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  2. Some informations maybe useful Gray Hooper Holt LLP Mid Sussex Football League Member of the National League System 2016-2017 Season
  3. Hi, i want to create, using advanced rules, new rules for romanian lowers leagues for 2016-2017 season. Situation is that: from 2016-2017 season, the second league change from 2 subdivisions in single one and the third league (inactive in this moment) change from 5 subdivisions with maximum 15 teams, in 6 subdivisions with 16 teams each. How i create with advanced rules something like that, in a way to permit adding of the fourth league?
  4. i have already problems downloading files from Steam, so please put the release here...
  5. i hope you post the release here and not only on Steam...
  6. I have some bugs after 2 years of playing: some youth players, appearing in my u18 team on trial, but in reality they have signed contracts with other teams. I play 7.3 version, the game updated to 13.3.2, but i started with default database before updating.
  7. Is better to make a version without reserves, youth teams and youth cups for processing time...
  8. I think is a problem with the clubs in level 8, i start unemployed, apllied all and no answer after 2 months?!!!
  9. Ok, i have a problem with player history for 2011-2012 season, all the camps are 0 for all players for my team.
  10. Ok, i fiind a problem: after I promoted with AFC Hayes from level 8 to 7, in Zamaretto League Division its appearing Man Utd, the same team activated in Barclay Premier, in my case i have 2 Man Utd teams. I think the reason for this problem is the relocation for places in Zamaretto, because when i start the game i have 21 teams, now after promotion 22, maybe same problem in Blue Square South.
  11. I think is a problem with the trials players who play in official games without restrictions.
  12. Please pick me! Please pick me!