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  1. Thanks, the old turning it off and back on again seemed to do the trick!
  2. I've been playing the BETA version with no issues but today I've tried loading up the game and I'm just stuck on the 'Preparing to Launch FM 2017' steam pop-up, any ideas? I've downloaded and can use the Editor no issue but not the full game!
  3. Not only does this guy have a great name Marek Marek, maybe he's the Czech Eminem I dunno but he also doesn't realise that Mladá Boleslav previous record high finish is 2nd so the 'highest-Mlada Boleslav-league-finishing-position trophy' would actually be the First Division trophy!
  4. I'll probably expand the Czech League to the lower levels and try and take a small club from Prague to the higher reaches of the Czech League and the who knows maybe become a force in Europe...may take a while!!
  5. I never have one, I don't know why but I kinda don't trust them! Think I used them on one of the older FM's and they weren't able to sign any targets but when I did it myself I was able to do so successfully.
  6. Like others have said, notes. I don't think I've ever used them on any CM/FM version!
  7. It's a nice addition and I did quite like it at the start, but like other have said there seems to be a very limited number of different responses to events and when a player performs well there will always be a least two of each type of view (two positive, two negative and two sit on the fence) I kinda don't really pay attention to it now.
  8. Since I've recently moved to the Czech Republic I changed mine to the Czech Koruna and it just left me a little confused as £1,000,000 = 30,000,000 so figuring out player values and such is a tad confusing until I get used to their money and stop thinking in £'s!!
  9. Finally managed to play a few matches of my save and really enjoyed the Full version this year, playing as Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. I seem to be doing well so far, picked up a few injuries but nothing too drastic to call a crisis apart from one guy who out for 12-14 months
  10. Is this new rule a Universal one or just one we have implemented in Europe? I'll be honest I wouldn't have noticed the change if the commentators didn't keep mentioning it (I never really pay attention at a KO)
  11. I always try to play both, I like playing edited leagues on the Full FM, but enjoy quick streamlined gaming on FMT. I do admit those I usually spend most of the time playing the FMT version.
  12. I must've missed it then, to be honest I wasn't expecting this to change so wasn't really paying attention to the screens once I had picked the leagues, set badges etc...
  13. Literally just downloaded the game and I'm not a fan of selecting a team to manage before loading/setting up the game, caught me out and I was wondering why I didn't have the option to select a team to manage after loading and assigning my badges and stuff.
  14. Ah thanks, I just mis-read it then it's good to know, I quite like FMT but do like playing the full version too.
  15. So if I buy FM I won't get FMT included? If so, that's a massive shame because I enjoy playing both versions (edited leagues for FM and quick long term saves on FMT)
  16. I'm the complete opposite, I always set my wages to the lowest offer possible especially when I'm managing lower league clubs and want to save as much money as possible.
  17. No, I usually have my first as a long term save and then when I get bored of it I tend to play short saves from there.
  18. I have done the same as you are going to do before and it worked fine, had no issues. I only copied the game file though, not the folder but can't see it making a difference.
  19. Didn't really see anything in the video that got me excited at all. Obviously I don't expect them to show everything but would have been nice to have seen something that would get us more intrigued as to what FM17 will offer in terms of new features.
  20. There are some real fixtures packs you can download as well as a Custom League file so you can start you game from the end of the 2015/16 season.
  21. You could apply a long term transfer embargo to the club.
  22. I've really struggled with this years FM getting a long term save going, I seem to get bored half way through the first season no matter what challenge I set myself. At the moment I'm just playing around with the Editor and holidaying for a few seasons to see what happens. I usually always end up getting FM but I think I might give FM17 a miss due to not being able to get into a save on this version.
  23. I had a save in the Russian League a few years ago (when Anzhi were a Sugar Daddy) and found a struggle to sign Russian players for reasonable prices and wages, I had to spend almost £20m on a half decent right back (I think). Anzhi were a challenge because I remember they started off with quite a lot of Foreigners (too many to place all at once) so you needed to find a way of off-loading them and signing Russian talent. Reading through this thread I might have a go at a Russian save before FM17.
  24. I use the FM shortcut which automatically loads up Steam, never launched FM by going into Steam first.
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