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  1. Come on ye pars

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    I've just started a game with the new update. Don't want to make any signings first season and want to promote the youngsters as time goes on. I want to play a 4-1-2-2-1 formation. RW - Mikhi, LW - Ozil, and ST - Aubameyang. My main questions are what role to play them. Currently I've got RW as winger support, LW as advanced playmaker support, and ST as poacher. Will this be ok do you think?
  2. Come on ye pars

    First day game not continuing

    Well, I restarted my computer and loaded the game up again and it seems to be fine. Will keep an eye on it
  3. I downloaded the most recent patch. Started a new game, loaded fine. Using same leagues etc as before I get to first day, do all I have to do, with the chairman, asst. manager etc. I then click on continue and the game takes ages to get to the next time/day. I can click back on browse so game isn't frozen, it just sits with calander at the top of the page. It just won't go to the next time/day. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Is anyone else finding it lags on the first day you become manager? It is struggling to get through the first day when it was fine before.
  5. Come on ye pars

    Hamilton Accies - Anybody played as them yet?

    When is the best time to get Ali Crawford to extend his contract? Tried at the start and can't offer him anything as he's wanting 6K non-negotiable!
  6. Come on ye pars

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    How did you get so much for Asano and Lucas?
  7. Come on ye pars

    FM18 Glasgow Rangers - Be a Kingmaker

    Yeah I think a merge would be good idea
  8. Come on ye pars

    Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    I've just started at Rangers. Wanting to try and build an all Scottish side. Anyone done similar?
  9. Come on ye pars

    Fm18- Spurs

    Has anyone managed to sell Dembele and Son for decent money? No one bids for Son although plenty teams are interested and only getting offers of 15mil for Dembele
  10. Come on ye pars

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Doubt it will be in before the full release but David Hopkirk has left Dunfermline by mutual consent
  11. Come on ye pars

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Just got some issues with Dunfermline. Mostly the data is spot on. The previous Dunfermline posts in forum are correct though. Just a few players need updated I feel. Ryan Williamson - most of his stats are fine, apart from some of his defensive ones. He isn't great there but is a lot better than he was previously. His Marking, positioning and tackling should be about 10 each. His determination seems random but should be high, above 13 anyway. This guy has came back from two really bad injuries and is now in Scotland U21 squad. His flair should also be higher. Don't know if random, but this guy is one of the most exciting players in the league, the way he runs with ball down the wing taking people on. Lee Ashcroft - his determination again seems random, should be about 13/14. Also his physical stats aren't correct. He isn't Theo Walcott for his speed but should be higher than he is for pace/acceleration/stamina. Probably by 1 or 2 points each. His positioning should be about 12 as well. This guy is rarely out of position. Nat Wedderburn - Strength as a 15 is baffling. He should be 19/20. I have watched football for 31 years and never seen someone as strong as him on the pitch. Dean Shiels - His stats seem ok, but he is playing deeper now, so maybe put cm rating to 17. Jason Talbot - Concentration should be 11, and determination 13/14. Cammy Gill and Stuart Morrison are very highly rated in life. Morrison especially has been called up to Scotland U19s. I think their potential ability should reflect this. Joe Cardle - I seen him play RM/AMR about 5 times. He always plays on the left. His rating at RM/AMR should be decreased heavily, as he can't be natural in a position he never plays surely. Finally, Kallum Higginbotham. He played RM all the games he played for us last year. His rating there should be natural. Also his determination should be about 14/15. This guy is a flair player, but when he isn't playing well he still gives 100%. Also, his jumping/heading should be higher. This guy wins so many balls in the air for his height its incredible. Sorry for long winded post but wanted to inform you of these issues. Overall well done on them though.
  12. I know in the past you have done this, but can I confirm that you will be updating the Scottish championship teams as well?
  13. Come on ye pars

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Cheers Welshace an Prim47. I should have clarified a wee bit. Playing as PSG so only top top talents will do, preferably 18 or under age wise. Kimpembe is excellent so far though.
  14. Come on ye pars

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Is there any good young French players? Apart from the obvious like Coman etc.
  15. I know you have done some of these, but wanted to give full list of all Dunfermline Athletics transfers so you have them: Transfers in: Nat Wedderburn from Inverness Lee Ashcroft from Kilmarnock Euan Spark from Dundee United Kallum Higginbotham from Kilmarnock Scot Lochhead from Dundee United Ciaran Lafferty from Celtic Nicky Clark from Rangers/Bury Farid El Alagui from Hibs Connor Duthie from Hibs Loans in: Gavin Reilly from Hearts till the end of the season Paul McMullan from Celtic till end of the season John Herron from Blackpool till January Transfers out are: Jordan Orru - released Cammy McClair - released Ryan Wallace to Albion Rovers Shaun Bryne to Livingston Shaun Rooney to York City Craig Reid to Keflavik Josh Falkingham - released Scott Robinson to East Fife Faissal El Bakhtaoui to Dundee PJ Crossan to Celtic I hope these can added to it before the final release, thanks.