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  1. LIVE ON ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg_cruyKT6I
  2. Hello. 1.how to make this whole panel bigger? 2. how to delete scrolling option close to logos on calendar?
  3. Glory Hunter - SpeedyDawid FM24 Journey #3 Greetings, fellow tacticians, I'm back with the next chapter of my Football Manager 2024 journey with Marseille, and the recent events have been nothing short of a rollercoaster. In our European escapades, we battled fiercely against AS Roma. The tie was intense, with both legs played out until the last minute. Unfortunately, the result from the first match proved to be a daunting challenge, making it impossible for us to overturn the aggregate score. Despite our best efforts, AS Roma emerged victorious, and we had to bid farewell to our European dreams. Adding to the drama, a recent clash against PSG saw us squander a 3-1 lead until the 75th minute. Individual errors allowed PSG to mount a comeback, securing the French Championship in March. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but adversity only fuels our determination to bounce back. While European glory may have eluded us and the league title slipping away, our fight for a top 3 finish continues. The squad is reevaluating strategies, and I've made some adjustments to the lineup. Check out the attached screenshots for a visual update on the league standings, recent results, and squad changes. Your ongoing support and insights have been crucial, and I invite you to share your thoughts on how we can turn things around. Join me on the livestream for real-time discussions as we navigate through the twists and turns of this captivating season.
  4. Hey fellow Football Manager enthusiasts! I wanted to share my exciting journey in Football Manager 2024, starting from being unemployed and receiving an offer from Marseille, who were sitting at 12th place in the table. I was given a transfer budget of 65 million, and the board's expectations were clear: secure promotion to Conference League through league matches, improve the club's financial situation, and ensure stability in the upcoming years. The first few matches are behind us, and things aren't as bad as expected for a team built up until the last minutes of the winter transfer window. We managed to sign some world-class talents and experienced players like Nzonzi and Alessandrini to add depth to the squad. Currently, we're sitting at 3rd place in the league, but PSG seems like an unreachable force with an impressive record of 21 wins and 2 draws in 23 matches. They're a MACHINE. In the Europa League, we've been drawn against Ajax, posing a significant challenge for us. I've attached screenshots of match results, the league table, and transfers for your viewing pleasure. This career is exclusively played during live streams, so updates may vary. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop them below or join me on my livestream for a chat! LINK TO MY LIVESTREAM! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCencIttQCpWEXhOLEhM-R1A/
  5. any idea how to get rid of this black background in the middle?
  6. 1.any idea how to add more option's to select there? 2.how to add player's rating ?
  7. any idea how to change pitch background color to grass?(tactic section)
  8. i put the same values as other on it's still looking the same... weird. any help ?
  9. anyone knows hot to change "positon" from this to this ?
  10. how to change it to pitch colour background and delete this boxes around circle to look like this
  11. any ideas why it's missing on coach panel but working on popup panel ?
  12. can somebody tell my how it's possible that i have "Scouting recommendation" in "Scouting Centre" but don't have it in "overview" section and "players" section ? from nowhere it generates this
  13. changed vertical into true, grass the same but couldn't find "perspective value" so it's looking the same as it was before...
  14. any idea how to change it from this to something like this ?
  15. any idea why it's like that? player profile is working perfect
  16. log out from Xbox app, log out from Microsoft app open game from xbox app without logging in. Worked for me
  17. Any ideas how to put it vertical to it will use this blank space and how to add roles on on of the sides?
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