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  1. Its called Title Bar Search Panel and you can find it on the Generic folder, this one is from @keysi skin, Rensie, and does have the title bar title and description in the middle titlebar search panel
  2. For the title bar you need to change title bar search panel. Find the part of code that says title area and there find where is alignment and change that to middle. Do the same on the description section
  3. I don't know if you are aware, but when I go to the status on the left of the player photo, no information is shown but when I go to the side and have the mouse over where is the career status, those have the information showing. And after a player happiness meeting, the summary button is not very readable and when the mouse is over, it's just not readable. Pop up panel for staff with information not readable. Screen Recording 2023-10-23 at 19.25.41.mov Screen Recording 2023-10-23 at 19.30.23.mov
  4. I don't know if it's because the primary colour is white, but the inbox message is unreadable edit: just saw that is a known bug.
  5. add this to the settings and change for the colour that you want <colour name="title" value="rgb(197,179,88)"/>
  6. This will change the kits for the logos, idk how you can leave both If that's what you want
  7. panels/player/tcs/sector/header/ppdp small.xml
  8. I had the same question a couple weeks ago and this is how you solved it
  9. That's a level to high for my knowledge and I don't have much
  10. Oh I understand now, that's fine then, I thought it would be possible to show the date in red. I'll leave like this then
  11. This is the only bit of code, even when I change what you gave me to match the class or id to see if it works, still doesn't work so I don't know if I need to edit somewhere else or not, but thank you for your help! <widget class="link_text" id="wgex" section="Pcnr" auto_size="vertical" size="small"/>
  12. Ended up not working, tried a couple things with the code you gave and the one that was there to see if I could make it worked but the only thing that happened was disappear
  13. Yeah , that panel I thought It had changed, had it at red already, I've found the correct panel I think
  14. It didn't work, unfortunately. It does show red if I have the little tab to just show the contract information
  15. I want to make the contract red when it's ending on the player profile like it is on the contract page, does anyone know what I need to add or change?
  16. I have tried to change the text colour from the tab menu but I'm not able to find where to change, can anyone let me know where it is? thank you
  17. Just noticed that on the MPGD version, doesn't show my players season stats or career history but any other player, shows fine!
  18. Like I mentioned one my first post, it have happened with other skins where the background stayed like that, makes me think its something to do on my end. Thank you anyway!
  19. Unfortunately didn't worked and is still the same
  20. I changed skins and went back to this one and now I have the solid grey background active although the I have the default the same as the one when you first download the skin. Nvm, just had a team meeting and went back to the board room background
  21. I might have not explain correctly but that's the first thing I did when I didn't saw the background selector and still doesn't work
  22. I don't have the option to choose the background and even if I change the default on the folder, it doesn't show. Any solution to solve this? I had tried other skins that gave me the same problem so idk if its something on my end
  23. Replaced the files and does have the tab and roles comparison but no attributes
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