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  1. hello, is there an overview somewhere with the exact dates of the special dates that are used for the fixture dates?
  2. Unfortunately, I can't tell you, as I have only simulated (gone on holiday) until the end of June 2023. I'll try to get to the next qualification in 2025 in the next few days. I assume that the problem can be solved by adjusting the matchday dates for the qualifiers?
  3. Hello rusty, your file is brilliant and I was able to adapt it for my purposes so that there is no longer a uefa nations league - so thank you for that. Unfortunately, I have a problem in June 2023, more precisely on June 10th 2023, when the Champions League final will take place and at the same time the qualifying matches for Euro 2024 will be played. As a result, some players will of course not be available for the final, have you already had this experience? Is there a way to fix this?
  4. Ah crap, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the information, then I' ll have to take a look at what's possible. Is there already a known file for FM23 where EC and WC incl. quali were created?
  5. Hello everyone, is there a simple way - without building the WC Q and EC Q from scratch - to get rid of the UEFA Nations League and go back to the old qualify format for the World and European Cup in Europe? (FM23) The goal behind this: reduce the number of games during the season for the players. I would appreciate any help or ideas.
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