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  1. @beutros It appears to be a skinning issue: This is why I avoid custom skins - they are not supported and so result in lots of bugs.
  2. 12. Perform much better on the pitch and improve club's standing = if you don't win all competitions you're fired with no warning on a match day
  3. I've refined this one: 10. Sell influential player because he wants to leave = forced to make additional promises to appease angry teammates, because not possible to give correct reason for sale
  4. 11. Assign penalty taker = must take all penalties even if unable to walk.
  5. I've read about a number of manager responses where something is lost in translation to FM-speak. I've tried to pull these together below, I'm sure there are others that can be added: 1. Offer a new contract = agree a new contract no matter how unreasonable the player's demands 2. Give youth players a chance in the first team = promise to play youth players developed from own academy 3. Will make play-offs = remain in play-off positions all season 4. Promoted in two years = achieve automatic promotion in two years 5. Sell player at end of next season = sell player in two weeks 6. Give player playing time next season = must make more than 31 appearances next season 7. Assign as a free-kick taker = must take all free-kicks 8. Use player in preferred position/role = use player in preferred position/role with no changes to default player instructions whatsoever 9. Give first team football = ensure plays in all matches a few weeks before promise deadline 10. Sell influential player because he wants to leave = lie about why he was sold to other players because correct reason is not available
  6. I would definitely report it in the dynamics section of the bugs forum, ideally uploading a save just before it kicked off if you have one.
  7. @Junkhead I can only surmise it is due to your relatively low reputation compared with the club. Although at tier 5, I expect Tranmere are a big fish in that pond having spent many recent years higher up the league pyramid and therefore it will be more of a struggle to maintain managerial support than at other tier 5 clubs. That said, the reaction certainly seems too extreme and could be a bug. What is your dynamics > overview > managerial support rating?
  8. @Junkhead What is your league position media prediction and what is the pundit's expectations usually ahead of each match?
  9. @G J White Unfortunately not, it's logged as a feature request for future versions. However, you could use Rien102's helpful workaround, especially useful if you have coaching staff with CA and PA as good as or better than your scouts.
  10. Exactly. I have a midfielder whom is ranked "ineffectual" as a wide playmaker, even though his average of the key/desirable attributes is double figures at conference south level. I played him in that role anyway and in his first match he got 3 assists. How rookie players are supposed to figure this out is beyond me.
  11. I strongly recommend reporting it as a bug in the dynamics section of the bugs forum, so that SI can take a look. Ideally, they would like saves uploadedbefore the 'promise' was made, but if you have got one before the transfer request that might be sufficient, plus one afterwards.
  12. I strongly recommend you report as a bug in the dynamics section of the bugs forum. Ideally upload saves from before and after the Bonnuci transfer request, if you have them. I also strongly recommend that this is also logged as a bug, ideally if you have a save just before Ritchie asks to leave and then another after Lascelles complains.
  13. All valid points, but particularly in respect of 3) - I have commented previously on another thread: 1. Relationship: "Very close"; and 2. Opinion of you: "Holds you in the highest regard as head coach"; When a promise has been broken, it is my view that 1. & 2. should militate against a player's reaction being as strong as asking to leave, Instead resulting in a bit of a grumble and request for more assurance. On the other hand, had the relationship been already strained, indifferent or neutral then a transfer request would be more understandable. Is broken promise > automatic transfer request the intended outcome regardless of the manager-player dynamic? Also, if a promise was not being fulfilled, you'd expect the player to start making disgruntled noises during the period in question rather than being best buddies all season then having a total meltdown as soon as the deadline has passed?
  14. If you browse the dynamics section of the bugs forum, you will see there are plenty of examples of over-zealous behaviour as a result of ambiguous promises not being kept, or worse, the game erroneously perceiving the promise hasn't been kept. This includes examples of where a promise gets duplicated, so even when the promise is met, the duplicate isn't met resulting in massive fallout. The most extreme examples I have read are ones where users have won their league competition, but fell foul of not meeting some minor promise of the following ilk and were sacked: "play more youngsters in the first team" (it means youth intake, but doesn't specify this) even though the user did play more youth intake players "give back up full-back more playing time" (amount of playing time not specified) even though the back up full-back started half of the matches
  15. I sincerely hope that this would not be the last patch if some bugs remain after its release and that SI will continue to work with the community to eliminate bugs with further patches (accepting that some issues raised are feature requests for FM19 and beyond).
  16. Interesting. I have been ignoring role indicators for some time, but I haven't messed about with selecting players out of position since the CM days, where it usually had disastrous consequences, hence ditching the idea. However, whilst waiting for a patch to come out to fix the scouting and dynamics bugs, I have been mucking about with a couple of experimental saves with Oxford City. One of the issues was how to accommodate the strong ball-winning central midfielders for 6th tier level. Trying to squeeze them all into a narrow formation did not work very well at all. In contrast, the full-backs have weaker attributes overall and the best DR is needed in his auxiliary position as DC, so on my latest save I stuck two of my central midfielders at full-back, as even though they have no familiarity with those positions whatsoever, their best technical attributes were tackling and other attributes in my view supported full-back roles on their strongest feet. In the first friendly, the MC at DR got injured after about 10 mins and the MC DL ended up with the lowest match rating - due mostly it seems to an awful pass completion ratio (I could see him constantly hoofing it forward on the highlights). However, by the third friendly both 'stand-ins' managed to get match ratings 7.1 and 7.2, respectively. In that match I also switched a striker to left midfield (inverted winger) and he also attained 7.1. These players were the highest scorers apart from two of the goalscorers. In addition, I stuck this trialist in the starting XI with the following attributes: His position is stated as MC natural and DC accomplished, but I played him at ST (hence the other striker moving to ML) as a defensive forward due to his combination of good aerial ability and reasonable attacking/creative attributes yet at the same time decent defensive capability. Although he only rated 6.6, he outscored his strike partner and made more tackles than any other player (I could see him clearly harassing the opposition defenders on the highlights)! I have noticed that a negative of this approach is that there is a lot of orange/red on my tactics > analysis screen (also because my right-midfielder accomplished in that position is deployed in an "ineffectual" wide playmaker role in spite of being above average in all the required attributes at this level) and as a result I have got all these players on training in their new positions and roles to see if any of them start to develop any positional familiarity.
  17. But the scouting meeting is mostly generated by reports compiled by scouts during the course of their assignments.
  18. @FulhamFc14 I have been having scouting issues with lack of players being found, but this is at the LLM end of the scale, rather than the top end. If you have any saves of when you started the assignment and the end of the assignment with the lack of players, I suggest that you create a bug report thread in the scouting section of the FM18 bug reports forum and upload the saves to SI's public FTP site. There is more detailed advice in the bugs forum.
  19. The main issue I am having with player interactions is that the context isn't clear. On the one hand, Oxford City have a media prediction of finishing 17th. As a consequence the majority of match previews refer to the opponent being strong favourites and our need to pick up points in our fight against relegation (even when we were in the top half of the table). On the other hand, the pundit's observations pre- and post-match consider the teams to be evenly matched. This means that it is difficult to gauge, for example, whether being level at half-time is exceeding expectations or not and whether the players should be treated to praise/encouragement/rollocking? I have reported this as a bug.
  20. If a player creates a clear cut chance that is converted into a goal, is this only recorded as an assist or is it recorded as both a clear cut chance and an assist (in the same way that a goal is also recorded as a shot on target)? Cheers, TE
  21. You beat me to it. I was going to say that the PPM would definitely steer me towards playing him as a right-sided inside forward. By playing him as AMC, he starts in a position where instead he ideally wants to be arriving there at full speed with the ball at his feet. As for team averages, it is one of my historical pet hates that a team is underperforming in a match, but then score a goal against the run of play and all the ratings get a boost. Why should a player who creates three clear cut chances, but the striker fluffs them all, rate lower than one who creates two clear cut chances that are converted into assists by the striker. Admittedly, I haven't researched this thoroughly for FM18 - yet!
  22. That would explain why the game thinks my star player is ineffectual in the Conference South as a wide playmaker even though he averages almost 11 in all of the recommended attributes for that role and is accomplished as a right midfielder.
  23. @Weston It seems like there are some low hidden attributes at work here if he under performs both as an AMR and AMC. What is his decisions attribute?
  24. What are/were his attributes and how did his average rating compare at AMR with AMC?
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