 20s for attributes and CA/PA of 200/200?????????????? hahaha. To be fair, yous should have had a penalty that game. You looked to have a good team this year. Was impressed by Morrison from hearts, looks a good player
  12. Perfect, hope Euan Murray has higher leadership too. Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it. It wasn't me that asked about Paton or Stein (meaning there are two Pars fans haha). That's cool, didn't know they'd have to sign off on that. Regarding Martin's injury see https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Manager_on_Thursday&ID=12664. Crawford says: "Stevie also confirmed that his 24 year old defender Lewis Martin is going to be out for a lengthy spell and is going to have to do rehab.“It is disappointing but at least we know where we are at with Lewis now. The problem is comi
  13. Hi, you able to tell me then if the Dunfermline changes I suggested have been changed especially the positional ones. Curious, is there a Dunfermline researcher? Also Lewis Martin has been injured since the summer, not sure if that will be implemented however I don't know much details so can be left out I guess. Likewise regarding the Kevin Nisbet transfer was not free. It was about 250K I believe, but should at least be undisclosed. Again there were clauses in the deal, but unfortunately don't have any specific details. Maybe some Hibs fans know.
  14. Appreciate I've not saw as much as him as Hibs fans, but he has played there in most games for us so far. I'm not suggesting making him natural there, but at least should have some rating.
  15. A few positional changes for Dunfermline Ryan Dow, in game he is natural at MR and AML, but in real life he has played MR/AMR for us every game he has played so he should be natural at AMR. Likewise Dom Thomas, in game he is natural at AMR but he should be natural at AML. He has played there every game for us. Lewis Martin, he started his career at CB but for last 3 seasons has been played at LB. In game he should be natural there. Steven Whittaker, Hibs fans can confirm, but think he's played more as a CM/CDM these days. He has played all his games for us there so far.
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